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Kinor 16 for the BMPCC?

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Does anyone know how much frame coverage LOMO's 16mm lenses get?  Will the Kinor 16 lenses cover the BMPCC's S16 sensor?


I ask because Kinor 16 lenses are dirt cheap on ebay, right now I can only find this one but I seem to recall there being a few more options (a 10mm and an 8mm and some longer options maybe?)

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Maybe.. depends on the lens I think. Wide angles are the risky ones.


Someone is selling a Kinor 10-100mm zoom here and says it covers the Ikonoscop sensor. At 10.56 x 5.94 mm the Ikonoskop sensor is a bit smaller than the BMPCC though (12,48 x 7,02)




If someone owns such a lens and a GH2 + adapter it would be easy to test and add to the list I'm making:


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Any info on this? I recently acquired 6 lenses and a kinor 16mm camera and i am really thrilled by the possibility of using them with the Blackmagic S16 camera.


I should try this adapter on my OM-D E-M5, but its kinda expensive for just experiment purpose at the moment.



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kinda shooting myself in the foot here, would like to grab some more of these in different focal lengths before they get to retarded level pricing, but, oh well. maybe the karma will do me good.   :D  If anyone finds the 15mm, and the 35mm+ lengths for cheap, let me know.  I'd love to just pick up the whole damned set and be done with it.


Picked up ciecio7's adapter.  received the okc1-6-1 fisheye (6mm, f/1.8, fixed focus) and tested.  Still awaiting the others.

(shot on gh2 in normal.  and ETC mode, it's great, no vignetting at all, which would make sense if there's no vignetting on the s16 crop)

hoping I did it right, but here's a screen grab on normal 

and using the cropping instructions in the bmpcc c-mount thread:
can't wait to try the others.
Also, just so you're aware, these are NOT small lenses.  This fisheye is rather big and heavy, nothing like the svelte little switars.  I feel as if I could put this lens in a sock and bludgeon someone to death with it, and then go shoot a skate video with it afterwards...


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PS, I think I may have done the crop wrong, but I don't have time to check it right now.  There may still be some vignetting (I think I used the size settings for the gh3 not gh2?)  it'll probably be this weekend before I can verify, though.  Stupid deadlines.

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Nice test shane. If you send me the youtube-file with wetransfer or something, I'll make an overlay with the BMPCC crop. I'll send it back to you so you can upload it. Less work than grabbing screens and cropping individually ;) Hit me with a PM!

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