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  1. @Andrew - This Philips Discoverer you also acquired on eBay? :)
  2. [attachment=610:c9ab4fc203b311e380a722000a9e28dc_7.jpg]Car Mount and Skatebording - http://woodencamera.com/bmpcc-footage  
  3. Some action from Wooden Camera - http://woodencamera.com/bmpcc-footage
  4. So 6mm lens can not fit BMPCC :(
  5. andy, you had a chance to compare these lenses with similar Canon lenses? I'm very interested in purchasing this zoom lens, but I don't know to which give preference.
  6. So, if the initial f-stop was 1.8, and with 2x extender it's f3.6 on s16 sensor? And the fullframe equivalent even f5.4? Or it's looks not that dark how it's sounds? :)
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