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  1. I love it...in. Few generation from now when the bandwidth gets to around 250mbps...there will be great options! Fantastic!
  2. Ok we're at 7% of the way there. 55 days to go.
  3. Does anyone have suggestions of where to talk about this to get it noticed a little more? The current rate of response SHOULD get the funding in place over the next 57 days, but I'd like to improve it's chances!
  4. Thanks Matt! I'm hoping to be 10% there by Monday! So feel free to let other people know about it!
  5. Kabuto it's a good idea, and I had thought about it, but since I am not sure which of the two camera heads would be judged to be the best, it made it impossible to price! Believe me, I tried to figure out a way - it's how the really successful campaigns get so high...by providing shipping units. It's also how campaigns fail after the fact, when they realize their pricing was too low.   This campaign is unconventional...in that it was planned to minimize risk (as Leang concisely pointed out). The numbers of kickstarter campaigns that havent delivered (in all categories, not just electron
  6. I know they will. I'm 10% of the way there. I like looking at things positively. I didn't begin the project to be an adventurer, but to tart a community of like minded individuals. Into complaining about bmcc availability...just stating a simple fact. As far as the keyboard...I'm pretty good at using one...I like the interface mostly because it stays constant over time. The biggest problem with building cameras that you sell to people would be liability, not software writing. That's the true nightmare. Hey, I'm glad you're offering your thoughts...combative responses are the norm when it co
  7. You're right in that filmmaking is very different from image quality. The classics of the black and white era were made with tech that looks ancient to us now. That being said, hollywood moved on from that tech as well. This project isn't necessarily aimed at people who are filmmakers for their full time jobs, at least not yet. Investing is definitely a risk, and I wouldn't want anyone to spend 5$ and feel cheated. Some people had to spend $2500 to feel cheated...I'm not a fan of doing anything but what the project states...seeing if a camera constructed from a machine vision camera can delive
  8. I had overlooked the technicolor profile...thanks for pointing that out!
  9. I wasn't aware that the RAW recording was at a 24 or 30 fps rate...I thought that it was lower. And I thought that it was relegated to the timelapse function. I also thought that the cineform RAW was basically a transcoding that happened in protune, but that did not actually create the same quality of footage as a native raw recording. I'm checking their site to see if that's the case or not. It does say that the camera (the 399 version) tops out at 45 mbps, and that seems a little low for true raw recording. I'd love to be wrong...I think these are great cameras.
  10. These are good questions. There are going to be alternatives to any new project...the MkIII is one...but all of the reports I have seen on it have been that it did not live up to the expectations related to the performance of the MkII. The ximea camera does have a 1" sensor (on the cmosis 4000 version) that is a square sensor. The cmosis 2000 version is basically the same 2048 pixel wide sensor with at roughly half the height. The pixels are the same 5.5um.   Let's be cordial guys. This isn't a project about making a product that can compete with a foreign assembly line...it's just some
  11. Yeah if go pro did this it would become instant gold. They just need to build a superflat profile into the camera. "Faux Raw"
  12. It's good practice! I've decided to update the video once a week, to let people know what's going on and fine tune the presentation. Contributions have reached $290 now...I definitely think 10% by Monday is doable.
  13. Basically this is the way I see it:   There are people who would build their own camera if someone could show them that it is going to give them the result that they want. But those people aren't willing to take that risk on their own. Those same people would probably would not mind settling that argument in their mind by putting out a minimal investment ($5 in this case) to see if these small cameras can in fact produce or not. There are a lot of people who bought a $2500 camera , sight unseen, that still has not shipped. when I saw the footage coming from the BMCC, I loved it. I went
  14. I am hoping people will build new front ends for cameras like this, but rather than trying to add development of a touchscreen interface (to a monitor that would definitely NOT have focus peaking) I opted to solve it with a 20$ mini keyboard with a track point. Sometimes you can lose track of your final goal (fantastic imagery) and get sidelined by something like this...I chose not to. There would be ample room for people to homebrew front ends for a system like this as well.
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