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  1. In that case, another headline might have been more appropriate?
  2. I thought this would be an article on the 4K capabilities of the Leica S.....
  3. Very impressive! Panasonic does it again. I love the way they don't hold back with their technology and put the things they've developed for their flagship models into the cheaper cameras as well. Did you shoot part of the above video with one of the c-mount lenses you bought for the BM Pocket Camera? I thought the vignetting was actually quite a nice touch.
  4. Hi everybody,   finally got some time to test a few other lenses:   1. Angenieux 12-120mm F2.2 I know a lot of you have been wondering about this one, and it seems to work:   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:622]   This is with the aperture at 2.8   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:623]   In this one, the aperture is closed to F22. It's a close shave, but there is no vignetting (I don't know why it's slightly off center)   2. Som Berthiot Pan Cinor 17-85mm F2 This is another popular lens, it's the one with the viewfinder on the side.    [sharedmed
  5. Very interesting. I tried it with my Angenieux, and it works. However, I have to adjust the unscrewing according to the distance from the object. The closer the object is, the further I have to unscrew the lens. Did you make the same observation?
  6. Looking forward to your video. I must admit that my Angenieux 10mm is not in perfect shape. I used it on two different c-mount adapters (Metabones and Hassendo), both times with the same results, though they work very well with my other c lenses. I would be great if this lens was usable, as it really a convenient one to have, and quite a number are for sale at reasonable prices.
  7. Angenieux 10mm f/1.8 Retrofocus Julian already classified this as a Yes (with dark corners) and has a link to my image of it at f/1.8, but I would like to add a few words. You can find a lot of these lenses on eBay these days, starting around $200. Is it worth consideration at all? This is, as you know, a fixed focus lens which was a very popular lens for handheld camerawork on 8 and 16mm. You just set the aperture and ran with it. The downside: it only works when you have enough light. Although this is a very fast lens with f/1.8, wide open practically EVERYTHING is out of focus, infin
  8. Hello Julian, great idea, very informative! For all those who would like to try some old lenses on the BMPCC, here are my lenses between 10 and 16 mm. None of these is younger than 30 years, most are cine-lenses taken from 8mm or 16mm cameras. Some can still be found cheap on eBay, others have multiplied in price since I bought them. All show vignetting with the MFT sensor, so I had virtually given up on them (except in crop mode). This first batch of images is with the apertures open. I will upload some shots from outdoors with apertures stopped down later. Leitz Macro Cinegon 10mm
  9. I think the 4K will sell very well, as the original BMCC did, but the Pocket will sell LIKE CRAZY! EVERY DP, even those who never shoot video, will buy one just for fun to take on location scouts or private trips, EVERYONE who used to shoot on 16mm film will buy one, so that she/he can use her/his c-mount glass, EVERYONE who has a GH1 or 2 and has been thinking of upgrading to the GH3 will buy the Pocket instead, because he can use all his glass. I belong to the last two categories, and I already pre-ordered mine. It's like putting candy in front of a kid!
  10. It's quite ironic to see that here we have the five best cameras for video in 2012, and four of them are actually for stills.
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