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  1. Bit like Waves "one knob" plugs - louder brighter etc. but always remember no one left a cinema whistling a 2 shot lol - interesting idea mate, but you want good sound get a sound engineer - if you need any more atmos I have petabytes lol stereo and multichannel (5.1 and B-Format)
  2. Bet you 10000 sheckels post Italian ref there will be no European Union to "Brexit" from ....... the ancient French moan Union against the Germans is irrelevant now - what Europe does need is a real world view on the US/Putin shit thats about to appear - no tin foil hat needed for that view lol Funnily the "gov" in the UD in the 50s used to pop people in prison for such thoughts - Trumpy - no problem Realistically no-one outside of the US really cares - China owns the dollar, the shark riding comedian from SPB has out-thunk the US, and you have a clown at the helm, at the mo (impeachment currently not acted on) - all in all nothing will change apart from Europe and the ROW, that the US invaders immigrated from, will seem funnier than ever to us old world folk - Kanye next surely lol
  3. Least Palin has another chance to fuck it all up again lol - Interior secretary lol, better than Fawlty Towers
  4. At least the Native American Indians are going to get their land back when Trumpy deports the entire white European immigrant population of that country back to lil old Europe ;p Every cloud has a silver lining eh lol
  5. Ask Mark Burnett what other footage he has of Trump's off camera faux pas ..... Hey, look on the bright side - you've had Reagan, Schwarzenegger and now a game show host, you're getting more entertaining for the ROW lol
  6. As the sticky end of the stick recipient of location sound (and after many years swinging a boom and recording on 2 track DAT, broadcast and film sets) I'd just love the operators to point it in the right direction lol. Saves me calling ADR, saves us placating artists returning 2 films later and a year later to recapture "the moment" and asking why, it's not impossible - requires balls on set and proving your talent to the director and 1st AD etc (no boom in calls!) and mostly taking the lighting dept out for beers so they'll chuck a flag in for you No excuse for not getting a boom inches away from artists or asking crew to move chokes, lights, turn off fridges etc etc. Personals were an absolute last resort, should always be, and lazy - if your sound guy turns up and wires everyone up, records to an 8 track and depends on post to ISO unpick the scene IMHO then you've gone low. No-one leaves a cinema or viewing whistle-ing a two shot, but shit sound ruins the best of films. August brings a raft of picture makers (aiming for competition submissions) who've spent everything on cameras, lenses and booze, and want ADR foley track-lay and mix for bugger all, may be the effects of schooling, but will become very apparent you can't skip audio, you can - but the viewer will withdraw from the picture and story far faster than a dodgy shot instantly with cack sound. Hire a great boom swinger, and post is piss easy. Just my 2 pence
  7. $6k apparently : possibly conjecture https://twitter.com/search?q=fuji+medium+format&ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Esearch
  8. Brits are just ancient colonial racists - lol slightly broad brush you painting us with there mate @-@
  9. Please point it at the sound source, though lol Thanks! Pre amp talk is lovely, however, we really do love a good mic pointing at the talky area >> SN ratio spec !
  10. Trouble is there's no point highlighting the crap quality of the source material with higher resolution transmission.
  11. Hi - this one's great (and cabin useable) http://www.pelican-case.com/1560.html I wouldn't scrimp on price - I've bought the cheaper versions and they're not much good to be honest. The Seahorse branded ones are o.k. and about 50% cheaper than Peli. http://seahorsecases.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=S&Category_Code=WHEELED_CASES
  12. Not wanting to be cynical, but did anyone seriously actually think he would ever pay anyone back at all. He's overshot his timeframe to pay (after some extremely mature and generous lee-way offered by this community) it's time to hand over the evidence (IP's, his place of work and confessions of the crime committed etc.) to the relevant authorities and start the long process of rehabilitation for him - no punishment, no learn I'm afraid. He obviously thinks he has one over on the lot of you, sadly for him, he may have a surprise coming.
  13. Talking of scammers ...... don't you just hate it when they get caught and keep on taking the piss blatantly ? ahem
  14. It's always nice to be nice - and I've got a week off lol Knowing the content he was shooting also is a no brainer to help if possible.
  15. Welcome - do feel free to transfer it over, only take me a minute. PM'ed you me email.
  16. As Fuzzy said Izotope RX demo - or for a free app (which can produce startling results) ISSE Here are the links - I'd suggest spending 5 mins learning the simple process of sampling the offending noise first https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx.html http://isse.sourceforge.net/ How long is the audio - if you get stuck fire a bad bit over and I can give it a rinse and if you happy with it will clean all the dials for you - I have CEDAR and RX etc. you'd be surprised what rubbish I have to clean daily on broadcast stuff!
  17. Between him and Erdo thingy Turkey football player/president this week never been such a comedic false flag comedy week in my lifetime lol Hey ho kids eh
  18. Someone's shitting it methinks - funny thing is you'd have earned more as a dentist than a shit thief. Sadly young man, you've robbed - consequences will happen - take it on the chin - hope your dentistry is better than your mocking bullshit lol. Sorry if sounds harsh but re-reference that post he sent to the unfortunate victim taking the piss. You have issues, and you're shit at robbing your peers - karma will fuck you in the end - confidence trickstering is the lowest of the low - personally I'd go full defcon 1 on you and get Western Union on your arse, and mail all your peers - you've utterly crossed the line of community, trust and the very essence that underpins communities such as this and all the others you thought you could fuck over, you shouldn't and won't get away scot free, as you will soon realise. Take it like a man and learn. Thief. And a trust Thief - nothing worse. pfft.
  19. Deadline is needed methinks - this is getting like a mad episode of "Made in Egypt" lol
  20. http://dentfac.mans.edu.eg/index.php Looks like a nice college - shame to throw that away over petty theft - what a waste eh.
  21. Better hurry up then mate - wasn't really worth it was it in the end.
  22. http://www.imgrum.net/user/ebrahimsaadawi/300824129 Looks like the munchkin is a student doctor and his garandpa/godfather is evident in some of the pics - if I were him Id get a wriggle on repaying, as the consequences of his fraud and theft might well come back to bite him on the arse.
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