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  1. Lovely stuff Andrew :) Would you buy this cam over the current GH2 ? I.e. Hobbyist as I know 3 major UK Prod companies who were  invited to buy and use the new C300 cam, who aren't going to include it in their workflow.
  2. And the film was utterly flawed and destroyed post Mr Scotts "release" and the recording of the infamous VO by Mr Ford - however still epic whichever version we all caught first :) Again story and content > how many pixels for me - always!
  3. Have a Lomo Square Eiki (esentially a Sankor 16F) and various Century and generic focus thru anamorphics, and it's very hit and miss with the marriage of front and back for me - bizzarely took the 20mm Lumix Pancake and generic 1.5x focus thru to Indonesia lat year and was best footage - given time and prep shot can be made of course , Im just lazy lol. Like old valve amps on a guitar, don't mind a bit of rough on a picture on the edges - like the human eye IMHO, as I told an editor today who was bemoaning the time he had - he'd had 2 weeks more than Kubrik on 2001 to finish, an
  4. Or tentatively as I have on soak at the mo for Pro Tools - build a Hackintosh - 5GHz 32 GB 32GB 1600 MHz RAM 120 GB SSD trimmed work drive for video and lots of 6GB/s storage - half the price of a Mac Pro - of which I have 8 - and getting poorer every purchase lol - also CUDA support with the 1.5 gig 5900 NVID Will report back, but Logic working a treat so far with no Kext panics.
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