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  1. Hey Raafi, how do you find the audio on the body (Without the Kineback)? Do you think it will do fine with a Rode mic in the 3.5mm?
  2. These would be great to know: - Sharpness (in both FF, S35, HD-FF, HD-S35) - Rolling shutter (in both FF, S35, HD-FF, HD-S35) - Low light (in both FF, S35, HD-FF, HD-S35) - 100fps Quality (in both FF and S35) - If you have the a7rII, Side to side to compare dynamic range and colour rendition. Thanks a lot and enjoy your new camera!
  3. Thanks aldolega, I´ll look for those EXIF infos on the web. As you mentioned, it is a Pain in the ass to enter the FL manually!
  4. Yeah, I'm also pretty sure it will work regarding autofocus and aperture control, but what is also important for me here is the focal length info, because the IBIS works based on this. If it's not transmitted to the camera, this lens cannot be used with IBIS.
  5. Thanks for repying aldolega. Yes, it is EF. It is this lens here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tokina-AT-X-PRO-AF-28-70mm-f-2-8-Lens-for-Canon-EOS-EF-Excellent-from-Japan-/263079776036?hash=item3d40c6cf24:g:~cQAAOSwqW9ZYjd6 When you say it works like an modern EF lens, do you also mean it regarding the focal length information transmited to the camera / adapder?
  6. Hey there forum, I have an "old" Tokina zoom in sight, the 28-70 2.6-2.8. It is supposed to be a very good lens for video. I want to use it for my compact configuration: a7rII handheld with a smart lens adapter. As you know, the IBIS needs to know which focal length you are at in order to work properly. With native sony zooms or even adapted modern canon zooms that goes automatic into the camera and all works fine. But what happens with a Legacy zoom lens like the Tokina? This lens is about 15 years old and has rear contacts, but I don´t know if that means it communicates focal length with the camera. Has someone experience with a similar zoom lens? Thanks in advance, Javi.
  7. Thanks Tupp! I like those, and I used them actually, but as I mention before, I´m looking for a pan and tilt only mount to have the monitor always levelled and also to keep the things small.
  8. I found this Sony monitor that comes with a perfect mounting solution, but don´t think they sell it separately: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/755854-REG/Sony_CLM_V55_CLM_V55_Portable_Monitor.html
  9. Thanks for answering. All the ball heads I tried have two settings really: completely loose or really tight. Sometimes there is something in between, but they all end up losing the torque... at least the ones that I used! Besides, These ball heads allow movement on all axis, which is not ideal to keep the monitor horizontally levelled. The perfect solution would be something like the SmallHD pan-tilt adaptor, but in a universal format. I am surprised that nobody needs something like this!
  10. Hi folks, As many of you, I´m used to the flexibility of swivel or articulated LCD screens of the new cameras like Sony or Panasonic, but every time I use an external monitor like the BM video assist I feel very limited by the mounting solutions that clamp the camera fix on one angle of view position. If you want to change the angle of the monitor, you need to put the camera down, adjust the magic arm to the right angle and take the camera again. This is incredible time consuming if you are used to shoot from different angles like me. I found however something that could work, but it is design to work with only SmallHD 500 monitors. Here it is: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1224290-REG/smallhd_acc_mt_block_pan_tilt_sho_pan_tilt_mount_for_500.html I was wondering if there is something similar on the market that work with all monitors. I spent hours searching the web, but found nothing. Do you guys know something? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for the info, Bold. I think I'll go for the Kiron super-zoom and see what the quality is like. It's a pity that the Vivitar has a rotating front element. It really looked like the perfect lens! It's parafocal too apparently.
  12. Nice test! I'm also looking for a good long zoom to be used with my Proskar, Kowa 16 and a7rII, but there is no much info around. I think these would be the features we need: - Around 70-200 focal length (for full frame). - Not rotating front element. - Ideally parafocal - Ideally separate zoom and focus rings. I'm looking on ebay and there are hundreds of different old zoom lenses for real cheap, but I cannot find the specs anywhere, so I'm kind of frustrated. It would be great if we could make a list of the zooms that could be used with anamorphic adapters. For instance, I'm now looking at the Vivitar Sereies 1 70-210, but have no idea about the front element. Also there are like 5 different versions of it. Does anybody have info about this guy?
  13. Hi! I'd like to share some tests I've been doing with my brand new sony a7rII. I used quite a lot of lenses in this video, including some anamorphic set ups. I reeeeally like this camera so far.
  14. Yeh, I had hopes on the HD S35 mode. I'm using anamorphic adapters and the rolling shutter is two times more noticeable with them, so 4K S35 is not even an option. I will have to stick wit the FF modes then... Thanks again for you help Don Kotlos.
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