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And For My Next Trick....... (aka Why I was hacking the GX80 in the first place)

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Also, would you like to develop a phone app for that? I have couple of nice ideas how it should work, I can draw some sort of draft.



The idea behind this is simple - you have a big ass slider at your finger tips, and you can set focus pull marks just by pressing those buttons, which will limit the focusing distance. This will make pulling focus a pleasant enjoyable experience! The draft is very basic, but you should get the idea. It also would be cool to add some gesture support, like - 1 finger scroll = normal speed. 2 fingers = more precise and slow. So a person would be able to switch those on the fly to his liking. 

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
36 minutes ago, Amazeballs said:

You are awesome man! So will it work on the device like this?




they are both Bluetooth though. There are tons of similar controllers for 2-5$ everywhere. That would make my gimbal workflow so much better, incredible!

upd: so you already confirmed that it will work on the previous page. Do we need to modify those devices somehow? How do you make them work with a camera via wifi?

Patience, patience ;)

All will be revealed when its finished.

The hardware module part of my system  does the WiFi part and I can interface to that with USB, wireless (as in the controller from the video) and Bluetooth.

As I said in the other thread, I'm collecting a few different controllers (in about an hour actually) and at least one of them will be suitable for what you want. Bear in mind as I said at the start of this thread that the reason that the cinelike d happened was as a byproduct of me researching to make a hardware controller. And specifically one for a gimbal so its all in hand :)


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1 hour ago, Amazeballs said:

hmm..  any news on this one?


There are two polls running on here for features and controller choice.

So its very close now. 

A bit delayed because there will be some different hardware that its going to run on so I need to re-write stuff but its weeks rather than months.

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2 minutes ago, anti12 said:

Lanparte Remote for Sony and Panasonic:


Same thing, but different tech.

Lamparte will be better for camera battery life because it uses remote lanc port, with no wifi required.

BTM_Pix design will be more configurable/customizable and no need the receiver on camera side.

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I hope Btm is still working on that. 

How easy would be to create a new color profile to match other cameras (or luts) with this controller? 

If i get close to have Canon colors or a Fuji Eterna on my gx85, I'd never sell it! 

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