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C700 and XC15 announcement


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Despite the fact that the decision-makers at Canon often miss the mark, I'm excited to see what the C700 brings to the table. The high-end digital cinema arena is crowded, and there isn't enough room for everyone (See: Varicam 35). And the fact that they're rumored to drop a new anamorphic lens with it gives me some hope. Anamorphic is a big market right now and addressing it will dramatically expand the user base.

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Its shape reminds me of a xenomorph's head, but not in a good way.

I'm sure this will be a great camera to work with, shoot great images, do the job in many ways, etc, but as with all Canon cameras, the pricing and specs vs. that of its competitors just seem very underwhelming. If I had that sort of money ready to spend, I would choose an Amira

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29 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

Lol....so, $500 for a screw thread?

4 minutes ago, Ivanhurba said:

This could be very well Canon's homerun for high-end productions they were expecting to have. Looks good and complete. Sure, out of our range, but it looks they didn't skimp on anything and it's priced accordingly.

Real professionals are not going to quibble over $30k. I am a scientist and the instruments we routinely use typically cost $50-$250k, so really $30k is relatively cheap if it is something you need to do you job.

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Interesting. So the $30k market has another new competitor that operates the same as all of them.

It's body is big and long by the look of it, so will be interesting to see how it sits on the shoulder. Reminds of the original URSA.

Anamorphic de-squeeze, assumedly for 1.3x anamorphic lenses, as the sensor doesn't appear to be 16:9

And a 'modular design' - you know like every other camera manufacturer out there nowadays.

DPAF is nice for some productions, but is it enough to keep it competing?

At around $30k:

-RED has 6k raw in a small body, at up to 75fps in 6k, 120fps in 4k
-Panasonic has dual ISO in a small, light body (at half the price too!), plus their very impressive Varicam colour science
-Sony F55 has F65 colour science in a body that's still smaller than that C700.
-Alexa Mini has a 4:3 sensor, and an Alexa image. No 4k, obviously, but as we all know, not all 4k is created equal. Still a small, light body.
-Canon has DPAF

Interesting to see how it all pans out. I feel that if an amazing camera like the VaricamLT struggles to gain traction at ~half the price(ish) (assuming the suggested $30k of the C700 is correct), Canon may struggle. But then, perhaps the DPAF is enough to sway some (VLT has EF mount, but no AF).

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42 minutes ago, Liszon said:

Ahh God Canon. For this much money that 12bit raw should be done inside the giant shoebox you glued to the back of a C300.

We get 4K @ 50P internally. Hurray! Ehh.

Arri don't have internal raw either.... If the ProRes is good enough, most people don't seem bothered.

5 minutes ago, jax_rox said:

-Canon has DPAF

Global shutter option too... and if you are to mention the Panasonic colour science, i think it's only fair to give that as a plus for Canon.

It's not breaking alot of new ground, i don't think many $20k+ cameras ever will from here on in.... Now it is just a case of choosing your preferred image and workflow, unless you really need things like 8K or HFR at 4K.

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