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  1. Import, culling: Photo Mechanic (works with video too). Editing: Digikam (Open Source lightroom) + Affinity photo until Serif brings their DAM or convert to DNG with Adobe DNG converter and keep using Lightroom 6 but doubling the space for your photos.
  2. The macbook pro from 2014 is still a great machine but Egpu will need Thunderbolt 3 support to work natively when it's released. Until then please, I recommend you test and be patient with FCPX, especially with 10.4 it's going to be even better and after a while, you'll be thinking why you didn't try it before. If you liked Resolve, you'll love FCPX and its lightness.
  3. I loved Nikon and want them to come back, but the more I shoot with m43 and smaller sensors I can't just stop loving the deeper DOF at similar light gathering. Not having paper-thin-pupils-focused-crap-the-subject-moved-f*ck! DOF is enjoyable at least. with a FF 50 at 0.9 they better get an AF-C eye tracking system better than a T-800 on a good day. The lens will be an eye catcher (heh) and sure people will love it but I'm doubting if it's not going to be a little of a marketing ploy, that's even if they release it. Edit to say that I hate reviewing photos and find tip of the nose -then- eyebrow portraits... And screaming freeze! doesn't help :D
  4. Ivanhurba

    Mini Slider

    Unfortunately yes. The GH2 with a 14-140 was acting well, but the 5DII with the Tamron 24-70 2.8 was bending just a little bit. Don't use heavy setups with it. I still love it for light setups, hard to beat it.
  5. Clickbait when done well, ends in a chuckle and probably a subscribe. But it has to be supported by a good video. I like @jcs idea of alternative dialogues. -Damm stippling, I shouldn't listen to my wife. All that stippling in the ceiling. I will start with the contractor who did it. -The walls, dammit. No greenscreen use for them. Going postal now. Bring the short film now, man!
  6. I'm no Canon fan anymore but the option of putting the touchscreen with DPAF and raw at 4k 50p 10bit is enticing. I have the feeling Pana expected what we all expected, that Canon would produce a 25p 4k camera and call it a day and they were caught with the pants down and off guard. In fact, I'd rather mix the gh5 with the C200 than with the EVA.
  7. Ivanhurba

    Mini Slider

    Yep. If @mercer is going to travel with the benro maybe it's better to think about the edelkrone. I consider the rat-rig more of a here-now thing with the gorillapod like Nitsan, always in a small bag ready to shoot.
  8. Ivanhurba

    Mini Slider

    I'm with @Cinegain . Rat rig definitely. I have one, I'll post photos tomorrow. It won't make you win any awards but it's easy, very light and very portable.
  9. Get the Oly versions. I thought a lot about it and I've decided to get the 17 1.8 the 45 1.8 and the 25 1.8. For the Zooms Oly has a better range with the 12-40 and the 40-150. Being not stabilized means not paying for the 35-100 II defects with the IBIS. You have better control on manual focus with real rings. The GH5, being contrast detect, it's autofocus won't make a -real- big difference against natives with DFD, especially not in video anyway, as we already know and little in photo. Oly is developing too a 17 1.2 and looks like a 45 1.2 to complete the set and they'll probably too have the manual clutch. I don't find paying for PanaLeica lenses worth it until they add phase detect and no news on a 17 1.2 too. So, with the Olys you get native m43, manual clutch for video and a normal response in photo for a contrast autofocus. 1.8 are cheap. 2.8 zooms are manual "clutchable" too with better range, no issues with dual IS and, most importantly, you will always make cringe the OCDs anals who have to have everything Leica with the Pana. Sorry for my engrish today, too much work, heat, beer and Slovak got mixed.
  10. A drone chassis with a mylar balloon could look something like this. We reached the point were real and fake can easily be mistaken, so the visitors better rise up to the challenge. Older footage is difficult to fake but it's funny that when we reach the point with new technology, older one can have better explanations. The sudden turns could be explained by not having a living creature subjected to g-forces and be controlled remotely. And far distance communication could be done through an ansible thing with spooky quantum particles. Who knows, we're getting closer.
  11. I just reached the point where ISO at 6400 is enough no matter the camera I use (except my RX10II which 800 is the limit...). Would I love to be able to go higher? Maybe, but for the kind of jobs that pay my bread now, it's time to worry about other things like reliability, battery life, backup security, stealthiness and weight. Just saying . EDIT: I didn't know that jabroni thing, but it's so easy to say it looks it will enter very quickly my vocabulary. Looks like an adult version of the smurf word. Kind of catchy...
  12. If you want 4k 60p go with the pana. Anything else the Olympus at that price is a steal. If you're talking about V-log just shoot Oly's flat profile and be mindful is 8bit and not so gradable, but colors overall are beautiful. If you plan to get the look in camera you have a great deal in your hands. The only thing missing is video backup to the second card but that's personal preference. I would take it if I got an offer like this.
  13. Lol man, no, I wouldn't suggest that. Why use a hammer when you can use a lock pick! I have read the original post and you were commenting on getting rid of the FS5 but didn't comment that you had the a6500, man, you're already covered, I know 4k 60p is nice but it can wait at least a year I guess. Maybe get some apsc sony lenses, they're pretty cheap and at 1.8 you get a nice AF and DOF. For the price of the GH5 you could get the 10-18 f4 and the 24 1.8 the rest are cheap good priced lenses.
  14. That is so correct, sigh. Lol, each camera has its purpose. FS5 for client confidence a6500 for the rest. Maybe you are suffering GAS
  15. Yes they do. The same as Smartphones replaced Motos and Nokias. Believe what you want. Just some quotes from very interesting articles: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/9aknpv/how-solar-power-could-slay-the-fossil-fuel-empire-by-2030 https://www.mnn.com/green-tech/transportation/blogs/horses-horsepower-rocky-transition Of course you can say that DSLRs are not mobiles or horses, but hey, I would stop lying to yourself. fifteen years, that will take more or less and we're already halfway there. From wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirrorless_interchangeable-lens_camera
  16. I know a lot of friends who bought a DSLR because it had video, Nikon lost lots of customers this way at the end of last decade. Now these people have a mirrorless or simply bought a better mobile phone because of 4k or just because they don't want to carry more than one piece of gear. That's on the amateur team. On the pro side, people keep using old DSLRs for photography or moved to Sony, Pana or Fuji for the convergence. I've been a jumper. I left Nikon for Canon and toyed with my good old Gh2(v). The GH4 was great but it's the GH5 that's making me leave Canon. I was going to comment this on Redshark's article that looked promoted by Canon saying that 4k on a photo camera is ridiculous but I'm sure it's better here. In Slovakia there's a strange wedding tradition that nobody knows how the hell started. After the ceremony everybody, and I mean everybody congratulates the couple in a big queue. For a photographer is a nightmare. I was getting between 400 to 600 pictures just from that (people shaking hands or hugging and kissing, not a creative subject) and as you can imagine there are misses, which I wasn't sure if they were important or not. Now I just make a goddam 4k video and extract the best JPEG from there (EDIT: with my RX10II, that's why I'm waiting for the GH5). No more choosing between six photos with no good expression. Now I'm getting 24 and one is always good. It's a blessing. With 8k, or 4k 10bit and a good EVF for proper exposure I'm half certain photos won't be necessary outside of the fancy portrait with flash sessions. There, my 2 cents; I feel much better after saying that. Canon can limit their DSLRs how they want and offer ridiculous mirrorless that no vlogger will use, they're just shooting themselves in the foot and losing credibility. I'm not recommending them anymore to my friends. They'll be soon the horse carriage in a combustion car world.
  17. Smaller cameras make you nimble. Lighter equipment makes you more mobile and less tired (arguably more creative then) and you can carry two cameras for redundancy were before you just fitted one, I'm all in for the GH5 if you're used to shoot solo or with a small team. If your clients don't mind I would consider it but make sure you can control the beast and get the results you want before jumping into the void (you know Sellers-buyers remorse at the same time). Maybe rent it if you can for a couple of projects or go inserting footage here or there.
  18. This is a camera forum. If you're biased and are not able to read a full sentence and the irony you're missing half of the context. Because, of course, this forum is not ironic in any way. I know the situation in your country, I have friends there who had to flee or be forced to join the army and die for nothing, and you have to realise too that there's a game of power between two oligarchies that don't care about the people, just money and gas. That's no reason to be rude. I thought you would better comment on the use of an old Canon relic, an unuseful 1 inch sensor camera with a horrid lens and a proper camera that doesn't mix with anything dslr . The only thing I can consider is the balls and trust Mantle had to have to mix this cameras and be sure he'd get a good result and Stone's confidence in his DOP. Cheers to them. They probably were thinking about battery life too, you know, in case...
  19. @jonpais I'm a fan of monopods for run n' gun (ie. weddings) or small cameras with small lenses but for something like a 1DX II, a gh5 with the 100-400 or events like airshows I made myself an el-cheapo version on the manfrotto befree live with an xsource folding tripod, a neweer levelling base and a fancier head; not as light and portable (or expensive) as a live or a monopod but stable enough and still fits in a backpack, well, hanging from it.
  20. Yes, I have @jonpais (GH2V, GH4), in fact, the moment I can I'll get my hands on the GH5 to make it my main camera. It was a little tongue in cheek as the Sony is not that horribly bad and the Panas do a good job. My method for focusing always had been back button S-AF and then manual adjusting even on the Panas, so I know Contrast is good enough for that. All this fuss about GH5 lack of good C-AF for tracking is understandable but as @jcs said, DPAF fails sometimes. The footage is great and I love the tracking of the parachutists, pity the lack of smoothness of the IBIS. Andrew has been testing the EM1II for a while, maybe he can say how the phase and the IBIS panning works on the Oly vs. the GH5. With all the technology we have now I just hate that nobody has been able to get an UFO with a camera and a 400mm on a tripod and good AF yet.
  21. Anonymous said the NASA was going to say something about alien life. Maybe they're already here! I hope they just have somebody like Charles Dance to do the talking, Morgan Freeman has a too lighthearted voice for that. Jokes apart that's why I think Mirrorless is superior, the EVF, IBIS combination is killer; pity that by the time you'd point the camera to the UFO the batteries would die in the Sony and the focus would be lost in the sea of blue with the Panasonic. Maybe the OMD EM1 MKII is the way to go . EDIT: Waiting for the footage, I kind of secretly enjoy these things.
  22. I saw Arrival with the idea of a small independent film with a big budget. No disappointment for me on that side, but the highlight of the year for me in a similar tone for me was Midnight special, nothing pretentious there and almost out of the greedy studio hands. Agreed with Andrew on the eye shot; nothing to express with it, no reason to be there right now. Ridley came from the ad world too but the control of the studio now is much heavier than back in the 80's. They want action for the short span memory generation and grandiose dialogue for the original fans but it looks they forgot the subtext, or poetry as Andrew describes it. I have the feeling they think too much subtext and the audience won't get it which would mean poor box office. They're trying too hard to be a blockbuster when, again, they should have gone midnight special with it, but it would be too risky for a high value property like blade runner. Let's hope for the best.
  23. I'm a retard. I see the problem. Skip h264 or x264. upload prores like Austinchimp said in master file as Davey suggested. Don't let apple encode your h264 videos.
  24. @jonpais export with MP4 from FCPX, youtube won't reencode the video and will be uploaded in a matter of seconds. It should fix the issue if the export is correct. If you don't have the setting, get Compressor and create one. Just for the peace of mind will be worth it.
  25. It will be hard to justify staying Mac after this. Ryzen-Vega-Resolve-Fusion is going to be a killer combination. Pity there aren't any laptops yet to crush the 'books. I'm ready to move to PC after 17 years of mac.
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