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Bolex Anamorphot 16/32 1.5x ... My little gem

Mauri D.Galiano

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Hi everyone


 I´m a young video director from Madrid-spain, (www.MauriDGaliano.com)


I want to share with this great community my passion for  vintage Anamorphic Lenses.


I´ve been reading this forum a lot of times, but is the first time that i write something.


Allow me the honor to share my last Anamorphic video, a Drum cover for the Artist "Deivhook",the best Drummer in Spain.





I shoot this video with my basic set: Panasonic GH2 Flowmotion v2.2 + fd50mm 1.8 + Bolex Anamorphot 16/32 1.5x.


The Bolex is the little girl of all my lenses...the "jewel of the crown",


The  rare 1.5x ratio suits perfect for almost everything, and its super-easy to make the double focus with it, in this video theres no flares, but this lens have the best flares  i´ve seen. Flare sooo easy, blue-deeply flares like Panavision C series. Mindblowing.


Now i have a clamp, from VidAtlantic,but im interested in upgrade to Redstan, i´ve seen that redstan have a custom Clamp for the little brother of my lens, the 8/19 1.5x, And im asking myself if he has one custom clamp for my lens.


Someone can give me the contact of Redstan?


I hope that you enjoy the video!


If someone have a question about the lens, ask me!


PD: I already knows that i suck writing in english, sorry!

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Man... that is very sharp! Great video with loudness boosted to the max (initially woke up my neighbours I think  :D )

Is the 50mm fd 1.8 sharper than the 1.4?

Why don't you like ND faders? I use them a lot. 

Thanks for sharing your video!

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Hi Rudolf, yes the lens is really sharp . I dont think so,the canon fd 1.8 is a little soft...the 1.4 is better.(i dont find a 1.4 in mint condición yet) But i like the cheap1.8 because it has a film like image... more dream look maybe. The gh2 its super sharp and sometimes its dificult to make something that dont look like a hd sport tv channel. The picture profile in the video was -2-2-2-2. I hope that it helps.
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Thank you very much for your answers Mauri - that helps a lot because I am a little bit unhappy with my lenses and looking for

alternatives. I have lightcraft variable ND filters which shall be okay - I think they do a good job.

I also have the GH 2 and will check out the Flowmotion v2.2 hack!

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lovely work dere fella : )
opening wide shots are amazing
i keeps tellin folks about dem mollers anamorphical lens but people tink i is talkin shit.
lovely flat filmic tonality looks superb very nicely framed as well.

filters are important my favorite are heliopan of germany brass mounts and schott glass which is the same glass as zeiss use.
they do a very big range of nd and also do a vari nd the only problem is they is german they do not mess about and they are much more expensive than the china junk.
you can sometimes find then used on ebay uk,us and germany.

great looking clip.
poor monkey his ears must have been bleeding with that racket.
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I have a couple of Canon FDs, some russian lens, Yashica, Zeiss, Panasonic and one I like very much is the Olympus Zuiko 38mm.

All together maybe 15 and I am not really unhappy but I am not sure if this makes sense. I got the feeling I bought a lot and some

were not was I am looking for (I recently sold my Konicas) 

I would like to have maybe 4 primes of really good quality with a homogenous look and sharpness. For example Zeiss 28mm, 35mm,

50mm and 85mm or similar Nikkors AIS (I just posted this "problem" in a new thread).

But when I watch your great video... maybe it is just my disability and not the lens  :)

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Thanks for your nice words tony! 
I think the bolex are the most beautiful/practical lenses behind the iscorama 36... it has a 3 feet minimal focus or less, amazing flares and that film tonality that we are all looking for.
I wouldn´t sell mine for less than 3000 Euros, i just love it.
Rudolf, with which anamorphic adapter are you trying to pair your lenses? All my lenses are Canon Fd´s in mint condition and with them it works just perfect.  I also have an Isco ultra star plus ( Red) 1,75x and it is SUPER sharp with the same lenses. 
Here i leave you a couple of frames of a video that im working on at the moment with my Isco






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Very interesting color and epic scenery on these screenshots! I am looking forward for the final film!!!

Hope you share it with us...

Canon FD Lenses are very good I think. I have the 28mm F 2.0 which is fantastic in sharpness wide open.

Same as the 35mm 2.0 which has unfortunately for my taste a too warm color rendition. 

The 50mm 1.4 is as sharp as the Zeiss 50mm 1.4 (maybe sharper) 

However I am switching and therefore I will probably sell my FD collection. 

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Thanks Rudolf! The color are mainly color curves, i like to play with the white balance menu in the set. The 28mm 2.0 its a very good lens!            i have the 28 2.8, and its sharp too.


The 35mm and 50 1.4 are amazing lenses too. 


I think the Fd´s are the best lenses to pair the anamorphics adapters,the old nikon ais also are very good. 


But i´m a canon guy ;)

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