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  1. Someone is trying to pair the anamorphics adapters with the new Samyang vdslr ?
  2. Thanks Rudolf! The color are mainly color curves, i like to play with the white balance menu in the set. The 28mm 2.0 its a very good lens!            i have the 28 2.8, and its sharp too.   The 35mm and 50 1.4 are amazing lenses too.    I think the Fd´s are the best lenses to pair the anamorphics adapters,the old nikon ais also are very good.    But i´m a canon guy ;)
  3. Thanks for your nice words tony!    I think the bolex are the most beautiful/practical lenses behind the iscorama 36... it has a 3 feet minimal focus or less, amazing flares and that film tonality that we are all looking for.   I wouldn´t sell mine for less than 3000 Euros, i just love it.   Rudolf, with which anamorphic adapter are you trying to pair your lenses? All my lenses are Canon Fd´s in mint condition and with them it works just perfect.  I also have an Isco ultra star plus ( Red) 1,75x and it is SUPER sharp with the same lenses.    Here i leave you a couple of frames of a video that im working on at the moment with my Isco   ]    
  4. Thanks Richg! i tried to capture the incredible texture of these trees. Thank you for such kind words.   Rudolf ,can i ask what lenses do you have? and why you are unhappy?   I´ll try to test that lightcraft ND, thanks rudolf for the info!
  5. I dont have a good Nd filter,only a cheap ebay vari nd (20 bucks)... the filter crash the blacks, and ups the contrast in a very Bad way. I need a tiffen or something like this...
  6. Hi Rudolf, yes the lens is really sharp . I dont think so,the canon fd 1.8 is a little soft...the 1.4 is better.(i dont find a 1.4 in mint condición yet) But i like the cheap1.8 because it has a film like image... more dream look maybe. The gh2 its super sharp and sometimes its dificult to make something that dont look like a hd sport tv channel. The picture profile in the video was -2-2-2-2. I hope that it helps.
  7. Hi burnet, all the close shoots at f:2.8, and the landscape shoots at f:4 i think (i dont remember clearly) i tried to shoot the close at 1.8 but in the forest theres too much light,and i dont want to use any shitty Nd. (the lens stay sharp at f:1.4!) Thank you For your kind words!
  8. The widest that worked for me was 35mm, but i think that with a best clamp solution 28-24mm could work fine, i dont have a 30mm to try it  now;(
  9. Hi everyone    I´m a young video director from Madrid-spain, (www.MauriDGaliano.com)   I want to share with this great community my passion for  vintage Anamorphic Lenses.   I´ve been reading this forum a lot of times, but is the first time that i write something.   Allow me the honor to share my last Anamorphic video, a Drum cover for the Artist "Deivhook",the best Drummer in Spain.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13zPG1ebHlo     I shoot this video with my basic set: Panasonic GH2 Flowmotion v2.2 + fd50mm 1.8 + Bolex Anamorphot 16/32 1.5x.   The Bolex is the little girl of all my lenses...the "jewel of the crown",   The  rare 1.5x ratio suits perfect for almost everything, and its super-easy to make the double focus with it, in this video theres no flares, but this lens have the best flares  i´ve seen. Flare sooo easy, blue-deeply flares like Panavision C series. Mindblowing.   Now i have a clamp, from VidAtlantic,but im interested in upgrade to Redstan, i´ve seen that redstan have a custom Clamp for the little brother of my lens, the 8/19 1.5x, And im asking myself if he has one custom clamp for my lens.   Someone can give me the contact of Redstan?   I hope that you enjoy the video!   If someone have a question about the lens, ask me!   PD: I already knows that i suck writing in english, sorry!
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