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Card Acrobatics - 60 seconds with a deck of cards - a promo shot on GH2

Dale Campbell Films

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This is a short promo video I shot for my brother (he is a magician). My GH2 is running Sedna A, everything was shot in the 720p mode at 50fps to allow us to conform to 24fps for slowmo. Lenses were either Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 or a Tokina 11-16 f2.8.
Colour profile was smooth all dialled down. Dolly shots done with a Kessler PB Dolly + Electra drive.

His website is [url="http://www.darrencampbellmagic.co.uk/"]http://www.darrencampbellmagic.co.uk[/url] if anyone is interested : )
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@galenb Thanks! Nope mostly just the standard conform to 24p. The shot at 26 seconds had a tiny bit of extra slow down mostly for music timing purposes.
The last shot looks really slowed down as he hits the card with his elbow because by doing that he takes most of the spin off :) Was very happy with that as it makes it seem like a 240fps style shot!
We're going to hire an FS700 soon to do some really slow stuff with lots of the more complicated tricks :o
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