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  1. Hope you enjoy...    [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMJomyOBrvY"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMJomyOBrvY[/url]
  2. I apply the film grain for a couple of reasons. The way I see it if you look at older classic films and focus on the skin you can see the film grain has a big impact on the perceived skin tone and 'glamour' factor and along with careful use of Magic Bullet Cosmo can help reduce the appearance of blemishes etc... Think shots of [i][url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigitte_Bardot"]Brigitte Bardot[/url] : ) [/i] shots Also I apply neat video as the first filter in the chain, when footage is de-noised you can introduce some problems with gradient banding. This isn't always
  3. [quote name='galenb' timestamp='1350883904' post='20108'] Oh, I meant to ask you, do you ever use any kind of stabilizer like a flycam? I'm wondering how you get your handheld footage to look so jitter free? [/quote] Thanks! Glad you found it interesting. They always know the highlight reel will be set to music, most are glad that everything they say won't be in the final video. That said I do film the ceremony and speeches from multiple angles with external sound I don't use a Steadicam/flycam in any of those shots, handheld is either a shoulder
  4. [quote name='Erico Penteado' timestamp='1350879591' post='20104'] Thanks for the feedback :) By the way, a GH2 here in Brazil with the standard 14-42mm lens costs about U$1.500,00. A FS100 with the 18-200mm lens costs U$8.000,00. The 5dMkIII (body only) U$4.500,00. All of them on a very good deal! And about the recording for many hours... these cams can hold it well without overheating and breaking up? Thanks :) [/quote] GH2 has always been fine, there is a glitch when recording very long files which can give an error message, I think if you reco
  5. [quote name='Axel' timestamp='1350847268' post='20090'] Well done. Hacked? Nostalgic or vibrant? Lot of post? What audio solution? What are your comments on the discussion above? [/quote] Hacked running Driftwood Sedna A, Smooth dialled down -2 on all settings. Audio I have a rode video mic pro that either goes direct to camera or more often into a Tascam DR-05, though I usually run a Zoom H2 as a backup. Transcode to prores with 5DtoRGB Batch and conform any 50fps footage to 24fps. Edit in FCP7, denoise with neat video, colour correct, grade with magic bullet
  6. It's what I use at the moment. Mostly with a Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 & Samyang 85mm f1.4 for the night shots. A lot of my night/dancing shots are 50fps conformed to 24fps so that means I lose a bit on a high shutter speed as well. But honestly it doesn't matter with fast lenses you can get stunning shots. For reference this is my wedding showreel with which cameras I used for each shot - [url="https://vimeo.com/50939906"]https://vimeo.com/50939906[/url] Password is - which Night shots from about 2-15
  7. @andyLee This is true and you have to make sure all any extra harddrives are formatted and empty before you get there. That said I aim to do this anyway, and I also avoid deleting anything on the day and just carry plenty of SD cards. Always risky deleting things in that kind of one take environment :o You do need a computer to format, but I also take a MBP with me to start backing up when I take my break...
  8. @galenb Thanks! Nope mostly just the standard conform to 24p. The shot at 26 seconds had a tiny bit of extra slow down mostly for music timing purposes. The last shot looks really slowed down as he hits the card with his elbow because by doing that he takes most of the spin off :) Was very happy with that as it makes it seem like a 240fps style shot! We're going to hire an FS700 soon to do some really slow stuff with lots of the more complicated tricks :o
  9. Personally I'm very tempted by the 4/3rds model for my work, which includes weddings. People talk about the massive amount of extra kit you'll need to shoot but everyone said that about DSLRs etc. It is mostly old video cam thinking imho. Sure to shoot in a certain way you need a shoulder rig, but that doesn't have to cost a fortune. I shoot a lot with a monopod, slider, and micro jib using a GH2 minimal 'rig' involved - a QR plate system so I can swap between each support quickly. As for the SSD you can pick up 256gb SSDs cheaper than the equivalent in SD cards... adm
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f50dTjpH6QM This is a short promo video I shot for my brother (he is a magician). My GH2 is running Sedna A, everything was shot in the 720p mode at 50fps to allow us to conform to 24fps for slowmo. Lenses were either Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 or a Tokina 11-16 f2.8. Colour profile was smooth all dialled down. Dolly shots done with a Kessler PB Dolly + Electra drive. His website is [url="http://www.darrencampbellmagic.co.uk/"]http://www.darrencampbellmagic.co.uk[/url] if anyone is interested : )
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