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  1. A Metabones Speed Booster for ENG cameras with fixed lens like Sony NX5, Panasonic AG-AC160. Is it possible? Thanks.    
  2. A Firmware for Aperture working with Live View on NIKON (D7100) dslr's. Is it possible? Thanks.      
  3. Hi, pixel lovers! I bought a Panasonic X900M (3mos 1/4) and it only shoots 'good' with 1080 60p. What is the best method to mix 60p (no slow motion) with 24p (Sony NX5) in the same timeline? Frame blend on Premiere CS6? I want to export a 2 cam video in 1080 24p. Thanks for the help.
  4. Which films do you like the picture on bluray? I really enjoyed BEL AMI with Robert Pattinson, very cinematic looking to me. THE TOURIST with Johnny Depp is another good one. There are some others i don't like the picture... THE WATCH with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. I don't like the image. And what about you? Thanks :)
  5. Thanks for the feedback :) By the way, a GH2 here in Brazil with the standard 14-42mm lens costs about U$1.500,00. A FS100 with the 18-200mm lens costs U$8.000,00. The 5dMkIII (body only) U$4.500,00. All of them on a very good deal! And about the recording for many hours... these cams can hold it well without overheating and breaking up? Thanks :)
  6. Hi friends, can you help me? Is it possible to use the GH2 for the run-n-gun night weddings (low light and fast angle changes)? Or do you recommend another cam for me? I have a Sony NX5. Thanks :)
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