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Panasonic GH3 hands-on report

Andrew Reid

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Panasonic's Philipp Wolf showed me the inner-workings of the new GH3 at Photokina today. I was then let loose with the camera to shoot some test footage in 1080/25p ALL-I and 50Mbit 1080/50p mode.

This camera was running firmware version v0.4 and so by no means final yet. What I found impressed me.
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[quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1347992329' post='18473'][color=#333333][font=Helvetica, Arial, FreeSans, sans-serif][size=3]There’s very minor moire and aliasing present in this early hardware. Whilst the GH2 rendered sloping horizontals and fine patterns extremely cleanly with no shimmering, the GH3 I used had a touch of aliasing and in some cases even a bit of moire on a stripy shirt viewed from a distance. VERY minor, but like the OM-D E-M5 it was there, at this early stage. Hopefully this will be fixed for the final hardware / software revision in November but it is a very minor thing and I feel the benefits of the better all-round sensor outweigh this drawback. This issue however for now goes top of my list of things to fix along with the introduction of peaking.[/size][/font][/color]

Okay, so we have to look for more moire. Hope it's going to be solved.

One more thing, whilst you are there: Please ask them, if there will be a rubber eyecap for the GH3, included or as an extra. As banal as it sounds, it is almost more important (at least for me) than peaking. In bright daylight, if I use the viewfinder, I want to concentrate on the image without hurting my brows. It is also more comfortable handheld.
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Andrew, please also try to get some test footage from the Canon 6D. It would be very interesting to see if Aliasing is stronger than on the 5D Mark III and to see if the resolution of the 6D is higher.

From the GH3 test footage I've seen, I also agree that Aliasing of the GH3 is definitely stronger than of the GH2. I don't think that this can be fixed with a newer firmware version, unfortunately.
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Thanks for the great info on the GH3 - your article raises some really interesting points.

The price difference for the UK is disappointing but it's the mention of the 'm' word which made my heart sink. I'd be very surprised if they were able to fix that before release as it would presumably require a hardware change, and I would have thought that's all locked down now ready for mass manufacture. I can't see how they can fix moire etc in firmware - unless they muddy up the image somehow but that'll make some folks consider the 5D route again given the added attraction of FF.

It's never simple is it :)

SO much choice at the moment - which is great, but I thought the GH3 was going to leap to the top of the pile as a no brainer... Hopefully it still will, but not having to worry about moire/aliasing is a really important factor for many I'm sure. Yes you can work around these things, but so much nicer if you can free up that part of the brain to worry about other (more creative) things.

Gonna have to wait for more example footage of the other cams for comparison now... :(

Andrew - I know it would be a shed load of work, and therefore this isn't a reasonable request - but do you think a collaborative side by side comparison of all the main players (5DMKIII, 6D, BMCC, D600, GH3, A99, etc, etc, etc) could be possible to pull together on your site? Given the interest in the Zacuto Shootouts I bet lots of people would find this invaluable....

Looking forward to read more of your findings tomorrow...
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Moire, aliasing, no XLR accessory, no focus peaking and viewing problems with EVF. Firmware can only fix so much.
Is it possible to adjust audio levels whilst recording?
Is noise and banding reduced in ETC mode?
Panasonic have admitted that the popularity of the GH2 surprised them. Maybe the GH2 was just a wonderful fluke of design?
Did the GH2 design team work on the GH3?
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