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Panasonic GH3 hands-on report

Andrew Reid

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Moire? I know that it's an early version, but how disappointing. Being able to shoot without thinking about moire that was one of the big reasons that I switched from Canon EF-S over to Panasonic MFT

[quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1348140944' post='18675'] I have a LOT more of Pocahontas thanks to SLR Magic's new prototype F0.95 lens ;) [/quote] A tear of joy streams down my face at this mome

I have a LOT more of Pocahontas thanks to SLR Magic's new prototype F0.95 lens ;)

Have they fixed the stupid way that you adjust aperture/shutter? On the GH2 the adjustment is on the same wheel & you press to toggle between shutter & aperture (M43 electronic lenses only of course). This is the biggest single ergonomics issue that I have with the GH2 as it's so easy to accidentally adjust shutter speed when changing aperture. It looks like the GH3 is a bit larger than the GH2 which always feels like a fiddly little toy in my admittedly large hands.
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[quote name='QuickHitRecord' timestamp='1348078766' post='18610']
I would love to see it. I read something about a Hasselblad-Sony partnership that would result in Hasselblad's first(?) full frame camera. I don't know why Sony would do this considering that it could challenge their A99, but the schematics are out there.

I reckon the pricing will stop it being a challenge to the A99, it'll be at least six or seven thousand for any Hasselblad full frame. Think of how much the Lunar is, and it's basically an NEX7

The medium format backs could probably add video if they wanted, like the crazy Phase One IQ series.

The IQ180 is 80 megapixels...
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[quote name='tony wilson' timestamp='1348104045' post='18653']
paris loo vre footages

i wish der kids would stop pissing around wid chinese soft fast lens
not a good choice of lens or a good corporate choice for a new camra innit

I was gonna say. have we seen the camera used with proper lenses? People go on and on about the new panasonic zoom lenses and how good they are, but for true nit picking of video quality wouldnt it be better to atleast be making proper judgement of footage shot with atleast a set of cp2's on there via pl adaptor?
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