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  1. I've been keen on a Komodo for narrative work but if this camera can output 16bit raw to a Ninja V to record in Prores Raw then it might be a real winner for me. The specs are great but as we know the devil is in the details.
  2. I have to say that while the GH3's image is very clean and sharp the low-light grain and highlight handling is clearly not up to 5D standards. Not unless there's some unseen colour profile that can pull more latitude out of it. Specs aren't everything.
  3. [quote name='xenogears' timestamp='1348018820' post='18548'] My analysis for my next buy, pluses and minuses: Lumix GH3: +Nice codec +Adaptable lenses -The 8Bit 4:2:0 is a little let down in my list, hoping for 4:2:2 for better green screen work -Lack of a XLR adapter as Sony. Sony a99: +Uncompressed 4:2:2 +EVF and LCD screen -Aliasing and moire problems -AVCHD codec [/quote] If I can add the Sony NEX VG900 to the list: +Uncompressed 4:2:2 +EVF and LCD screen +Adaptable lenses +Full frame sensor (as a99) -Aliasing and moire problems -AVCHD codec Now no-one seems to know how little image control and what kind of encoding it will have but it is compelling me right now and I like the form-factor. Thoughts?
  4. Look at those circular rings. In this sort of real-world case the BMCC is better that the C300. Pretty amazing.
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