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  1. I was hoping you would speak on this camera here. I m in love with the idea of it. I ended up selling my gh2 and splurging on a d800. the stills are amazing and the video is pretty damn nice, but i like to shoot street stills and video, often times places theres just no way i could walk around with a giant D800, id look like dinner to folks. Didnt realize this until i had it in my hand and realized i just cant be discreet with this behemoth. I really want a large sensor pocket cam. This Fuji sounds incredible for stills, lets hope its at least serviceable for video.
  2. real tight andrew. well done. i really dug the scenes with the lit up floor and the black and white shots with the shadows. cool story all around. 
  3. Oh THERE S my baby mama! She s always running off to intl imaging events.
  4. i was reading about this as well. its hard to wrap my head around how a camera this sweet could be released without aperture control in video mode! Lens's w ap rings is one solution, im wondering if you have to be in live view mode to monitor out the hdmi? is live view directly linked to the movie mode? i always use a monitor so it would not be an issue to me then. I ve only ever had pannys and canons i dont know much about nikons. @andrew if you have a chance to peep this problem at the nikon booth please let us know more good sir!
  5. yes please. Im leaning d600 right now. i dont think this camera is getting near enough attention.
  6. ....well she s no pocahontus, id prolly still make babies with her tho. Correct me if im wrong, the pyramid there in front of the louvre, isnt that about the most prone to aliasing structure on earth? I ve never had the best eye for this sort of thing, but I dont see any.
  7. @andrew it is of utmost importance to us that we find out more about this pocohantus and her skin tones!
  8. thanks guys. andrew do u think we ll be dealing with shipping delays again like w gh2? or were they strictly earthquake related woes?
  9. riiiiiight. i guess i just want someone to tell me "cd af will never work for that" or "it just might work this time"....stay tuned dont jump gun on the sony.
  10. [color=#000000][font='Helvetica Neue', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]can anyone give me some advice on whether the 35-100 f2.8 lens and gh3 will be useful for sports photography? similar to a99 70-200 combo or similar efforts from canon and nikon? I see 6fps burst for raw stills is the same but ive read the cd autofocus isnt up to par for lower light autofocus needs like a nighttime high school football game or indoor basketball. also since it is 70-200 equiv does that mean its reach is as far as well? im well versed in video features and love the gh2 for them i just hope i can use gh3 for sports stills as well. otherwise im off to sony for an a99 but i looooove those in cam codecs from panny and the small size of the cam rocks now that it will have a batt pack and weatherproofing.[/size][/font][/color]
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