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  1. If you're dealing with moderate dynamic range shots, 8bit is actually great. I have no problem using it. Similar to an uncompressed 8bit tif file. Like you, I'm only seeing it in the difference in the extreme highlights. Sure thing. You can email them directly to make an order. Don't have to go through FB.
  2. You're right, it is. I probably should have gone that route before I got a $200+ V90 card. It's nice having 8bit raw internally but only 20 minutes of record time always makes me nervous, haha. Yes, you can get multiple enclosures and they have different colors too. Different style racks too, one a bit bigger with a cold shoe on top, another made to use with the Sigma evf. All use the same enclosures though.
  3. It's definitely the more expensive option all said and done.. Rack plus m.2 enclosure was $128, shipping was $49, and the sabrent 1TB drive was $130.
  4. Yeah, I like the handle because you can keep everything connected to the handle, and just screw it on the camera in 5 seconds. No cage needed. 8sinn t5 clamp is nice because you can build off of the 15mm rod and also tilt the drive up or down if needed.
  5. I've gone through a lot of experimentation with my fp L to find the right configurations. It's actually been one of the biggest things I enjoy with the camera is just finding new setups for different use cases. I don't really like rigs or things with cables everywhere so here is my cleanest setup with a samsung T5. I can screw in a rod extension with a coldshoe for mic/top handle when needed. I recently picked up the DPL ssd rack and thumbgrip and it is even smaller and lighter. I recommend it if you want to go a small as possible.
  6. The latest I've heard if from an interview a couple weeks ago. Around the 9 minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY672OZBrp0 He says they are in the middle of the second stage, and hope to begin the third stage by the end of the year or early next year. Camera body design won't happen until after the third stage. I wouldn't expect it until late next year at the earliest. I just hope it allows for some sort of video capture, especially if it can be CDNG like their fp system. foveon+cdng would be the closest thing to film in my opinion.
  7. It was from cined's review of the fp L when it was first launched: https://www.cined.com/sigma-fp-l-review-and-sample-footage/ They were collaborating with Wakamatsu regarding the testing. Not sure how 1.24x gives the best dynamic range, but from the testing it gives the best rolling shutter which makes sense. In a later interview they retracted their promise on a log profile stating it was a hardware limitation, so that looks to be all but dead. Here's a quick visual to show the crossover point on both 4K and in 1080p. 1.30x for 4K and 1.67x for 1080p. No adjustments outside of the crop function. Should show the huge fine detail increase in both.
  8. Yeah, it's with 1.30x. Anything 1.24x and lower is definitely skipped in 12bit mode. Sigma's fp lead Wakamatsu gave recommendations for crops: For the best Resolution, x1.3 – 2.48 For phase detection AF, x1.0 and x1.53 For best dynamic range, x1.24
  9. Here was my test on 4K crops at 100%. 1.0x looks okay, but some heavy aliasing. Probably okay if finishing in 1080p. Clean at 1.3x and on. No problem in 10bit or 8bit. So I will drop to 10bit if I need to stay wider. 10bit still has fantastic flexibility. Noticed something similar in 1080p but needed an even higher crop. Don't have any test shots to show though. The bitrate didn't seem to affect it, however. Still showed up at 10 and 8bit for whatever reason.
  10. You can see the jump at 1.30x based on this rolling shutter graph, but you're right, it looks great all the way to 2.5x. Haven't seen any evidence for 1.67x on 1080p, outside of my own observations. Give it a try if you're doing any testing. I'd be curious if you notice anything also. I've sent a request to Sigma for something similar. 2.5K-2.8K would allow up to 60p 12bit right around the bandwidth of current 4K 30p and a big improvement on 1080p. 2.4:1 4K should also allow full 1.0x width shooting based on the amount of data needed to be read off.
  11. You'll want to shoot with a 1.67x crop or higher if possible. That seems to be the point where it oversamples the image. Up from the 1.30x of UHD I'm guessing due to the extra processing required to downsample further to 1080p. I could swear the full width 1080p has been improved since I first got the camera. Maybe they snuck it in with a firmware, but the improvement is still clear at 1.67x. Higher 1080p frame rates will require it 1.67x or higher anyway. 12bit to an SD card is also nice.
  12. I second the Sigma fp L. With it's crop zoom function it gives a lot of flexibility for active sensor size. Rolling shutter should improve the more you crop as with any camera. You can shoot 4K at pixel-to-pixel 2.5x crop giving you an effective 14.4mmx8.1mm. Which can crop to a 3.4K if you want to match the 2.8x d-bolex size, but with a 3:2ish aspect. Or with a 2.1x crop it gives a 17.1mmx9.64mm to match the 4:3 height. 2.7x and 2.9x available in FHD but shooting in UHD would probably make more sense to utilize more of the area. All in uncompressed 12bit CDNG of course, and offers more visual aids than most.
  13. Yes, the 6K, 5.9K, and 60p modes are essentially the same format. 200mbps 4:2:0 10bit HEVC. As he mentioned, you need the Vlog upgrade installed.
  14. Awesome. Please link your video when you make it. It'd be great to see a comparison between the multiple options. I haven't pulled the trigger on the EVF, but I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually. I wanted to wait for a sale of some sort but it never seems to budge in price! I have a decent raw recording setup now, but I like the thought of going even smaller with it, and seem like the DPL solution is the best way to go to do so. It'd be great to have the ability to use the EVF, or have a coldshoe for a mic, but I think the slim model might make the most sense for compact handheld or gimbal shooting. You might have already seen, but there's an interesting NPF battery grip on the way as well.
  15. I searched earlier for verification on how the the Sabrent handled the fp footage. Some say it couldn't keep up, although it could have been the older 5/gbs model they were using. Good to know yours works out. I went with the T5 only because it has a plethora of mounting brackets available and Sigma verified. The Sabrent seems too small to fit in any brackets. I guess one could modify it with a 1/4 20 mount somehow. The Dark Power seems to be the way to go if the ultimate in small form factor, although a bit pricey. Did you go with the normal one or the one that goes with the EVF-11?
  16. You can get around that by setting custom modes. I have one set for 12bit 1.3x crop, one set for 1080p 12bit 1.67x, and so on. The camera will even jump from A mode to your last used custom mode when you switch from still to cine so you don't even have to change modes.
  17. Yep, tried a handful of them including 1/50. All are working.
  18. Oh, I didn't even scroll down to see there were individual speeds you can select below the autos. I tried multiple speeds. All seem to work as a minimum. Here a screenshot using 1/40 Maybe something is overwriting your setting pushing it to 1/60. Not sure.
  19. It's part of it's auto minimum shutter based off your focal length. It'll make your shutter 1/60 usually on standard. You can select a minimum, but they strangely don't let you select the number but use a slow, standard, fast, faster, etc type shutter setting. I recommend just shooting in manual and set auto iso. Then you can just adjust shutter to whatever. I switch to A only when outside.
  20. I'd actually say that's the .MOV. My fp L clips similarly in the highlights. In raw it holds much better. It's the fantastic color profiles they have in the camera!
  21. It is tough indoors, but I wouldn't say you can't use it. The 24-105 gets me solid results, even being f4, since I can use shutters down to nearly a full second. I think longer lenses don't work so well, but faster wide lenses are okay since you don't need as fast as shutter speeds. With 61MP you can crop in on them if needed.
  22. I also have the 24-105 with my fp L. Look to invest in the HG-21 for larger lenses. I now have 4 different grips for the fp L, and the HG-21 is by far the best feeling, although the largest. Maybe you can put the 8 and 10bit CDNG files through the paces. I use 12bit in 1.3x crop when I need the best, but I'm often satisfied with 10bit in 1.0x or 8bit when wanting to shoot internally to the SD card. I see a slight reduction in the highlight retention as I'm sure you have noticed, but the shadows I do not notice a dramatic difference. I know the original fp caused some serious green shifts, but I don't see that on the fp L. Is that your experience? Also note 1080p will need to be 1.67x crop and beyond when shooting any CDNG. In .MOV it works fine until the higher frame rates. That's probably the biggest downside of the fp L, but I don't often do 1080p.
  23. amweber21

    Panasonic GH6

    This was shown on the CVP video also (see 29:26). After contacting Panasonic, they sent a fix via firmware.
  24. amweber21

    Panasonic GH6

    I wouldn't take it as only 5.7K 30p, but at a maximum. Everything below should be supported.. one would think.
  25. amweber21

    Panasonic GH6

    The video quality menu showed 5.7K but also a 5.8K at 24/30p. I'm guessing this is similar to the S1/S1H 5.9K/6K option where the 6K is open gate with a slightly larger resolution. I think this will be an open gate 4:3 mode with nearly the full 25MP image.
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