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    Matins 2 reacted to androidlad in Canon's internal data leaked   
    It's not 5%, it's been updated to 0.2%.
    I downloaded it, and it's just boring website assets like product promo videos, marketing copy, layout designs and stuff, from years ago.
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from kye in Phones as Camera... what's yours?   
    Although I'm not particularly interested in phones, I somewhat liked the iPhone 5c for some picture taking. 

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    Matins 2 reacted to Cliff Totten in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    Andrew....I have said this over and over and over again. The heat condition of the R5 is not an engineering "mistake" on Cannot's part. It is literally doing exactly as it was designed to do from day one. Cannot wants the R5 to be used only in specific ways and this does not coincide with the way "we" want to use it.
    We have a need that we want the R5 to fill. However, Cannot wants to sell us a different camera for our need.  Yes, the firmware is deliberately highly restrictive. They are actively "steering" their customers the best way the know how with these crippling tricks.
    As customers, we need to stop thinking the R5 was an engineering mistake and simply let accept it as a casual camera that has zero overlap with any of their true camcorders.
    Cannot will never stab their Cine EOS team in the back....no matter how bad we want them to. If anybody thinks the Cine EOS team doesnt care about the R5 and was not in many of the R5 devopment meetings and planning discussions....you are crazy!
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    Matins 2 reacted to wobba in Let's talk about Sony A7S III overheating   
    Philip Bloom just posted this on his Instagram account:
    ”Shooting real time sunset on #elenibeach In Skiathos with the @canonukR5 and @sonyalpha A7S III so I can put them on my tv when I am home and pretend I am there. 

    The R5 managed 26 minutes in 4K HQ mode before shutting down. Now it’s recording in 4K line skipped mode. I just need to watch for that 29.59 record limit. 

    The A7S III is recording 50p 4K 10 bit. It’s been going for 90 minutes now, zero issues.”
    ”I can sum up what filming with the @sonyalpha A7S III on holiday is like very succinctly... 

    It’s just easy, you don’t have to fight the camera, everything works beautifully and the image is just gorgeous. 

    If this camera was capable of high resolution stills it would be the perfect camera. As it is this is a superb small beast of a video camera. There’s nothing else out there that comes close to all it does. I will be very sad to give it back at the end of my holiday. “
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from Emanuel in Let's talk about Sony A7S III overheating   
    How much did Canon pay for this FUD campaign?
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