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  1. You might, I don't 😉 , I have EF glass, and one RF lens and that one is just fine as it is.
  2. That's why I am holding off on updating my R5. Who knows, my second R5 might arrive soon, with FW 1.1 pre-installed. Requirements for me to update from 1.0.0 is to have certainty on the following points: 1. Battery Pull still works as in 1.0.0, that means, all the time as in my 100+ minutes 8K test. 2. FAT32 formatted SD still works. 3. MP4 chunks and file system are still perfectly readable as in my test on 1.0.0 4. EF glass works as good or better as on 1.0.0. So no 'planned obsolescence' funny business. 5. Some points I am forgetting to mention.
  3. Perhaps it is even a binning issue. Binning as in CPUs of Intel for example. Some can be overclocked substantially higher than others. Especially on a fresh new range when the production process has not stabilized fully yet. People like der 8auer make a whole business out if it, selecting and selling the fastest bins for a premium. Let's say your friend got a champion R5 and you got a lemon R5, you would be happy that they behave the same, and neatly overheat at 15 or 20 minutes. It's still all conjecture at this point. Some truth from Canon would be very welcome in this regard.
  4. Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing the test and preparing it while discussing with you. By the way the Fro knows you:
  5. Haha, as we say here: "Great minds stink alike." 😉 I might do an 8K30p next, or perhaps the even more demanding 4K120, ah but 4K120 does not write to SD, for that we would have to wait for a DAT file recovery option.
  6. I will try to upload the whole boring a7R4 video of this 100+ minute 8K IPB test now after a quick and dirty render. And about the FW update, I consider it riskier to update my FW then to run the R5 like this. Will they close this loophole, will they cripple my much loved superb Canon EF glass that has never ever worked better on any native body I owned, all to give RF an edge, in exchange for 20% more overheating time? No thanks!
  7. In case people would start doubting whether this is all just made up. Here is a screenshot of the MP4 file thumbnails of the 4th run.
  8. 19:02:22,00006996.MP4,47.5475,28 19:03:10,00006997.MP4,47.5475,32 19:03:58,00006998.MP4,47.5475,34 19:04:45,00006999.MP4,47.5475,36 19:05:33,00007000.MP4,47.5475,37 19:06:20,00007001.MP4,47.5475,39 19:07:08,00007002.MP4,47.5475,40 19:07:55,00007003.MP4,47.5475,41 19:08:43,00007004.MP4,47.5475,42 19:09:30,00007005.MP4,47.5475,43 19:10:18,00007006.MP4,47.5475,44 19:11:05,00007007.MP4,47.5475,45 19:11:53,00007008.MP4,47.5475,46 19:12:41,00007009.MP4,47.5475,47 19:13:28,00007010.MP4,47.5475,48 19:14:16,00007011.MP4,47.5475,48 19:15:03,00007012.MP4,47.5475,49 19:15:51,00007013.MP4,47.5475,50 19:16:38,00007014.MP4,47.5475,50 19:17:26,00007015.MP4,47.5475,51 19:18:13,00007016.MP4,47.5475,52 19:20:28,00006996.MP4,47.5475,48 19:21:16,00006997.MP4,47.5475,51 19:22:03,00006998.MP4,47.5475,52 19:22:51,00006999.MP4,47.5475,52 19:23:38,00007000.MP4,47.5475,53 19:24:26,00007001.MP4,47.5475,53 19:25:13,00007002.MP4,47.5475,54 19:26:01,00007003.MP4,47.5475,54 19:26:48,00007004.MP4,47.5475,55 19:27:36,00007005.MP4,47.5475,55 19:28:23,00007006.MP4,47.5475,56 19:29:11,00007007.MP4,47.5475,56 19:29:59,00007008.MP4,47.5475,56 19:30:46,00007009.MP4,47.5475,57 19:31:34,00007010.MP4,47.5475,57 19:32:21,00007011.MP4,47.5475,57 19:33:09,00007012.MP4,47.5475,57 19:33:56,00007013.MP4,47.5475,58 19:34:44,00007014.MP4,47.5475,58 19:35:31,00007015.MP4,47.5475,58 19:36:19,00007016.MP4,47.5475,58 19:38:32,00006996.MP4,47.5475,55 19:39:20,00006997.MP4,47.5475,57 19:40:07,00006998.MP4,47.5475,58 19:40:55,00006999.MP4,47.5475,58 19:41:42,00007000.MP4,47.5475,58 19:42:30,00007001.MP4,47.5475,59 19:43:18,00007002.MP4,47.5475,59 19:44:05,00007003.MP4,47.5475,59 19:44:53,00007004.MP4,47.5475,59 19:45:40,00007005.MP4,47.5475,60 19:46:28,00007006.MP4,47.5475,60 19:47:15,00007007.MP4,47.5475,60 19:48:03,00007008.MP4,47.5475,60 19:48:50,00007009.MP4,47.5475,60 19:49:38,00007010.MP4,47.5475,60 19:50:25,00007011.MP4,47.5475,61 19:51:13,00007012.MP4,47.5475,61 19:52:01,00007013.MP4,47.5475,61 19:52:48,00007014.MP4,47.5475,61 19:53:36,00007015.MP4,47.5475,61 19:54:23,00007016.MP4,47.5475,61 19:55:11,00007017.MP4,47.5475,61 19:56:53,00006996.MP4,47.5475,58 19:57:41,00006997.MP4,47.5475,60 19:58:28,00006998.MP4,47.5475,60 19:59:16,00006999.MP4,47.5475,60 20:00:03,00007000.MP4,47.5475,61 20:00:51,00007001.MP4,47.5475,61 20:01:39,00007002.MP4,47.5475,61 20:02:26,00007003.MP4,47.5475,61 20:03:14,00007004.MP4,47.5475,61 20:04:01,00007005.MP4,47.5475,61 20:04:49,00007006.MP4,47.5475,62 20:05:36,00007007.MP4,47.5475,62 20:06:24,00007008.MP4,47.5475,62 20:07:11,00007009.MP4,47.5475,62 20:07:59,00007010.MP4,47.5475,62 20:08:46,00007011.MP4,47.5475,62 20:09:34,00007012.MP4,47.5475,62 20:10:22,00007013.MP4,47.5475,62 20:11:09,00007014.MP4,47.5475,62 20:11:57,00007015.MP4,47.5475,62 20:12:44,00007016.MP4,47.5475,62 20:14:50,00006996.MP4,47.5475,58 20:15:38,00006997.MP4,47.5475,60 20:16:26,00006998.MP4,47.5475,61 20:17:13,00006999.MP4,47.5475,61 20:18:01,00007000.MP4,47.5475,61 20:18:48,00007001.MP4,47.5475,61 20:19:36,00007002.MP4,47.5475,61 20:20:23,00007003.MP4,47.5475,62 20:21:11,00007004.MP4,47.5475,62 20:21:58,00007005.MP4,47.5475,62 20:22:46,00007006.MP4,47.5475,62 20:23:34,00007007.MP4,47.5475,62 20:26:21,00006996.MP4,47.5475,57 20:27:09,00006997.MP4,47.5475,59 20:27:56,00006998.MP4,47.5475,60 20:28:44,00006999.MP4,47.5475,60 20:29:31,00007000.MP4,47.5475,61 20:30:19,00007001.MP4,47.5475,61 20:31:06,00007002.MP4,47.5475,61 20:31:54,00007003.MP4,47.5475,61 20:32:41,00007004.MP4,47.5475,61 20:33:29,00007005.MP4,47.5475,61 20:34:16,00007006.MP4,47.5475,61 20:35:04,00007007.MP4,47.5475,62 20:35:52,00007008.MP4,47.5475,62 20:36:39,00007009.MP4,47.5475,62 20:37:27,00007010.MP4,47.5475,62 20:38:14,00007011.MP4,47.5475,62 20:39:02,00007012.MP4,47.5475,62 20:39:49,00007013.MP4,47.5475,62 20:40:37,00007014.MP4,47.5475,62 20:41:24,00007015.MP4,47.5475,62 20:42:12,00007016.MP4,47.5475,62 20:42:59,00007017.MP4,47.5475,62 20:43:47,00007018.MP4,47.5475,62 20:44:35,00007019.MP4,47.5475,62 20:45:22,00007020.MP4,47.5475,62 20:46:10,00007021.MP4,6.423083333,62 That is the CSV data, so have at it 😉
  9. It is from the test I ran the past few hours. Now with your name 😉
  10. Oh Yes, I forgot someone all right, Andrew Reid, how could I, thanks Andrew!!
  11. The ambient temperature is perhaps only 1 or 2C lower, that should not make such a difference. I think it's mainly convection, and that I held it in my hands perhaps a minute at the start and end of each run earlier, and now on the tripod I did not. Ah, and that's it, I used 8K 24p now, and 8K 30 earlier, that's of course it. I specifically chose 24 p for the long test, because that is the mode I am personally most interested in. I could run the 8K30p also, we'll see. The inordinate number of RAW+jpeg's that I shot at the end produced 64C exifs after only 257 photos. So that's in line with my personal experience of the R5 feeling hotter hammering lots of stills than recording 8K.
  12. At the end I did not take a single JPEG, no, I hammered the buffer, guess, did the temperature get higher than the video max of 62C, or, lower?
  13. My R5 survived the 1 hour and 45 minute 8K IPB SD FAT32 recording test! Peaking at 62C exif from the end of the 3rd run to the end of the 6th run. Will the FW update allow us to run 8K IPB for more or less than 100 minutes at a time? I will present the exif temps shortly and send the data to Horshack.
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