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    Sharathc47 reacted to fuzzynormal in Why did Canon remove so many EOS R features on the more expensive EOS R6?   
    I've put my dick into too many things, tbh. 
    Also, an Olympus camera has been up my arse searching for polyps. 
    But my nether regions have avoided SD slots thus far.  I suppose for some fan boys they could eventually be STD slots if they're not careful?
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Andrew Reid in Andrew Reid on Filmmaking: When the truth is so awful, only liars win   
    Here begins a series of blog thoughts from me on the state of the world and filmmaking in 2021, after humanity decided to go headlong into a full dystopia like you see in the movies. There will in the future be many great cinematic masterpieces about our plight as citizens in the year 2020. Anyone who has seen Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker’s “Death to 2020” on Netflix can see for themselves the historic plot twists and sheer lunacy of what we’ve been going through the past year.
    New blog post...
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    Sharathc47 reacted to XNYC in Exposure tip   
    Loving the S1H viewfinder, coming from GH3, 4,5.  Am I the only one that uses monochrome live view with colored focus peaking? I find it much more practical and effective to visualize exposure in black and white than in color.  B&W has less distractions.  Bonus: focus peaking stands very nicely. I like the bright green or orange.
    Just offering this out as a neat little trick. 
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD on The Golden Hour podcast with Dave Maze / In-depth interview   
    I sat down with my friend Dave Maze for a podcast recently. We talk about the origin of EOSHD 10 years ago, and the start of the DSLR video revolution, my filmmaking adventure in Berlin, recent controversies and edgy camera opinions.
    Big thanks to Dave for taking the time to let me ramble and for listing to my waffling!
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    Sharathc47 reacted to MrSMW in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    I don't know what's going on here but it's not like they have a cinema line to protect...
    Panasonic could have that excuse, but don't use it and just have the somewhat iffy AF issue.
    Canon are full of controversy.
    Sony have been criticised by only having 12mp for the A7S3 but it looks like when the A74 arrives, now that Sony have improved ergos, menus and colour, they are just going to walk over the whole lot.
    And I am no Sony fan but the electronics giant is stomping on the more established camera companies.
    It's like they all want to commit financial suicide and close their doors.
    Or are we some tiny minority that sees this, but 99% of the rest of the world don't give a shit and just hand over cash to any brand they recognise the name of or the fella in the shop sells them?
    I think if the answer to my question above is "no, the 4k 60p when it comes is 8 bit", then I'm on a course to see if the S5 will perform in ALL the roles I'd need it to.
    More than a bit pissed off with all the camera companies right now. Every single one cripples in some degree or another everything they are putting out for no apparent reason other than they can. It's just fucking weird! 🙄
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    Sharathc47 got a reaction from gethin in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    No N-log internal
    No 10bit internal 
    No 6k raw (full sensor readout)
    Paid raw update that too line skipped 4k
    I don't think they have taken any feedback from video users.
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    Sharathc47 got a reaction from Zeng in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    No N-log internal
    No 10bit internal 
    No 6k raw (full sensor readout)
    Paid raw update that too line skipped 4k
    I don't think they have taken any feedback from video users.
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    Sharathc47 got a reaction from Zeng in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    We cannot expect more from nikon z6mkii as it is the same sensor of s1/s1h/s5. Maximum we can get 1.5x 60fps.
    We can expect atleast N-log and 10bit internal. 6k 30p Prores raw external. Full size HDMI! 
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Eric Calabros in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    Not defending this crop nonsense, but 1.7x crop video is same as 1.5x crop in still. The number is bigger because of 16:9 ratio. 
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    Sharathc47 got a reaction from UncleBobsPhotography in The Panasonic DC-BGH1 camera soon to be announced   
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    Sharathc47 got a reaction from Trankilstef in The Panasonic DC-BGH1 camera soon to be announced   
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Eric Calabros in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    Nikon is not in the list of h265 licensees. 
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Geoff CB in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    I really hope Nikon does not let me down here. If this camera doesn't come with N-log or 10-bit internal (At 30p, don't even need 60p) I'm probably moving away from Nikon. I'm not staying with a company that clearly will never be ahead of the video curve, plus all my Nikon lenses can be adopted to Sony. 
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Kisaha in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    The truth is somewhere in between and I do not see Panasonic succeeding as much.
    Panasonic had the SAME market share with Fuji last year, 4%, that is a huge disappointment for Pana with the dozens of products and a huge win for Fuji that started as a niche hipster manufacturer, and Nikon mirrorless apologizer (a lot of Nikon users had X cameras as smaller/backup ones).
    Seemingly, with a few right moves, a dedicated video camera first and foremost, better video implementation and some video orientated lenses and upgrade of older designs, Fuji will surprass Panasonic, just like that and without too much fanfare.
    if they also bring medium format to the masses, then that's it, they are going uphill.
    where Panasonic goes, I wonder? Will they sell 100.000 streaming cameras to make it a success? Plus, 150.000 more S cameras? And 150.000 more m43? And how many Varicam or EVA?
    Of course we have to see the official release, but if the pricr is NOT right, this camera will be another recent failure like the newest LX cameras and the v-blogging one, and maybe, even the S releases.
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    Sharathc47 reacted to bwhitz in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    1. Some people just don't like the obvious artificial limiting/crippling of tech... they'd like real competition and better products
    2. Some people actually LIKE the boomer-protectionism of the 1980's technology markets. I.e. hacks can just say "I own X or Y expensive camera! You HAVE to hire me now!"
    3. Some people like to pretend that there is something "Magical" about $5000 or $15000 cameras that will give them better results over something like a Blackmagic P4K or capable DSLR. There isn't. 
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    Sharathc47 reacted to SteveV4D in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    Whilst I agree that the RAW back and forth discussion has definitely run its course; the last thing this thread needs is people just telling me what this camera can do and how wonderful Canon is being back in the game and delivering the goods etc etc..  I can read Canons marketing brochure for that.  
    Any camera announcement thread should allow for talk of both the praise and the disappointments of a new camera, and shutting such chat down like lack of evf, fullframe and RAW for talk on how Canon finally strikes back is not of any interest to me.  
    Let me make clear, I like this camera.  I like it a lot and I will be seriously looking at buying one.  However I want a balanced look at the pros and cons and not a fluff piece on Canon to help guide my decision.  
    None of us have the camera yet and taking any critics of it now as though its a personal attack helps no one.  Everytime we get this with new cameras, especially Canon products; we hear counter arguments like, this camera wasn't designed for you, or its made for a different market... which is crap.  In a World where a hybrid does 8K when many professional video cameras do not, where we have BRAW from BM for just over a $1000, when even RED are bringing one of their cameras into the affordable range for low to mid budget users, I get weary being told what a camera should and shouldn't be.  
    I do welcome positive talk of this camera and how this camera can work for you.  I also welcome discussions where this camera may let certain people down and why.  Looking at both sides will help me decide if this is the right camera for me.
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    Sharathc47 reacted to seanzzxx in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    This is all anecdotal but in my experience the Pocket 4K is EVERYWHERE in the low budget circuit, with its entry price of 1400 dollars and great image.
  19. Haha
    Sharathc47 reacted to Andrew Reid in The top 20 most popular cameras of all time on the EOSHD Forum   
    Doctor, doctor. Help me, I'm crazy.
    Doctor: What is it Andrew? Divorce? Famine? Starvation? War?
    Ah it's just Canon.
    Doctor: Ah. Ok.
    They keep cripple hammering things.
    Doctor: Next patient!
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    Sharathc47 reacted to SteveV4D in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    Its not so much RAW, although RAWlite and BRAW have brought it to the masses; its about having an edit friendly codec.  Its about the ease of editing with what you shoot with without proxy or transcode.  I've shot in BRAW on a SSD drive and edited it directly on a laptop and delivered a video onsite within the hour.  So quick and works well with Resolve.  In comparison, H264 can take longer to edit.  I actually work quicker with BRAW in Resolve than H264 in Premiere.  Thumbnails load quicker, playback smoother so you can preview the finished video without encoding first.  Saves so much time.  
    A Cinema camera should offer a professional codec for editing rather than a deliverable one you need to transcode. You say RAW workflow is as time intensive as transcoding H264, no its not.  The flexibility to work with what you have, to alter white balance and ISO so quickly can take the pain of correcting shots that didn't come out just right.  You can apply a LUT you used when filming for quick turnover or spend more time if you need to.
    And yes, I have the P4K and soon P6K for that.  Its not unreasonable to ask for a similar workflow from a camera costing more.  
    That said, I do like a lot about the camera.  The lack of proper codec is a negative, but for me the only major one.  I can live without the evf.  This camera ticks so many boxes for me; I am very tempted to look to buying one.  Its the camera the R5 should have been. 
    With Canon it feels like specs are all over the place.  No consistent pattern across their line with what they offer.   The R5 should have the video recording specs of the C70 and the C70 those of the R5.  Then the R5 wouldn't need an overheating cripple to stop people from using it professionally and the C70 would be video camera of the decade.
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    Sharathc47 reacted to SteveV4D in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    It is when a photography camera gets it and in 8K....
    Its not so much about heavy grades as giving a codec that plays well in editing suites even after grading.  H264 and H265 are deliverable codecs not editing codec  despite many believing them to be so.  
    Its a great camera otherwise let down by a few things.  
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony A7C - harms the camera industry   
    The Sigma Fp and even Canon RP is lighter than the A7C
    In some of the marketing Sony outright say "smallest and lightest full frame camera" as if their own RX1 series never existed.
    So much for honesty
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    Sharathc47 reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony A7C - harms the camera industry   
    Of course. It should be a free market. There's anti-trust laws against collaborative market fixing and segmentation, nobody wants cartel behaviour.
    But what's going on here is not a balance and it's not even really a free market.
    It is a destructive race to demolish other Japanese camera companies, and Canon / Sony are the number one suspects.
    A race to appeal to the masses at the same time as significantly raising margins and pricing the average consumer out.
    A race to lock-in customers to specific lens mounts, and charge extortionate money for optics.
    If the consumer could freely choose more innovative products, and more countries and more diversification and more niches were catered for, then it'd truly be a free market.
    It's about less diversity, less competition, this isn't a win for us. If Sony and Canon succeed in killing Panasonic, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Pentax and even Sigma's fledgling full frame camera business, a duopoly will be created like AMD vs Intel.
    Personally I don't want this. I don't want a camera as dull as the A7C to kill APS-C Fuji X-Pro sales.
    Fuji X-T4 and X-Pro 3 offer so much more innovation than the A7C.
    They are strangling themselves.
    The camera range the A7C kills is the A6000 series.
    By using the A6600 form factor for the A7C, Sony is sending a message.
    That range is going full frame, more expensive, higher margins.
    But no new specs because they have to maintain the high margins. Same specs as the old camera (A7 III). Little investment in it, not even in new menus (crazy).
    Sure I am all for the concept of small, full frame, compact mirrorless cameras.
    Look at the Sony RX1R II. So much more innovative than the A7C. Look at Sigma Fp.
    Making an interchangeable lens high-end RX1R II with pop-up EVF is one thing.
    Slapping a bigger sensor in an A6600 and calling it quits, just to kill off other Japanese manufacturer sales, is quite another.
    And the prices of the Sony lenses is quite self defeating.
    But it is the soulless clinical blandness that bothers me the most.
    In this industry...
    Do we really want to end up with a dominant Sony and their soulless shooting experience, boring ergonomics, and Canon with their marketing games?
    Just those two?
    Rather than do something genuinely interesting in the APS-C market like Fuji has done with their rangefinder style mirrorless cameras, Sony has simply slapped a full frame sensor in one of the most unergonomic and boring bodies, it's the most unimaginative, most risk averse way to kill the crop sensor market I've ever seen.
    Customers will likely buy it instead of an X-Pro 3 or X-E3, because hey it's full frame and Tony Northrup likes it.
  24. Haha
    Sharathc47 reacted to Oliver Daniel in Sony A7C - harms the camera industry   
    From the people who brought you the blockbuster A7SIII. This fall, the A7III is back! But smaller. Not mightier! Just smaller. And flippy. Not floppy. Sell a kidney. Buy tickets now. Sponsored by Squarespace. 
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    Sharathc47 reacted to David Bowgett in Is full frame really necessary?   
    It's not needed, but right now it's the direction the industry seems to be moving in. Only Fujifilm and, weirdly enough, Canon really seem to be pushing the boundary in terms of APS-C sensors right now, and things have been even slower on the m4/3 front.
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