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  1. Some observations: The clip is obviously dropping frames. No doubt the SD card the person popped into the camera wasn't fast enough to keep up. The clip was shot with a frame rate of 25P. I figured this out by interpreting the clip at different frame rates and at 25 the sound syncs perfectly with the picture. You can hear the clicks on the camera when the operator was changing the exposure. Each click should sync with a change in brightness of the picture. And this happens when the clip is playing back at 25P. All in all a good showing.
  2. Please, please post the original unaltered clip! We're like beggars desperate for a hand out!
  3. Thanks for the excellent report on the Samsung NX1. When you go back to see it again, could you please check out the quality of 1080 50/60P. Since the full res sensor scan tops out at 30P, I would assume that 50/60P would have either line skipping or binning. But, the question is, what does the picture actually look like? The Sony A7s has a similar problem when doing 50/60P in full frame mode. In that case, the picture is quite low res. If it turns out that the NX1's 50/60P picture is similar to the A7s, could you suggest to Samsung that they provide a crop mode on the sensor in order to get a non-line skipped readout at 50/60P. Hope that all makes sense, and thanks again!
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