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  1. start by telling us what you need to learn i learned quite a lot on youtube, but just don't watch only one good buy by the way
  2. right, but a lt least the metabone as electronic in it and some research, not all products from many companies can claim the same
  3. https://www.cinema5d.com/lockport-xt3-hdmi-port-saver-fujifilm-xt3/ man, 99€ for a piece of metal and a 5$ adapter, some people are sick. the red syndrom probably.
  4. it's the apple / RED / leica consortium ?
  5. you have a specific topic about xt3, you should look into it and post there. first because you have all answers i am pretty sure and second because the answers will help the community and it is easier to have one topic that regroups all answers.
  6. It was a while since i haven't warched it. This Is brillant
  7. for ronin s users https://powrig.com/products/copy-of-powrig-np-fw50-dummy-battery-for-dji-ronin-s-and-sony-a7-a7s-a7r-camera?fbclid=IwAR1kkMSTyK-_bH7mSu_sBSKzHmVAyBjAIZdDFSEHzj6LUQFE6glwlGvoNMg
  8. i have one, canon mount. and i find the af pretty decent for a lens that old. don't excpect shooting sport with it anyway but for slow motion think it would be ok this was entirely shot with it, manual focus
  9. thephoenix

    Sigma FP

    seems it will be 12 bit internal for 24fps 10 bit for other fps
  10. https://www.cinema5d.com/whats-inside-a-red-mini-mag-the-controversy-jarred-lands-statement/ ?
  11. love this one. so fucked up ?
  12. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Bêta 6 That was fast ?
  13. really never ever say never again !!!
  14. maybe tupp is from mexico and is proud that it is a mexican that solves this.
  15. i guess it is when you cross a line you shouldn't have crossed ?
  16. my favorite. the idea is brillant and the making of and my fav
  17. nice. but i have to say the pics are terrible and make me think, as a buyer, that there is a catch
  18. sorry, it does not serves his speach and not saying he isn't right, just for the first 5 minutes i was almost dead bored of listening to him quoting the same sentences over and over
  19. maybe but it is still quite anoying and does not deserves his speach
  20. could be a 5' video if the guy would stop repeating the same quote 10 times
  21. never say never again. new at home
  22. well the right question is "are kowa sankor copies of satec" satec is one of the first manufacturer of anamorphic lenses. satec was a french company 1954-1969 henri chretien was part of it https://sites.google.com/site/filmoscopefr/dyaliscope it weights 428g
  23. it is pretty rare. french made lens. made for 16mm 2x
  24. new to anamorphic, got this still need clamps and variable diopter to do some images but that's a start. if anyone have some tips or infos about it please share
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