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  1. 4k 120p and 8k are big advantages over the Pocket 4k/6k as well as auto focus. Canon won't win fighting black magic at its own game but they'll win with the advantages they have IMO as well as name brand recognition and stills capability.
  2. Yeah the Lens Turbo's seem to be the best option outside metabones.
  3. A full frame URSA would be awesome. That would close the gap even more.
  4. 3 extra stops of dynamic range isn’t useful if the scene doesn’t demand it and it’s pretty rare that it does TBH. Is it a better camera sure but no where close to being worth 30,000 more or the hassle of using a cheaper Alexa imo for most projects at least
  5. The Alexa is nice but it’s nothing more than name brand recognition imo. No one would be able to tell the difference between them on a commercial project.
  6. The S1 is just 4k 10 bit though so it wouldn't be any harsher on your PC. But yeah mostly it doesn't matter. For weddings I need three cameras and the ones I have do the job. But I want to get out of weddings and focus on corporate, commercial, and film work. For that its kind of certain cameras suite certain jobs, but renting is pretty common regardless. I plan on purchasing a ton of lighting equipment this year as well though.
  7. Once Sage releases his lut for the Ursa they'll be so little difference its crazy. Dynamic range is amazing on the Alexa but you honestly rarely need 14 stops. I find my Fuji with its 11.2 stops working for most things, so if I got a bump up to 12.6 which is the URSA that would really cover everything. And the URSA is really so light and small at least in comparison with an older Alexa. I thought about it for a bit and than I was like, what would I actually do with this camera? Its so easy to rig of an URSA on to minimalist setups including gimbals.
  8. Yeah and thats the thing the XT3 is capable for most stuff. The S1 does win out in low light though by a pretty big margin and IBIS is really nice to have for certain things. The Ursa mini is just a beast image wise, really up there with the best of cameras IMHO. It sucks at anything beyond 800 iso though and doesn't like underexposure much.
  9. True but I'd need them for my S1 and Fuji for certain things anyways. My big thing is I just don't know when I'd really need a better image than the Ursa provides. The only reason to get Arri would be the name recognition. I really love the look of it though it turns me off that the dynamic range is no better than an XT3.
  10. Yeah the original non pro version. Internal ND's would be nice but I am used to doing without them. I have a hard to spending $1000's more just for internal ND's. BRAW would be nice but at the same time I love prores and never really need RAW. Its kind of like the S1 vs S1H, there are benefits to the S1H but in the end its the same sensor and I'd get the meat of what I want with the S1 at half the price.
  11. What cameras I want to have in my arsenal is always on my mind. I've become to much of a gear head. However I realize the camera is far from the most important part of a production. That said its still fun to think about and certain cameras can certainly aid in production. So here is my plan for 2020 Keep my XT3. It will really be my camera for when I need decent auto focus. Nothing else can really compete here besides maybe a C300 MKII which doesn't have 4k 60p or a Sony FX9, which is way out of my budget atm. Buy an URSA mini Pro 4.6k old model. These are going for stupid cheap nowadays (often under $2500). Nothing really competes with this camera for shooting in daylight at least at this price. I was seriously considering an Alexa Classic, but looking at dynamic range comparisons between the two the URSA really does well. Of course the Alexa does still blow it away but the URSA will cover almost any dynamic range situation you can throw at it. Plus they are half the price of an Alexa classic, more than half the weight, way less power hungry, way higher resolutions, pretty much ready to go out of the box without kitting it out. So yeah it really seems like a no brainer. Sure the Alexa might get me a few more jobs, but an URSA would be so much more versatile. I can easily throw it on a Ronin M, throw my Nikon AI lenses on it and still get an image that can match an Alexa, apart from dynamic range, which is rarely an issue when you have 12.5 stops to work with. Buy an S1 The S1 seems to have an unmatched image quality for the price. The high ISO performance, full frame sensor, codec, and dynamic range are all incredible. Again I feel like its a no brainer camera. The codec and sensor aren't as great but the high ISO performance would beat out cameras that are 10 times the price. That is pretty insane. Plus the dynamic range is probably right there with something like the FX9 or C500. The value for $2000 is just amazing. Anyways its going to be a good year regardless of my kit, I am investing a lot in lighting gear as well.
  12. oh I missed the thing about rangefinder bodies. Otherwise the XT4 would be your thing
  13. The current cap is 30 minutes in 4k. Though I wish it was an hour.
  14. Any chance of higher 4k frame rates. I really hope the XT3 gets a firmware update for 48fps
  15. Have you tried this? Because that doesn't make sense that you can do 10bit hlg but not log.
  16. Yeah so no internal 10 bit 4k 60 which is what I meant. Its kind of kept me from buying one as my Fuji does 10 bit 4k 60p. Still want to get one down the line though.
  17. I want to see some footage from that. Not much on youtube tbh
  18. I agree, which is why I don't like DSLR type cameras that have to be rigged. Huge reason is you end up having this weird skyscraper like form factor when you add a monitor to an SLR. I mean it can work I used a Pocket 4k with a small HD for a feature and it really wasn't bad. But something like a Z cam or red is better.
  19. Oddly enough camera matters less on big sets and more on small sets image wise. Big productions prefer "cinema cameras" for the workflow though, probably more than the image. If an XT3 was housed in an Alexa type body it would be great for big productions. Something like the Alexa really shines on a film like the Revenant where they used all natural lighting.
  20. Nah only 10 bit 422 30p 4k. HD goes up to 60p in 10 bit but not 4k.
  21. I'm really tempted to get an S1. I liked the easy workflow of H264 on the GH5 vs H265 on the XT3. I may just get one. I feel like HLG on the XT3 and S1 may be fairly easy to match.
  22. Yeah full frame is nice for photos, if you do a lot of natural light stuff. Why did you sell the A73 and what do you think of it color wise compared to fuji?
  23. Yeah tho I actually don't like flippy screens anymore, unless I need to record myself which I rarely do these days. Its way easier to tilt than have to flip the darn screen out. Plus it gets in the way on gimbals.
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