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  1. Lacking 10 bit and RAW is enough to separate it from the 1dx MK3, cropped 4k 60p even more so. Either way it doesn't matter Canon will do what they do regardless of our opinions.
  2. ehh I don't know, its time for the 1DX MK2 to die. Its already got a successor that blows it away. I am hoping the R6 will be priced above the EOS R and below the R5.
  3. Not having log would completely suck. Its the reason I still haven't considered buying 1dx MK2
  4. Probably can't do a lot of continuous recording but thats kind of a given.
  5. The XT3 is just so affordable. The Viltrox 33mm 1.4 just came out for $275. I really hope Fuji continues to innovate. I really don't give a damn about full frame and the C300 MK3 just made me realize that completely. Get that kind of dynamic range(even in just a h265 codec) in one of Fuji's cameras and I'll be happy for life.
  6. Z cam has better media options for 8k and of course unlimited recording but yeah
  7. I wouldn't pay that much for a SLR type camera either, but I don't really do stills. 4-5 thousand US wouldn't be bad for those specs even with limitations. Where else can you get 8K? Zcam is releasing one soon at around the same price point, past that there is RED. Neither of those higher end cameras have the stills capability or auto focus. People will definitely get it at that price point, they've paid the same for less in the past. I'll stick to my X-T3 and the used URSA 4.6K I got for under 2 grand.
  8. I don't think the camera needs to be that gimped to not sabotage their cine line. Most people simply wouldn't buy this camera over the C300-500 line because of the SLR type body, not to mention record limits. Not that people who own C300-500's won't also be buying this but I don't think it will take away from their cine line cameras. 8K FF raw at this price point is awesome even if its a 5 minute record limit and poor at high ISO's.
  9. Why the hell won't Panasonic invest in PDAF? With their new lens lineup I really thought the S1 would be the one to make the leap but no...
  10. Isn’t the EOS R or EOS RP their entry level FF
  11. 4k 60p and HD 120 are still not bad specs at all. No mention of RAW, I am guessing 10 bit will be on the table. People are still salivating over the 1DC, so I think this is pretty great even if its 8 bit 422, especially if its on the more affordable side.
  12. Pretty much all this, but we'll see of course. You can always argue but they haven't done it before. Look at Panasonic though. Their line was pretty basic up until the GH5 where suddenly you get 10 bit internal, 4k 60p. Of course Blackmagic steps up and throws down a $1000 dollar RAW shooting camera with 4k up to 60p not too long after. Fuji puts out the XT3 with S35 4k 60p 10 bit, Panasonic rolls out full frame 10 bit 4k. If Canon wants to stay in the game they have to do more and clearly they are. The 1DX MK3 is no joke and neither will this camera be. 8k 10 bit RAW is nothing to joke about regardless of what it is. I don't think it makes the S1H irrelevant but it certainly will give Panasonic something to think about and maybe even more so Sony who is way behind at this point. I expect to see Sony come up with some surprises, I think they have been waiting. Regardless it will be very interesting to see everything that comes out. I am really happy with my XT3 still. People are complaining about the S1H not having punch in focus while recording, the XT3 has had that from day 1.
  13. HLG definitely has the most dynamic range on the GH5. Cinelike D isn't far behind and is perhaps easier to color though I never liked cinelike D colors.
  14. The camera will be released soon so you guys won’t have to argue anymore.
  15. But what if the R5 has weak dynamic range and bad rolling shutter. Pros are suckers for dynamic range.
  16. Yeah need to see some good dynamic range tests in RAW
  17. RED is probably the worst when it comes to dynamic range claims. They say things like 21 stops of dynamic range lol. The latest RED offerings come pretty close to ARRI though, the Monstro has very clean shadows.
  18. They've done tests with Cinema DNG as well. They rated the Ursa Mini at above 13 stops using Cinema DNG (NR and Highlight recovery).
  19. They always test blackmagic with RAW though so I don't see why not with anyone else.
  20. It will definitely be crippled in many ways yet I feel the specs are still impressive regardless.
  21. Couldn't RAW potentially yield higher dynamic range or more highlight recovery.
  22. Makes sense. We'll see if the R5 is everything it looks like it could be. Wondering how bad the rolling shutter/jello will be.
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