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    mirekti reacted to Sage in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    They are Exposure Pres, conversions made with the same interpolation system as the other conversions (converting color in the mix). Its a lot of fun to use in conjunction with the conversion. The P4Ka workflow video shows it in action in Resolve, though it applies to every NLE (and the Posts, which are an essential part of the picture):
    They may be stacked in order of greatest to least, and all may be used in conjunction with gain key/opacity to dial in an exact value (Post or Pre).
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    mirekti reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    The S1H is growing on me. The image is just barmy.
    Cinema on a stick.
    I just wish it were smaller, lighter, and ergonomically less bricky.
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    mirekti reacted to redimp in Iscorama 36 Proxiscope rehousing – close focus and cine gears   
    Please don't sand it, it's a hack, not a fix.
    The tolerances on the housing are very tight, If your iscorama is warped, the plastic body is not ideally concentric around the lens helical (which is brass to brass, so no warping there for sure). What you need to do is to adjust the smaller metal ring and the way it sits around the plastic body using three small grub screws, until it's perfectly concentric. Try tightening them quarter turn at a time. It's a game of balance, and time spent doing this depends on how bad the warping of the plastic is. Just play with those screws, spend 10, 15, 30 minutes if needed, quarter turn at a time. Loosen one screw and tighten two others to move the small metal ring in the opposite direction of where the traction happens.

    Alternatively you can take a caliper, measure the body in the pace where traction occurs, and compare that diameter measurement to the perpendicular diameter of the oval of the body. If the difference is drastic, like 0.5mm or more, you can try to squeeze the plastic in the direction of bigger diameter, to alter the shape a bit. If iscorama was stored on the side it could be warped that way.

    It sounds a bit barbaric to squeeze the plastic, but it's the issue some of my customers had and it help them. Just be gentle. One person measured the tolerance of their rama and the difference in diameters was 1.2mm which is crazy – that polymer really does not age well, plus if the lens was laying in a box on it's side for 50 years it shows too. Also Germans chose a material that simply cannot have good tolerances even in theory – I have several iscoramas, some have nameplates that are exactly 72mm, but some have it at 72.8, and some at 71.2  – this is crazy, and some of them don't even screw into standard metal filters, simply because they're too big.

    Maxiscope was my attempt to fix this issue for good, as it's a full metal body that replaces plastic, so you don't have to rely on tolerances and issues of the plastic body anymore. 
    Hope this helps.
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    mirekti reacted to Rinad Amir in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Hi @Sage any chance you working on S1H Vlog? Id love to have some Alexa colour 😁
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    mirekti got a reaction from Geoff CB in Slow Motion in Resolve - I must be missing something   
    I found it under Clip Attributes. I simply changed it to 24p and it is playing in slow motion now. Thanks.
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    mirekti reacted to crevice in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    Slanted lens did a comparison to the pocket 6k, see below. My take away is (my personal opinion, doesn't have to be yours) that the S1H colors look better and skin tones look better. Both cameras are similar and this comparison proves that anybody who claims the pocket 6k "destroys" the S1H just because of its popularity and codec are drinking the kool aid. The fact that the S1H can go toe to toe against a raw format, while also having IBIS, better battery, swivel screen AND almost more importantly for hybrid shooters also be a legit stills camera is a huge selling point. 
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    mirekti reacted to Julien416 in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Don't dude me mate. We didn't raise pigs together.
    I would actually consider it very cheap if it was actually designed to work with my gh5s. Once again, I am fine with it and would buy it again but, as a customer, I don't understand why me and some others have to justify ourselves to outsiders for just reminding past promised deadlines to Alex. 
    Anyway, Alex's answer is fine to me. He is trying his best. Just what I wanted to hear. 
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    mirekti got a reaction from kye in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    If you check the end of this video there's a statement this organic sensor will be used in Lumix series too, starting with the end of Olympics 2020. 

    We are talking about built in ND, higher dynamic range and global shutter sensor. This is revolution!!!
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    mirekti reacted to Sage in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Working towards it, day by day. The exciting news this week is that I wrote the engine to be multi threaded on Thursday. Now a refinement pass takes a quarter of the time, which is a substantial savings when doing many successively. It will scale linearly to the Amd 12 core coming out next month. When the website changes in a very noticeable way, in about a month or so, it will mean the S is imminent.
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    mirekti reacted to kye in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    I'll take two!
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    mirekti reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    So terrible we have to scroll past it twice.
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    mirekti reacted to keessie65 in Iscorama 36 and Iscorama Cinegon films   
    From last summer, finally a bit time to edit. Iscorama Cinegon mounted at Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 on Samsung NX1
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    mirekti reacted to Sage in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Yes, to Rec709 Gamma 2.4 (or simply Davinci YRGB for Color science). The project-level color management settings come into play when you want to conform all footage from one color space to another (with EC, the conversion does the conform). The S will come shortly after the P4K (next up)
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    mirekti reacted to newfoundmass in what about s1?   
    What are your primary uses going to be? The size of the S1 is huge compared to the XT3 and the GH5. My preference is to have a small set up. The GH5 nails that for me. I just can't justify carrying it around. 
    With that said, obviously you can get incredible images from the S1. That full frame really does deliver superior image quality. I do mostly handheld work, and the S1 just isn't ideal for that. 
    Ultimately you just need to compare the benefits and negatives and choose which one best works for you. 
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    mirekti reacted to DBounce in Ikan PD Movie(with iOS device)vs.Tilta Nucleus M   
    Instant snap focus is really not something I use the Tilta for. It’s more about smoothness, with subtle ramped stops of movement. 
    The bigger concern near as I can tell is the stress that these fast high torque movements are putting on the lens/lens mount. Clearly the force is so excessive that a second person is required to hold the lens down to mitigate the huge stresses. 
    Look at how the whole lens is moving as the follow focus is actuated. The biggest complaint that I had with the Tilta after receiving it was the massive torque it put out. Tilta later released two firmware updates to address the issue.
    Lastly I add that you should know that as the lens is torqued in this manner, the image will shift about in a noticeable way. Not a look I strive for... but to each their own I suppose.
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    mirekti got a reaction from Alt Shoo in Ikan PD Movie(with iOS device)vs.Tilta Nucleus M   
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    mirekti reacted to kye in Trexo Innocation gimbal   
    Don't worry, once gimbal technology has matured and all gimbals look the same and there's no point upgrading they'll release the first auto-balancing ones and everyone will have to upgrade all over again!
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    mirekti reacted to Sage in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Those are really impressive. The last time I looked into the idea of an interim solution for the P4K was for Eugenia Loli (she is the one who got me into cameras in 2008, on HV20.com; EC probably wouldn't exist without her). From what I saw, there was only a transform for the original Pocket; the P4K (cs4) wasn't yet supported. Though - you won't have to wait long for P4K support methinks.
    That's the exact same artifact as on the GH5. Low saturation and contrast gradient macroblocks that don't know whether they want to be more red or more green. It seems to arise from codec compression + log especially - is it mp4?
    Yes, no later than the summer
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    mirekti got a reaction from IronFilm in Z CAM S35 camera   
    So there’s been an ongoing thread on Z Cam Facebook group related to their Fall to be released S35 camera. The company is really trying to get customers’ input regarding the features. There’s also a rumor it would be presented on NAB. 14+ usable DR, 6k 60 fps, probably EF and M43 mounts will be available.
    Anyone here excited about it?
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    mirekti got a reaction from Emanuel in Z CAM S35 camera   
    So there’s been an ongoing thread on Z Cam Facebook group related to their Fall to be released S35 camera. The company is really trying to get customers’ input regarding the features. There’s also a rumor it would be presented on NAB. 14+ usable DR, 6k 60 fps, probably EF and M43 mounts will be available.
    Anyone here excited about it?
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    mirekti reacted to Emanuel in Meet the GimbalGun™   
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    mirekti reacted to currensheldon in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    I'd definitely hold on to my MFT glass and cameras if the GH6 had 10 - 12 bit internal recording (BM Raw or ProRes Raw), 120fps in 4K, and internal NDs (the last one being the most important). As well as the IBIS of the GH5 and the low light capabilities of the GH5s.
    Throw on the 10-25mm f1.7 and I could use that camera for almost everything. Some f0.95 autofocus primes would also be great. 
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    mirekti reacted to stefanocps in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    when i watch xt3 post i want to buy xt3, when i watch gh5 posts i want to buy gh5.. how to get out of this?
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    mirekti reacted to Deadcode in AMD Radeon VII or dual NVIDIA quatro P4000   
    P4000 = GTX 1070
    2x GTX 1070 = 1x Radeon VII
    It is cheaper to buy another nvidia card, the performance will be almost the same.
    But it's highly depends on card support, right now i dont think Radeon VII has full resolve support.
    Unfortunetaly neither of these options will give you 1080 24 fps rendering while using Temporal NR (Better) with 5 frames averaging. You will get around 20-22 fps
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    mirekti reacted to kye in HLG explained   
    Well, he makes no sense through most of that video but was absolutely right about one thing - when he said "I don't know the technicalities of what's actually going on".
    My understanding would be this:
    HLG includes the whole DR of the camera and the other profiles he tested don't FCPX is confusing him..  here's what I think is happening: FCPX takes the HLG file (which isn't clipping anything) and then converts it automatically to rec709, "clipping" it heavily but retaining that data in super-whites When he makes adjustments to lower the exposure those values above 100 get brought back into range He thinks that FCPX pushing the exposure beyond 100 somehow means the GH5 "clipped" (it didn't) He things that lowering the exposure in FCPX and getting the highlights back means you can somehow recover clipped highlights (you can't) If something is clipped then the values are lost (digital clipping is data loss) FCPX is "helping" by automatically doing things without asking you TL;DR - HLG has greater DR; exposing for HLG is different than rec709; FCPX is "helping" and confusing people; and this guy isn't the person to be listening to for this stuff.
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