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    Alex Uzan got a reaction from Dustin in Canon EOS R6   
    It’s supposed to be announced next week, still no reliable leaks.
    I don’t really know what to expect.
    From the current EOS R, I’d like Nocrop 4k up to 60p, 10bit 422internal, 1080p120, IBIS, and dual slot. Of course, Dual pixel in every mode. Less that 2500€ and released in april.
    It’s not that much, and it will hurt Sony who gave us nothing interesting for two years,
    Come on Canon, you can do it 😁
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R6   
    Interesting numbering going on...
    R6 = aka 6D / low-light, 20 megapixel-ish body
    R5 = aka 5D / higher res all-rounder
    So Canon is sticking to their lucky numbers, with same meaning. I await the R1 (pro sports body for speed), and R7 (high-end APS-C)
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Simon Young in How to receive a BAFTA as ungraciously as possible   
    I think he was very coherent and everything he said was on point. He seemed a lot more unhinged when he gave his acceptance speech on the golden globes when he went on and on about climate change. Glad he speaks out on systemic issues though. Why shouldn’t he?
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Trankilstef in Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p   
    I don't know why people didn't reacted on my post, not a big deal, the important thing is really how Canon is confident and how excited they are about their new products. I've never seen it (from them) before. 
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Trankilstef in Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p   
    Ok just to add my two cents. As I said in another thread I talked to a Canon rep on tuesday and he told me that on the video side the announcement that will come in February (he told me specifically before March)  will have me happier than ever. I was telling him that I loved the EOS R on the stills part but on the video though it is better than advertised all across the internet, it lacks some really important things. And he smiled, really confidently, and told me to not worry at all, to just wait for the next announcement.
    Then today I spoke with a Canon Ambassador, over 30mn on the phone. We talked about her next projects etc and I couldn't help myself to ask for advice, i know she's one of the early professional adopters of the EOS R, and I told her I wanted to buy a second body, I was waiting for the next iteration of the R line, but was hesitant to not buy right now a second EOS R. She just told me this : "you better wait! I signed a NDA so I can't tell nothing but you really better wait. Something big is coming" She insisted on the "Big"... I speak to some Canon reps or this ambassador from time to time and got some insights sometime. But never, never I saw them this confident about a coming product. 
    So yes, something really big is coming, and I think it will be a game changer.
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    Alex Uzan got a reaction from ntblowz in Water cooling an 8K RED   
    Will that be necessary for the EOR5 ? 😂
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    Alex Uzan got a reaction from Mako Sports in Water cooling an 8K RED   
    Will that be necessary for the EOR5 ? 😂
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Andrew Reid in Water cooling an 8K RED   
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    Alex Uzan reacted to androidlad in Fuji X-T4   
    6K Open Gate, 6144x4096, 24/25/30p
    6K UHD, 5760x3240, 24/25/30/48p
    6K DCI, 6144x3240, 24/25/30/48p
    6K Wide, 6144x2592, 24/25/30/48/50/60p

    4K UHD, 3840x2160, 24/25/30/48p
    4K DCI, 4096x2160, 24/25/30/48p
    4K UHD (Crop), 3840x2160, 50/60p
    4K DCI (Crop), 4096x2160, 50/60p

    2K FHD, 1920x1080, 24/25/30/48/50/60p
    2K DCI, 2048x1080, 24/25/30/48/50/60p
    2K Wide, 2560x1080, 24/25/30/48/50/60/72/96/100/120p
    2K FHD (Crop), 1920x1080, 72/96/100/120p
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    Alex Uzan got a reaction from IronFilm in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    The X-T3 is already a damn good camera.
    The best Aps-c mirrorless according to me ?
    Except IBIS and an articulated screen, I can’t see what they could improve.
    I’m not talking about evolutions that we expect at each new release, as better AF, better burst mode, or ISO performance.
    Maybe a new battery.
    Of course, 4k120 and 6k60 would be a nice bonus ?
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    Alex Uzan got a reaction from kye in Lens transmission   
    Thanks for your answer.
    It seems logical when you understand it.
    Oh Boy, I didn't see it.
    And Gerald is ma favorite youtuber ?
    Not really, actually.
    I've searched online, as usual, but with the bad words ; transmission instead of Tstop
    English is not ma native language, so sometimes, it's just about what you think to understant and the words you use.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Cinegain in Lens transmission   
    As a non-native English speaker I've gotten pretty good at that. For the longest time my signature even has been saying 'Powered by Google search skills', lol.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to kye in Lens transmission   
    It means less light gets through.  Same bokeh though.
    If you're wondering how less light can go through an aperture the same size then think about coatings reflecting or diffusing some light, the glass isn't perfectly clear (although it should be quite neutral) etc.  In todays world of great ISO performance I wouldn't worry about it.
    T-stops were much more important when people were filming on film and needed to match exposures between lenses so they could swap lenses without having to adjust their whole lighting setups, so that's where it comes from.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Cinegain in Lens transmission   
    Did you try the search engine YouTube? e.g.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to IronFilm in Lens transmission   
    Transmission value is the actual measured value. 

    While F Stop is only the theoretical value. (a theoretical value which doesn't account for complex details like light loss due to reflections or thickness of glass elements, etc)

    Thus why the T stop is always larger than the F stop. 
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    Alex Uzan reacted to KnightsFan in Lens transmission   
    Also all lenses have some light loss, you won't find any f1.4 lenses that are also t1.4. (Unless its a pinhole lens but that won't be a happy solution for video lol.) So that doesn't mean they will have worse light transmission than any other given f1.4 lens, make sure to compare t stop to t stop when deciding on a lens.
    I have to quibble about semantics.  f stop isnt theoretical, its focal length over the diameter of the aperture, a physical property of a lens you can measure. f stop simply is not a measure of light intensity, so its only theoretical if you use it as such.
    Of course you are right in practical terms, its just wording.
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    Alex Uzan got a reaction from Cinegain in Lens transmission   
    Thanks for your answer.
    It seems logical when you understand it.
    Oh Boy, I didn't see it.
    And Gerald is ma favorite youtuber ?
    Not really, actually.
    I've searched online, as usual, but with the bad words ; transmission instead of Tstop
    English is not ma native language, so sometimes, it's just about what you think to understant and the words you use.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to EthanAlexander in Sony car at CES   
    Sony car: super fast, super range, all the tech, only ugly paint color options.
    Nikon car: great tech, durable, promised features like "external batteries for extended range" never actually get released.
    Panasonic car: best suspension, most efficient, doesn't let you look through the windshield when using the accelerator.
    Canon car: super sexy, built like a tank, "dual focus" lane-keep assist, can't go faster than 10 mph. After firmware update it can go faster than 10mph but only if you never touch the steering wheel.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to kye in New year, New gear   
    I solved all these issues by buying a GH5 and bought the Voigtlander 17.5mm F0.95, Voigtlander 42.5mm F0.95, and Laowa 7.5mm F2.  Spending ~2.5K on lenses seems to freak everyone out, but think about how many bodies you've gone through....  So, I have 4K60, 1080p180, 4/5K 10-bit internal, no recording limits, incredible IBIS, and the FF equivalent of a 15mm F4 / 35mm F2 / 85mm F2 in cine packages with long focal throws and de-clicked apertures.
    The only "price" I had to pay for all this is to move to manual focus, which I discovered I prefer the aesthetic of, and I spend 0.00000% of my life silently screaming at the camera to focus on the right thing while the moment goes by and is lost.
    Welcome to the club.  I think you're not a fully fledged member of these forums if you haven't made a list like this.
    By the way, you forgot to add:
    Gimbal-like IBIS 16 stops of DR dedicated buttons for all functions internal NDs mirrorless to adapt all sorts of vintage lenses 10-hour battery life pocketable / under 200g $100 or less retail price ?????????????
    Not a chance.  Not even after Sony say in a press release that the entire line is cancelled.  Not even after Sony stop making cameras.  Not even after the entire company goes bankrupt and closes shop.  
    Look at the following the NX1 still has.
    This will be a generational thing - like when people fight in a war and the level of fantasy / trauma means they never completely recover....
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Silenkiller in New year, New gear   
    ive been in this boat for awhile. ive tried just about every camera out there. i need 4k60p.. soo i eventually settled with the blackmagic 4k's... but now I miss the full frame bokeh and my workflow is insane having to CC braw.. FML so now im on a panny s1r and mm the bokeh is back baby and IBIS is incredible but now im stuck with a 15min recording limit and only 8bit.. WTF. so now im thinking it might be time to just bite the bullet and get the 1dxm3 so i can have canon color science right out the gate and FF bokeh. 
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    Alex Uzan reacted to kye in New year, New gear   
    I agree with the desire for simplicity and also having one set of lenses, but there are some significant challenges to this approach:
    Having a single set of lenses that will work across multiple sensor sizes is difficult as the crop factor difference makes the lenses different focal lengths.  If you're planning to mix footage from the different cameras then you'll get different 'looks' from the same lenses (the smaller crop factor will reveal the resolution limitations on the glass and the larger sensor will reveal the problems on the edges of the image circle from that lens).  Even if you aren't planning on matching footage from multiple cameras, it still makes it difficult to get an ideal set as there aren't many rectilinear FF lenses that are wide enough to be a wide on a crop sensor (a 16mm is a 20mm lens on the GH5 and that's with the 0.64x SB so will be longer with any other configuration) You seem to be attached to face detection (you listed it in your post) but the GH5 has poor AF and BM have no AF-C etc.. Reading between the lines a bit, I suspect you're like the rest of us in that you want a camera that does everything, but unfortunately it just doesn't exist.  Almost every discussion on these forums is about this issue - either us getting annoyed at the manufacturers for not making it, refusing to acknowledge that it doesn't exist, refusing to compromise, buying more equipment out of a hope that it will somehow magically side-step the issue, or talking about what the various compromises are that we have made.
    I'm no different.  I started out wanting great AF and lamenting Canon for not having real 1080, and I shortlisted many cameras and did all sorts of testing and evaluation before realising what compromises I was willing to make and what priority each factor was for me and how I shoot.  I ended up with a GH5 and native fully-manual lenses because that was the combo that suited my preferences best, but the A7iii + 24-105mm F4 lens was the runner up option and I was only able to come up with a better option by dropping AF completely.  
    My advice is to accept that no perfect camera exists, prioritise what you want then work out what equipment fits that the best.  Or, if I put it a little differently, work out your priorities BEFORE buying the gear, because I can guarantee you that if you buy the gear without doing it then you will still do it afterwards.
    and here's an observation for consideration - you're rejecting video from the GH5 and the A7iii as a hybrid camera.  Both of these are in the top 3 options available for the situations you're using them for, and many would argue that they're the best in their categories, so I'd suggest that rejecting them is more about your expectations than it is about what is available in the marketplace.
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    Alex Uzan got a reaction from SRV1981 in New year, New gear   
    I only have the 12-35 2.8 mkII, and the 25 1.7.
    Since I only use the GH5 for boring stuff like events, I haven’t put my money on lenses.
    About the Apsc EF mount, I’m sure someone will release a speedbooster to enjoy FF lenses.
    I’m not sure about that.
    what I usually read, is that for most, sony color science is not on par with Canon or Fuji. And with the 8bits limitation, it seems difficult to correct it properly.
    I personally disagree with that.
    First, the A7iii color science is far better than previous model.
    Second, if you shoot in HLG3/bt2020 with a perfect custom WB, and a color checker, colors will not be an issue. Even in neutral mode, you can get good results.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to Thomas Hill in New year, New gear   
    Then why replace it?
    -- The pot asked the kettle.
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    Alex Uzan reacted to IronFilm in New year, New gear   
    You've got an a7mk3 and GH5 and X-T3??
    Three really nice cameras, all of the latest generation!

    Maybe slow down a bit and don't buy any new cameras this year? Perhaps even sell one or two of those camera bodies and focus your lenses into just one ecosystem?

    Ah that last part, I let myself fall into that trap now and then in the sound world! Oops
    But on one hand, I think it is handy to have solutions ready to go before a problem even presents itself. But on the other hand, I definitely spend too much. 
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    Alex Uzan reacted to IronFilm in New year, New gear   
    What lenses do you have for your GH5? You can use exactly the same lenses on the BMD Pocket 4K? Also consider the Z Cam E2
    6K has a big price bump! Not worth it in my eyes, 4K is plenty!

    And the EF mount is a negative about the 6K, as it will reduce your flexibility. (you won't be able to go as wide / shallow as you could with a 4K  either , if you put a x0.64 focal reducer on the 4K)
    Once Sigma rolls out their full line up of Sigma lenses for L Mount then that will drop the costs of the L system a lot. 
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