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    lucabutera got a reaction from Kisaha in Best ooc profile?   
    Easy question and difficult answer.
    1) NX lenses do not allow the installation of a Speedbooster between the lens and the sensor due to the short focal flange distance.
    2) One could think of an electro-mechanical adapter similar to the Techart but it would not allow automatic focusing but not iris control.
    3) The costs for the production of an intelligent adapter could assume an adapter cost of around 1000 euros.
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    lucabutera reacted to Fu-Raz in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    I just bought this camera recently and I really wish this speed booster was still available.
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    lucabutera got a reaction from keessie65 in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Recently I had a lot of requests, so I decided to do a limited production.
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    lucabutera reacted to keessie65 in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Now filming for a few days in The Efteling, the Netherlands. Because of the low light at evening I decided to build my setup; NX1 + NXL speedbooster + Mamiya 55mm f1.4 + Bolex 16/32/1.5x + Rectilux HCDNA. I had to set the lens not at infinity, but somewhere about 10 meters to get the sharpest results. The film follows later, for now a few pictures.
    After all, I am very happy with the NXL speedbooster.

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    lucabutera reacted to ajay in First test of Magic Lantern on the Canon EOS R by EOSHD and A1ex   
    I wonder however if the read-speed of the sensor is baked in. If so, you will never get rid of the severe rolling shutter.
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    lucabutera got a reaction from AlexTrinder96 in BMPC 4k Magicbooster   
    Special focal reducer for Black Magic Production Cinema Camera.
    Visit: https://www.facebook.com/LucAdapters-284084538620105/

    New life to our old Blackmagic cinema production camera!
    The new Magicbooster manages to increase the light by more than 1 stop, giving the 4k camera a true full frame look!
    Perfect for those who do not need 60fps but want a 35mm movie look!
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    lucabutera reacted to Andrew Reid in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Looks great, even compressed for Vimeo. And I bet it was a stress free shoot as well. Tiny camera with a pancake lens and a boat ride, created some really lovely stuff here.
    I wish more people would drop their C300 rigs and 'go auteur' 
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    lucabutera reacted to Attila Bakos in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Nice DR straight out of cam:
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    lucabutera reacted to TiJoBa in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Some footage shot last month. After shooting with this little camera for a few days - my GH5 feels like a brick.
    Camera Settings
    Picture Profile - Muted, Sharpness -2, Saturation +1
    White Balance - Sunny
    IBIS - Sensor shift only
    No grade - file straight out of camera
    Lens - Olympus 17mm f1.8
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    lucabutera reacted to fuzzynormal in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Oly stabilization has always been awesome for me.  Not sure what lens you're putting on it, but if it's a manual lens you'll need to tell the camera what focal length it is or the IBIS won't function accurately.  Sounds like you need to delve into the manual and menus of the cam.
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    lucabutera reacted to kye in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Nah, stick around and you'll realise he's way to grumpy to be a believer in almost anything!!
    Welcome to the forums.. home of nice people, good advice, and a bit of snark and hip-and-shoulder too
    Awesome - what lens is that?
    12mm and crazy fast?
    Shallow DoF simulations in VIDEO will come, it's just about processing power.  My understanding is that they do it by having two cameras where one of them senses depth (could be wrong here) but basically they take two images and then do math to work out which bits they should blur.  With computing power going up steadily it's just a matter of time, and Apple has already demonstrated it's something people want that is worthwhile investing the tech into.  
    It might be something they do in post - if they record both streams and then "develop" it later in non-realtime even.
    I understand your POV and agree, but also see @webrunner5 perspective too.
    I look at it from a few perspectives:
    Image quality - smartphones are getting better so fast that they'll soon be 'good enough' except in difficult lighting conditions (the 2012 Zacuto camera shootout was interesting and we've come a long way since the iPhone 4s which was used in that shootout) Flexibility - more DR and function buttons and all that stuff really matters because it makes it a lot easier to get the results you want - lower DR, a touchscreen and lightening/USB port is a million miles from a C300 and that really matters on set Connectivity - SDI ports, timecode, external power options really matter and phones are basically nowhere on this Convenience - phones are always with you, always on, and don't attract a lot of attention, which means that much more content is available to film, either from the perspective that a dedicated camera would prevent you from getting the shot or that it would just make it more difficult We evaluate phones on image quality and convenience alone because they lack the other practical things that "real" cameras have.  It depends on what you shoot and your priorities I think.
    Arguments start when people have different priorities and don't fully explain themselves.
    Please everyone be nice - in person most of us would agree and calmly explain ourselves
    It depends on what you're shooting.
    If you're in good light, and are looking for a wide angle deep DoF shot and don't need timecode and external monitoring then a phone can be almost as good as an Alexa.  I take shots on my phone when I travel quite a bit because that combination is great for scenic landscapes and such, even though I have an XC10 that has decent DR, C-Log, 305Mbps codec, timecode, and ergonomics that most DSLRs can only dream of.
    I've seen a lovely wedding video shot with an iPhone.  It was an experiment, the couple agreed ahead of time, and they probably didn't pay full price, but it worked.
    Film-making is all about compromises, we don't have cameras that can meet how well we see so capturing things is always choosing which things the human eye can see that we don't capture, and phones are no different, they're just more of a compromise.
    So, you CAN shoot a wedding, but at least for now you probably SHOULDN'T
    Every thread is mostly the same conversation - convergence.  More specifically the convergence of Hollywood, the movie theatre, broadcast television, cinema cameras, home movie cameras, film-splicing editing machines, recording studios, typewriters and telephones.  Fast forward far enough and these will all be included into a tiny device mounted somewhere near our eye.
    This convergence is difficult for many people to come to terms with because these things never touched.  Not even the Bell Labs think tank where they predicted the mobile phone thought that it would include a camera inside it.
    Everyone is struggling with the fact the tech isn't there yet in terms of what we see in our heads, but we're still interested in it enough to thrash it out in forums because every few iterations take us a meaningful step forwards in being able to achieve that vision.  It's too rubbish to be happy with, but is improving too fast to ignore.  It's actually the creative drive that powers much of these conversations.  
    I don't want 4K60 10-bit with IBIS because I like letters and numbers and spending money - I want it because 4K 422 allows 1080 4444 (I output in 1080), 60p enables slow-motion which suits the aesthetic of the home videos I shoot because time seems to slow in the magical moments that I want to capture, 10-bit because I shoot outside in high DR with a log profile and I want to have the flexibility in post and get rich colours, and IBIS because shake distracts from the smooth magic I want to create and draws attention to the fact it's a film rather than a memory.
    Do I need all these things - no, do they support my creative vision - yes
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    lucabutera reacted to thebrothersthre3 in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    The pocket has a M43 sensor. Why would I need to carry something in my pocket btw? 
    You can do a shallow DOF in post for video? Not easily. I can create dragons flying of my mouth in post to, technically. 

    The whole well rec 709 is only 5 stops argument is kind of silly. With wide dynamic range you can manipulate the image easily in post and decide where you want that dynamic range to go. 

    More power to you if you can deal with poor iso performance, no dof, small sensors and be happy with it. 

    If you don't like these discussions just start your own thread on what you want to talk about. Who is forcing you to talk about camera specs? You are the one going on about how you think cell phones are better then micro four thirds cameras. If you genuinely don't care about specs why argue about it. 

    I do care about specs. I love cameras, playing with cameras, reading about cameras, buying cameras. Its what interests me.

    Also I do shoot stuff, was up until 2am filming a short film last night. I don't usually post on here because who wants to watch my shorts? Usually no one. Easier for people to read a 10 second comment and reply on their phone while doing something else. Videos require attention. 
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    lucabutera reacted to Mattias Burling in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Let's agree to disagree.
    I do. All the time. Its part of my job. But I rather not use a smartphone.
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    lucabutera reacted to ntblowz in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Yeah who need FF and those fancy new camera if you just can do everything on a phone, you shouldnt be even this forum apparently phone is good enough for you, stick to GSMArena mate!
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    lucabutera reacted to Shield3 in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    And you could get walk around with easy manual focus / peaking with that sweet Nokton 25mm F/0.95 with 5 axis stabilization.  I still have some GH2 footage I shot wide open with that lens from 2011 and it holds up pretty well 7 years later.
      It's not the worst idea I've seen on here and I love the price.
    Some people shoot things far away....like sports, wildlife.  What 300 2.8 amI going to put on my iphone 8 plus and shoot my son playing travel baseball from beyond center field?  What 600-1200mm equivalent can I shoot the moon with and get any detail on my phone?  No offense, but for YOU perhaps it doesn't make sense, but you don't speak for everyone else.  All tiny sensor phones SUCK in low light.
    So yeah - shooting casual video of things up close and in good light - you may not see that big of a difference.  Throw a bright lens on a micro 4/3rds in difficult light and it sings.
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    lucabutera reacted to ntblowz in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Show me a phone with dof thing on VIDEO, I don’t care about DOF effect on photos, I want it on VIDEO
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    lucabutera reacted to Leica50mm in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    Sounded so good, i got one . Pocket Rocket . 

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    lucabutera reacted to Andrew Reid in Nikon Z7 is at EOSHD HQ - better video than Sony?   
    I am fine with adapters for the older stuff like Canon FD. It's when it has firmware bugs and crap AF when it becomes an issue. Thankfully the Sigma / Sony adapter was pretty good and Metabones firmware improves all the time, though still not great.
    There are some very good adapters out there, Kipon have such a HUGE range. I am keen to try their medium format speed boosters on this. They have German optics, and bring Pentax 645 glass into play.
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    lucabutera got a reaction from noplz in Nikon Z7 is at EOSHD HQ - better video than Sony?   
    If the Fuji X-H2 will have the IBIS with the same video characteristics of the X-T3, it will be enough to mount a high quality focal reducer to have a complete camera at a reasonable price.
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    lucabutera reacted to Andrew Reid in Photokina Part 3: Fujifilm "Super Full Frame" / Sensor on-chip ND / Announcing EOSHD TV, and The EOSHD Podcast   
    On day 3 and 4 of Photokina, I collaborated with Dave Altizer of Kinotika to record the first episode of EOSHD TV and an EOSHD Podcast.
    We discuss insider topics such as a rumoured on-chip ND filter by Panasonic, Fuji's "super full frame" medium format strategy and round up some of the highlights of Photokina (including the Panasonic S1R).
    Read the full article
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    lucabutera reacted to cojocaru27 in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    meanwhile, please have a look on my last play with NX1:
    i am really considering x-t3 to replace my NX1 - too bad it has no ibis. 
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    lucabutera reacted to DBounce in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    The Fuji is an excellent choice for hybrid shooters. It handles well for the size. The build is excellent. Then manual controls lets you feel like your are "really" taking old-school photos. The images do not disappoint. The video performance is as good as cameras costing much more. Built in microphones are stereo and sound pretty good for what they are. The preamps are usable. And the colors are lovely. 
    It's a win... regardless of what may be coming down the pike. This camera can work for today and for a few years to come. It is my new goto travel camera. 
    Nice work Fujifilm... Consider yourself officially on the radar.
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