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  1. Yeah, I'd be careful thinking Wikipedia (which can be edited by anyone) is safe ground. It's certainly not as accurate as a well known encyclopedia edition.
  2. Olympus EM1 MK2 with the latest firmware is now phase detect C-AF autofocus and for my purposes behaves on par with Canon Dual pixel autofocus . Haven't read much about this but from my experience I'm now using the Olympus far more and my GH5 is gathering dust. ToF autofocus appears to have a very mechanical focus pull with hard stops whilst the Olympus has a more human like focus pull. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_tPoo_n8qo https://vimeo.com/345557918
  3. IMO, in terms of options and operability, the OMD EM10MK3 isn't anywhere in the league of the GH series. However, the Oly is smaller, lighter and has it's own filmic look that I miss in the Lumix cameras. It's a "fun" camera but not as "serious" as the GH series. The viewfinder dynamic range isn't good and it doesn't have any metering in manual video mode, however the viewfinder is really quite good for judging correct exposure. Generally, I've avoided 1080p in any form and the tele convert function as I've always been left disappointed. Just love the full 4K image though, especially with sharpness turned "all the way down" -2. I'm picking up this camera more lately for it's more sensible size and lovely image. This camera paired with the Oly 9mm lens cap is pocketable. For me, this is the GH2 of 2018. One reason I'm glad Anderw mentioned it. It's small, inconspicuous and with it's beautiful tiny fast primes, a Q-ship in keeping with the m43 philosophy.
  4. Thanks mercer. Have to agree. A nice Lumix firmware upgrade would be to provide the ability to turn sharpness down further. I'd like to get something more organic out of my Lumix cameras. Also, I hate grading. If I can get the look I'm after without fiddling around in post then that's my camera.
  5. I've had this camera since it came out - had the MK1 and MK2 as well - nice little stills cameras. To be honest - haven't used it much until I discovered the subtle teal/orange look with sunny/cloudy white balance and the filmic -2 sharpness. AWB shifts pretty badly. Agree about the lack of mic input, although I only use this camera for family video. Every camera decision purchase based on mic or headphone input resulted in me rarely using either. Just have to somehow add a micro-muff and I'm set. For more serious filming I'll still reach for the GH5. That said, I've been using V-Log a lot because I hate the GH5 highlight roll-off without V-Log. IMO it's even worse than the GH4. Highlight-roll off on the Oly means I rarely ever see a highlight "puddling" effect where highlights clip along a visible outline. This camera hides it really well - plus I like the image straight out of camera more than the GH5 - somehow the edge detailing is less severe. It's worth having a look at Johnnie Behiri's review over at Cinema 5D - that's what ultimately sold me on this camera. Be aware - you can't save video settings. Otherwise a fun camera.
  6. Some footage shot last month. After shooting with this little camera for a few days - my GH5 feels like a brick. Camera Settings Picture Profile - Muted, Sharpness -2, Saturation +1 White Balance - Sunny IBIS - Sensor shift only No grade - file straight out of camera Lens - Olympus 17mm f1.8
  7. I was hoping Andrew would get around to looking at this camera. The thing I immediately liked about the MKIII was the highlight roll-off. I'm not too fussed about DR but more interested in how a camera deals with the highlights. The roll-off is really nice - hardly a hard edge to be seen. Just lovely. I'm also not fussed about the lack of mic input. Many videos end up edited with no natural sound anyway. Sunny and Cloudy white balance give this camera a nice subtle teal orange look. Camera has only 24p, 25p and 30p in UHD 4K. It has 50p and 60p in HD. Compared to GH5 Pros Better highlight roll-off but slightly less dynamic range Cleaner noise in shadows Noise is more organic Less moire and aliasing Cadence somehow seems more cinematic More interesting colours straight out of camera More effective sharpness reduction in camera Smaller body Cons Viewfinder not as good No way to save custom settings AWB sometimes noticeably shifts during recordings
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