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  1. The difference is I do believe at their core their intent was to support and improve their country. The reason why I believe this is because they have a history of campaigning for and demonstrating consideration for social issues throughout their lives, they didn't just suddenly get into politics right when their TV career was starting to flounder. Trump by comparison has demonstrated time and time again that the only thing he cares about is his own ego. The country and the people come second to making sure everyone is always talking about him and valuing him all the time.
  2. Obviously this is a shit show, but thanks for pointing it out Andrew and not just shaking your head and keeping quiet. Almost as bad as the people who view democracy as a game of sports and want their team to win at all costs, are the "enlightened centrists" who think not participating in politics or taking a neutral stance somehow makes them better. Politics affects basically every aspect of your life, by choosing not to participate you're letting yourself be taken advantage of. And democracy shouldn't be about which party wins or loses, ideally society in general should be winning. In the case of Trump, if you divorce his words and actions from his brand (Republican) they're still at best unintelligent and contradictory and at worse dishonest and actively harmful. This would be true even if they were coming from a Democrat.
  3. In fact less and less people are owning TVs full stop. Obviously broadcast television is essentially dead, and all the content people want to watch is already on their phone. Why own a TV? Which is why I can see 8k gaining in popularity, because the only people buying TVs now are enthusiasts and enthusiasts want (and are willing to pay for) the best.
  4. Would it still be "monopolistic" and "borderline illegal" if you liked the product? Probably not, so the issue isn't the subscription based model (which, as mentioned, is actually a much better deal for people who like to have the latest software) but simply that you don't like Premiere. And what should you do if you don't like something: Write a grumpy blog post about how personally insulted you are by this product you don't like, or just stop using it? Hmmm ? There's no monopoly here, there's many alternatives and it's not that hard to switch.
  5. Not to mention import taxes :O I once bought some headphones from overseas and got slapped with a $200 bill when it entered the country. Customs held it ransom until I paid them. Although even with the import tax it was still cheaper than if I'd bought it locally ? On top of that Australia's wages are significantly higher than ours. So we get to enjoy high product prices AND low wages (although on the bright side I guess at least our government doesn't hold refugees indefinitely in offshore detention centres to the point that they set themselves on fire and then prosecute them for attempting suicide)
  6. So basically the big improvements over the G80/G85 (which I'm assuming this is a successor to) are: New 20mp sensor (from the GH5?) Better AF 120fps in 1080p VlogL Headphone jack Better weather sealing OLED screen USB Charging Better ergonomics (dedicated buttons for ISO, exposure, white balance) And the downgrades: 1.26x crop in 4k over 1.18x on the G80/G85 More expensive at launch than G80/G85 Seems like a fairly standard incremental update to the product line. Probably not enough to get me to upgrade my G80 though.
  7. To be honest I can't think what they could add to the G90 with their current technology which would make it that much of an improvement over the G80/G85 (apart from using a less stupid naming scheme!) The sensor is honestly fine, we don't need more megapixels for video (and the G85's 16mp sensor actually has better low light performance than the GH5's 20.3mp sensor), higher framerates are cool but aren't going to sell a camera. Already the G85 has incredible IBIS, a great EVF, a pretty good fully articulating screen, a mic input, decent handling with enough buttons and knobs... I suspect that's why they haven't released an updated version, there's not much to improve. Maybe improved AF? But even Panasonic's best AF isn't that much better.
  8. I regularly use an m42 mount Asahi Super Takumar 50mm 1.4 which cost $50 or so with one of those $100 eBay speed boosters for both photo and video on my G85 and it's pretty wonderful tbh... Might suit your requirements too. Definitely not sharp across the board wide open but it's more than acceptable in the centre, and for me it's sort of like a portrait FOV so I typically put my subject in the centre anyway. Manual focusing is easy enough with peaking. G85's stabilisation works amazingly even at this relatively tele focal length, just gotta set it to 35mm when you start it up and honestly it looks like a gimble. Stopped down to 2.8 or so it sharpens up significantly but I shoot mainly badly lit underground live music so scooping up as much light as possible is really important. I'd rather stick to ISO 1600 and lose a bit of side sharpness on 1.4 because 3200 is just a bit too noisy and gets turned to mush when it goes through YouTube compression. Not sure about wider vintage lenses though, since I only have an m42 mount speed booster and I couldn't really find any fast and wide vintage lenses, so I just use modern ones for that.
  9. FYI I just got one of these and the camera is not reporting any Cinelike profiles unfortunately. It's a cool little camera but it doesn't give you anything much for video. You don't even get full manual controls in video which kind of sucks... Same sensor and image quality as G85/G80/GX85/GX80 as far as I can tell, just severely gimped in software.
  10. I want to see some of those features trickling down to the G85
  11. Absolutely, it's pretty frustrating when my G85 has plenty capable hardware which is deliberately throttled by the software for economic reasons. Don't pretend locking off features in software is good for the consumer, it's not good for anyone except Panasonic's shareholders
  12. Btw out of curiousity has anyone compared GH5 colours to G85 colours?
  13. Are there any plans to drip some of these features down to the cheaper cameras like the G80/G85? I'd love that improved autofocus at least... The extra codecs would be very nice too but I assume they don't want to cannibalize their higher end market by making the cheaper ones too good.
  14. If his point is that the media does a bad job of diluting complicated messages into simple ones accurately probably because a nice outrageous simple message generates more clicks then yeah.
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