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  1. The camera is not the thing shooting video, you are. So if you think having a smaller camera will allow you to be more creative, run for it ! PS : Rent one before switching, you never know until you try :D
  2. That's an interesting post here, thank you for sharing. Just wanna ask about your experience with the 7D compared to the 50D. On this forum post ( https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=9878.0 ) they say the 50D has less moire than the 7D. Can you confirm that ? I was about to grab a Eos-M to use as a B-cam for my 50D but now I'm worried about moire. It is not bad with the 50D, I noticed it only once and had to change the object on set that was causing moire, but now I'll have to see if I can find comparisons between the EOS-M and 50D/7D As for 10-12 bit, it is currently unavailable on digic IV cameras (5D2?, 7D, 50D) but there is some progress being done. Magic lantern just needs more devs
  3. Check his press release here : http://tinyurl.com/jhysyh4 email is at the bottom. Yes he does reply to emails
  4. Hi Stewart, By the look of your name, I doubt your french, but if you are, I'd like to take a look and see if I can repair it There is usefull information about Dyaliscopes here : https://sites.google.com/site/filmoscopefr/dyaliscope but it's all in french (which is okay for me, but I understand that many people don't wanna learn french as difficult as it is !)
  5. Here in france you have to give around 25% (depends on your type of activity and if you had a job before or not) of your revenue (not benefits, revenue) as tax when starting your own small business. Then you have to pay land value tax (even if you don't rent a place for you work). But at least you don't have to give money right away. You don't get any chance to grab some "start-up money", it just doesn't exists :D Not sure what is the best country to start your own small business, but I'd like to find it out
  6. There is not builds available on magic lantern on the experiments pages : And there is no option on the latest nightly builds (in MLV_lite or MLV_rec modules) There has been experiments in the past, but I am not aware of a working version for the 50D. (Can someone help us for the 5DmkII & 7D ?) Edit : Lates experiments are here : http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=5601.msg185344#msg185344 but you'll see they are not recording properly (every two frames is corrupted / repeated)
  7. Here it is in action The taking lens I got with my cinelux is a Schneider 75mm f/2 Super I had to focus the anamorphic and moving the camera back and forth to get sharp focus.
  8. Quick Question @Andrew Reid : How did you get 10bit recording on the 50D ? Last time I checked, 10-12bit recording were not available on Digic IV cameras ! (Or at least, not working properly, with one out of two images being garbage)
  9. I have a Super Cinelux Anamorphic 2X MC, I can try when I come home and let you know
  10. Haha there is definitely some goods points in your post I think though, that now that the resolution and DR is "similar" to 35mm film, that is why we're saying it is enough for now. There will always be people wanting to have the newest best stuff. And that's good for the market and innovation. I just think that the resolution race has not much interest. DR, IQ, Rolling shutter, recording formats are of higher priority IMO. PS : If we apply our thinking about audio formats. People ditched the 33rpm vinyl records and adopted the CD, then everything went online. But there is still people listening to Vinyl Records, event cassettes are making a comeback ! Maybe, some people still wanna use 480p cameras for the nostalgic effect. Nothing wrong about it :D
  11. I have an X-T1, and looking at the price drop on the used market I can recommend it ! Like a lot. Just add a Mitakon lens turbo II and your good to go
  12. In order to compare to the theoretical values, you can use this tool. It is quite accurate http://rawcalculator.bitballoon.com/calculator_desktop I'll add my results with the 50D asap. BTW, the 50D is missing dual ISO recording and Digic IV cameras are missing 10-12bit recording. If someone has some knowledge to implement that, that would be perfect. The thread on magic lantern forums has plenty of information but lacks developers
  13. I did try it, you can attach it with a M42 adapter, M42 reverse ring, M42 Helicoid and Step up/down rings with a clamp. You need the helicoid to be able to focus the system. The only problem being that the "taking" lens is usually arount 75 or 90mm which isn't wide enough IMO. Here is a picture of the system (with a single focus solution) that I tried the idea with : https://goo.gl/photos/a5uBojn7vj2bR2HV6 Do try it, it is quite a fun experience
  14. Yep, I don't understand why the Hardcore DNA doesn't have a standard size thread. Good thing is that some people are working on a solution to that problem
  15. I don't have experience with the Z150 but I am using a Panasonic AF100 for events (which is of similar size & weight once you add a lens). I never felt it was too heavy and the fact that you get everything at a push of a button is priceless (XLR mics with phantom power, ND filters, Image stabilisation, Iso switch, WB switches, Peaking, Waveform/Vectorscope, everything has a button for it). The only time I go inside the menus is to set the recording format, format the card and set your picture profile at the beginning of the day ! Just put a lens on it, a SD card and two batteries and you're good for a full day of shoot :D If I have to shoot a full-day event with a Dslr, I have to pack multiple batteries, a shoulder rig, a viewfinder (with batteries), multiple SD cards, an audio recorder (with batteries for it too) and have to deal with a recording time limit. No thanks !
  16. Here is the real question. Did you ever sat in a theater projecting movies in 4k and thinking "I wished the resolution was better". I know I didn't. I think 8K is way too much as a viewing format. But as always, higher resolutions can see some good uses for VFX and scientific applications. As for myself, I shoot 1.5k 4:3 (yep, read it correctly) , so I really don't care about the resolution race :D
  17. I have two jobs, one which is not great but pays well. The other one being making videos. So basically, I have one job making money, and the other one spending it ! (But I always keep my expenses low by using older gear and going thrifting every week-end :D)
  18. I don't think rolling shutter would be noticeable as there is not much movement usually in weddings video. However I think you would be better with a video camera (like the new AE1, the JVS LS-300 or something similar with ND filters, Viewfinder and proper XLR Audio) than with a DSLR if money is not a huge problem. Just my own thoughts, depends on your priorities (Image Quality, Low light, Ease of use, Audio, ND filters, battery life and so on)
  19. This is just great news ! I was looking at the 100D yesterday looking at the raw recording capabilities. I have to get one of these !
  20. Slight correction I just noticed : Either way, you shouldn't pay more than 200€ for that anamorphic adapter.
  21. The cheapest you can go with good quality is with buying either : - an Isco Ultra-Star (the golden or red version) you should be able to find some around $200 (got mine for a lot less) - a Sankor 16D (or similar : Singer 16-D, Elmoscope I) You'll get a dual focus system with great optical performance (Isco is super sharp but doesn't flare, 16D is not that sharp at wide apertures, but it does flare) Either way, you should pay more than 200€ for that anamorphic adapter. You'll then need to find an adapter to be able to use it. Go grab a Redstan clamp, Rapido Clamp (or a vid-atlantic clamp if you're really down on money) usually between $50 and $100 So, No, you don't need to spend thousands to get decent quality. You just need to spend wisely. (Of course there are better anamorphic lenses out there, but as you are just dipping toes, there's no rush !) Be careful, by tipping a toe, you are entering the madness of anamorphics. Once you bought one adapter, there is now coming back. This is a point of no return !!! :D
  22. You could use this epoxy : LOCTITE M-31CL from Henkel. It is good for glass applications, is clear and not very viscous (great for not having bubbles). I used it once to bond ceramic to glass for a very specific application and it is great. Just be careful to let it sit for at least 2h (as Glass/Glass adhesion is critical) and use the proper mixing nozzle. I don't know how it affects optical performance for sure though but is is very, very clear. You can try and contact them, they usually have good advices to give.
  23. What about this : https://product.tdk.com/info/en/products/flash-storage/flash-storage/tdksmart.html Let me know your results, I never tested mine actually :D
  24. I got my tiffen ultra contrast 1 52mm for 50€ used on a facebook group. Very happy about it, saved me in some situations as my main camera (AF100) is not a DR monster :D
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