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  1. I saw the post yesterday on magic lantern's forum and was sure it was an april's fools. Now I have a bit of a doubt. I don't know if I should thank or hate you :D
  2. I think the lens turbo 2 (from Mitakon) is a better optical quality, but of course, you loose the electronic connections. There are some used metabones if you want the electrical connection but don't have the budget for a new one
  3. Or you can export using premiere CC which has Wraptor DCP included (I'm pretty sure you can export it with the trial version). I never managed to export DCP using resolve lite. Maybe it is locked from the free version, don't really know.
  4. Yay, already saw this teaser, and it is great Are you able to use the full zoom range of the 35-70 ? I will vignette with my current setup at the wide end of a 35-70. which only lets me a useable range of 45-70... I'm not sure that is going to be worth it :s
  5. I use mainly an Isco Ultrastar but I also have a Singer 16D and about to get an elmoscope
  6. Does anyone know a lens that fits the following requirements : Internal focusing (lens length doesn't change when zooming in/out) usable focal length of 40-80 approximately (What interest me is that I can start at 40~42mm -minimum focal length for my setup- and have a bit of zoom range) can be mounted on canon EOS mount (Nikon, Pentax, M42 or canon EOS mount as examples) cheap/affordable (sub $200) The goal is to have it on my anamorphic rig so that I can have the convenience of a zoom whilst being able to capture great anamorphic footage. Should be an interesting experiment for an cheap anamorphic zoom solution :D The only zooms I have all have at least one problem :s Most of the zooms I have are longer at shorter focal lengths but I'd like the front element to stay put against the anamorphic adapter Any ideas ? (I may be missing a simpler solution, but I am curious about this solution )
  7. Great, I think we just need to calculate the shipping price, and we're good to go I am located in France. I'll send an PM with my full adress
  8. great thank you Is paypal OK for you ?
  9. I'll take it You only have two posts on this forum. Any way I can have a better overview of your seller profile on the web ?
  10. I mean, even a BMPCC v2 with better screen and battery life would be OK to me It is already 1080p 10bit 4:2:2 and Raw Give me 2.5K for a bit of cropping in post and I'll give my money for sure (if it stays at $999)
  11. Too bad you won't ship outside UK, a friend of mine would have been interested :s
  12. Great information Thank you so much !
  13. the good thing about having video as a "(financially) second" occupation is that you don't have to work on "crappy" videos. You get to choose more according to your likings It is a kind of freedom very valuable to me, even if you get less available time than the other videomakers
  14. I have a full time job myself and make videos too. Don't worry, it is not impossible. You just have to be very organised and reserve moments for video. I reserve usually Saturday and two evenings on the week. Having another "occupation" forces you to be very efficient in the video work you're doing (and you are assured of having a paycheck). I'am not saying it is a great situation, but just wanted to encourage you and let you know that it is possible to mix jobs. (Plus you never know, they might need some video in you full-time job. Never say no to opportunities )
  15. Nice finding, the question is : will it cover S35/FF ? If so the price can be high yes ! If it only covers S16 not that many people will be interested. This does looks nice indeed, I curious to know if it is a rehousing a unique optical design. Can you try and take a picture with it ?
  16. OMG this is awesome :D Great and funny idea you had shooting it with toy cars Plus I'm a huge fan of synthwave so I couldn't be happier. Please share the full clip when it's out !
  17. Very interesting. I guess the color you got from the 5dmk3 was just worth it Because, DR, Resolution and Workflow seems better with the BMCC. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I am using the 50D, which has 11 stops of range (in low ISO). It is "enough" for most applications, but I would gladly have a couple stops more Did you try the Dual-ISO raw movie mode ? People claim you can get 13 stops of DR on the 5dmk3 with dual-iso.
  18. I would invert your list as Magic Lantern raw has nowhere near the dynamic range of Black Magic or Digital Bolex's cameras
  19. If I had the money, I would totally go with the Digital Bolex or the F3 (w/ 4:4:4 & slog). Just choose your sensor size and you're good to go !
  20. Get a front clamp and a diopter (+1 are easy to find and quite cheap)
  21. The only thing that is worth that X camera is the best for ML would be increased maximum write speeds (for ML raw). I don't see anything like that on the 77D. I'll be listening when canon announces a new DSLR with CFast support :D
  22. I may be the only one to think like this but to me, this looks very clean (at least once youtube compression is applied). This 3200 Iso looks better than any of my cameras does past 800 iso :D
  23. I think it is a thing which can be done. I'd like to try and hack one but I don't have a gimbal as I don't have use for them. If you get one open, I'll be interested to see what ICs are inside and see if we can override one
  24. Have you tried using linux ? Ubuntu should be able to access the card in read-only at least.
  25. Looks more like compression artifacts to me. Where you recording internally or externally ? It wouldn't surprise me if this happened using the internal recording as the bitrate is not that high.
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