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  1. I did clean my Sankor 16D when I got it. I bought it for cheap as the lenses were 'dirty' on the ebay pictures. What happened is that the coatings had gone bad. I was able to remove the coatings with acetone and put everything back together. I now have an uncoated sankor 16D, that I paid 60€ for Follow @Tito Ferradans 's video on aligning the Kowa B&H. The first steps for taking it appart are very similar
  2. Here is what I use : Fuji X-T1 : when I want to use legacy lenses with the awesome colors and ease of use only fuji knows how to do on a Digital Still camera Minolta XD7 : when I want to shoot film Plus I love the minolta Rokkor lenses. Canon 50D : when I want to shoot anamorphic video (thanks Magic lantern !) Panasonic AF100 : For everything else video related ! I am currently looking to buy a BMPCC, as I'd like a smaller video camera setup for everyday shoot.
  3. I use two adapter too to mount my M42 lenses on my m4/3 camera. I just use a MD to M43 Lens Turbo II and then a Dumb M42 to Minolta MD adapter. It allows to save a bit by only using one speedbooster
  4. That's weird as the pink dot issue has been resolved since April 2016 in MLVFS :s You should have better luck on magic lantern's forum
  5. You have to update MLVFS to the latest version for it to be able to remove the pink dots I'm using an old version myself on windows since I only use my 50D. But you have to upgrade if you want to use newer models. See : http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=13152.0 and https://bitbucket.org/dmilligan/mlvfs
  6. What software are you using for converting MLV files to DNGs ?
  7. I'd like to buy one myself and have been hunting for the rare bargain for months ! If you want to use 16mm/super16mm glass. There is not that many options : BMPCC, BMMCC or Bolex D16 !
  8. First issue : In raw setting -> Allow Global Draw -> On Second Issue : Update your MLV to DNG workflow in order to have the updates that can process images with the focussing pixels I don't think that's the way you should react to people not helping within 24 hours. Just my point of view :o
  9. That is true only if your are cropping to an ROI of 4096 x 2160 on the sensor. If you're using the full sensor and have to downsample, you're limited to 50 fps I think.
  10. I use Minolta MD to m4/3 Mitakon Lens Turbo II. So that I can use both Minolta MD and M42 lenses on my m4/3 mount camera. (You can find cheap adapters for M42 lenses to MD mount) EF is good too as you can adapt Nikon F, M42, Leica R and Pentax K to Canon EF mount (but no Minolta or Canon FD) I don't know much yet about Olympus OM and Canon FD as I just got some lenses in this mount last month. I'll update the topic if I come across something good)
  11. You are right. What I was trying to say is that as long as the end result is good. No one cares if it was done with manual focus or auto focus We all make mistakes, and improving on that is one of the best way to learn. (Btw, even without manual focus, as soon as you can at least lock focus, there is a lot you can do)
  12. I still use the pistol grip I got with my Krasnogorsk K-3 Camera. Love it !
  13. IMO, a good story and attention to detail is worth much more than the gear you're using Who cares if you use manual focus or not, or if you shoot 4k or not. Even using a flat profile has nothing to do. Go out and shoot, ask yourself and your coworkers the right questions and work together to record straight in camera the best image possible for the project you have. I shoot short movies and live events with a couple of cameras from 2008 (Canon EOS 50D) and 2010 (Panasonic AF100) with cheap russian lenses most of the time. So, you have to think and work more than the guys who have the latest gear, but the end result is what matters ! Like the guys from Film Riot say : Write, Shoot, Edit, Repeat
  14. Justin Bacle

    BMPCC 4K PL or EF

    Not all PL lenses can be adapted to EF from what I saw on th web :s But EF is more convenient for sure !
  15. You should start by @Tito Ferradans 's single focus shootout video for the best single focus comparison ever !
  16. Resolve is very good too with using MLV Raw footage
  17. I just got a PM from john letting me know to contact him using either his Facebook Page or the contact form as he as spam problems with his email account. You should try contacting him on facebook then
  18. Just get a FM lens module best of both worlds. Hardcore DNA's great. But limited availability is difficult to deal with.
  19. Looks like John is not answering to many people. I didn't get any answers since I got my hardcore dna, but it looks like he is still answering to some people. Based on his facebook post today, I'd say he's still in business but maybe not taking time to answer to customers :s
  20. Here are the serial numbers. I just learned the importance of the serial number for leica gear, so here is a matched set ! Leicaflex SL : 1239233 (1969-1970) Summicron-R 50/2 : 2381656 (1969) Elmarit-R 90/2.8 : 2443331 (1970) Elmarit-R 35/2.8 : 2620164 (1973)
  21. Just watched it, here are my first thoughts. It is good technically, pictures are sharp and well composed (even if quite common). The main thing lacking, is that this doesn't tell a story. Pretty images for sure, but it needs background and story. You need to tell something to keep your audience. Do you want to make them share your mood, the sensation felt at this place or a story that happened this day ? Edit the footage so that it has more sense as a short story. (I'm no expert in that by any mean, just sharing my thoughts.) I don't like the music and would have love something more instrumental, calm and overall relaxing (according to the images I saw). But that is mainly a matter of music tastes IMO. So, to sum up: Good technically, but lacking storytelling. This is my honest opinion and I'm sure others will give you different feedback. Keep up the good work PS : after seeing a second time, some shots do not match in terms of color warmth but not by much.
  22. You can also lower ISO by applying a ML iso reduction to have better highlight rolloff Usually -1/3 or -1/2 stop increases DR with ML so best iso is Canon ISO 100 - 1/2 ML Iso -> 50ISO
  23. I've been using old GPU until quite recently. I just got used to render using CPU. Yes you can use it, no problems (unless you're using Resolve, which needs a GPU). If you need a cheap card for two months, I'd recommend getting something like a Nvidia 660 or 670 (less than $100) . They work quite well with premiere/resolve as they have a decent version of cuda. It should be good while you wait for your new gpu, plus you'll have a spare one if something goes wrong.
  24. You can have nice 35mm f/2.8 lenses in M42 mount. Search for one with a small front glass, which is better for anamorphic adapters. Some of them are dirt cheap like this one. http://allphotolenses.com/lenses/item/c_3368.html I am using an unbranded one (35mm f/2.8 made in japan) which does wonders
  25. Think about the 50D. The thing didn't even have a video mode when it was released ! Now, it is a great option for anamorphic raw :D
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