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  1. The problem doesn't come from sensor size actually but more from pixel size. So you could make a great low light m4/3 sensor. But only at smaller native resolutions
  2. There is also the bitrate problem, let say you record in FullHD, AVCHD (24 Mbps). Using a 2x strech scope, you would end up cropping the sides to get a 2.4 aspect ratio which implies cropping 1/3 (approximately) of the image you get. Decreasing the overall bitrate in use. You then end up with a 16 Mbps 2.35:1 image to work in post, which doesn't really allow a proper grade. That is the reason why I don't use the anamorphic on my main camera (AF100). I may very well be wrong, but I'd like to be proven otherwise. Any thoughts on that ?
  3. I'd say both, it's great to have more vertical resolution, but having to crop less is more "storage efficient" to me. (with magic lantern being limited by the card write speeds, it's easier to achieve more vertical resolution in 3:2 or 4:3 than in 16:9 ) I actually shoot more in 3:2 with magic lantern as it allows slight movement in the shot in post if wanted, but 16:9 is just too much cropping to me.
  4. Or you can get a nice set of samyangs (12mm T/2.2, 21mm T/1.5, 50mm T/1.3) So you get a get a nice set of cine lenses
  5. 2048*1536 is actually closer to 3K. Would stretch nicely to 4k anamorphic. The bitrate and IQ is not great however from the very few reviews I've seen. I'd like to be wrong on that though
  6. I thought 60p needed to be recorder as a squished image with limited vertical resolution. I'll have to grab info
  7. What resolution are you using ? According to http://rawcalculator.bitballoon.com/calculator_desktop, you can get continuous recording on the 5d3 at 1776x1184 (3:2) in 14 bit. (1696x1130 3:2 for the 5d2) Are sandisk cards recommended ? I thought only the lexar and komputerbay are able to deal with the bit rate. Anyway, do a write speed test and see the resolution you can achieve according to that
  8. True, my AF100 is quite old, but as great in camera 60 fps slow motion (recorded to 24 fps, so you don't have to fiddle with speed on your editor of choice). The gh4 is 1080p 60 fps (and more) and is quite affordable now
  9. Still interested in buying a Rangefinder I would do €250 + shipping for a 72mm version (w/o marks) and €400 + shipping for a 77mm version (w/ marks - meters prefered but I won't mind the imperial one) I almost bought one of the remaining 72mm versions on B&H, but shipping + VAT to europe is just not worth it : $300 for the adapter + $40 shipping + $128 Tax -> $470 for a version w/o marks ... which is the used price for a version w/ marks :s)
  10. Man that is a great great deal you got there
  11. Were did you get a BMPCC at that price ? I'll buy one right now !
  12. Can we see some pics please ? I'd like to see how much fungus we're talking about.
  13. I have the same in VDSLR version and I have to say it is some great glass. Great price too
  14. Unless you want to frankestien the hell out of it and rewire the bmpcc's encoder and recording circuitery and magically get the cpu to still communicate with the encoder to control it .... NO
  15. 10 bit just isn't enough for raw as the data is encoded in linear space and not log space. You would get too much noise (see examples on ML forum). 12 bits looks the same than 14 bits though, so that's great
  16. Hi, would you sell it without the lens and focal reducer ? For what price ? I already have too many lenses and a focal reducer. I think the GH4 is a great tool between my AF100 and 50D. Allows me to shoot anamorphic, and has 10 bit 4:2:2, which is great for post production
  17. Justin Bacle

    To MFT or not

    Go MFT and use dead cheap old lenses with a speedbooster :D That is if you like vintage glass.
  18. I bought a 50D just for using it with magic lantern. I get full HD raw for €250 (using anamorphic). If you go with a 5d mk2, you get full HD raw (13+ stops DR with dual ISO) for ~€1000. Yes it is a hack, but you have to love what it gives you for the price. If you don't wanna go with blackmagic in a tight budget, this is the only way to get raw ! But as you said, the 5D mk4 is an expensive camera, and it doesn't offer much. I think the ML team should concentrate on the unfinished projects first (Dual ISO video for 7D/50D & 10-12bit raw for 5d mk2 / 50D). There is still some humph to get from these 5+ y-o cameras I wonder how the apertus project is going, if I remember correctlyctly, some developpers came from ML dev team.
  19. The number of BMPCC and BMMCC that have been sold show that some people are not onto the sensor size race too. Full frame is great, but I prefer S35 or S16 myself, depending on what you shoot, but the clients seem to only care about shallow depth of field :s
  20. Wah, these pictures are gorgious ! Can you explain the setup a bit ? DO you need macro rings or is the close-up ability only done with the diopters ?
  21. The Isco Ultra Star is equivalent to the Cinelux in terms of IQ and close up distance is 1.5 meters too. I don't know a thing about the Sankor Ultra HD though :s
  22. Sorry, I just began working with it, I don't know eveything about it (yet)
  23. If you use Resolve, you may wanna try to convert your F3 Slog footage to ACES and then you can convert to whatever you want. (Not sure there is a specific F3->ACES profile but I can check if you want when I get home)
  24. That's a very good point. I didn't have that problem as I mainly use it with lenses that have a lot of, let's say, vintageness :D Too bad there isn't a Nikon Lens to Minolta MD mount adapter, as you could use only one Focal reducer and not get to buy two of them :s
  25. I can reccomend you the Mitakon Lens Turbo II, MD to m43. I have one and it is great for the price ! It is only $150 and 80% of the speedbooster performance
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