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  1. Could you both please send me a raw picture out of the camera please? Then I will do that for you guys
  2. Hey guys, Actually I lost already hope that anyone would find this useful. Anyway, someone on here approached me to do the same with the A7S II and the RX1R II, so I did - I even did one for the FUJI X100T: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5ncxuh7ubxn7xxp/AAB3UB-dQWHpZGn5zidV9OF8a?dl=0 I hope there are more out there who actually sees the potential of that. Best, Calvin
  3. Never heard of loading DCP files onto cameras. I am not sure to be honest. But frankly it would make sense, to overcome the starting iso at pp7 and so on.
  4. I attached an example taken with the A7R2. OutofCam, then VisionLog, then VisionLog+M31LUT.
  5. Hey guys, I recently moved from my Canon (EOS 5D MKII) to Sony (A7R2), and I got quite upset, that I could not use the VisionLOG profiles on my RAW files in ACR/Lightroom anymore to grade my stills in Photoshop by using LUTs. I couldn't find a alternative on Google - so I found a way to modify the original VisionLOG files to go with the SONY A7RII. I'd happy to share that with you guys: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gul128sjkqozc0/VisionLOG_A7RII.dcp?dl=0 I am very curious how many people there are who were waiting for that. I can't be the only one who grades stills via LUTs.
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