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  1. That's nice. Although I still don't think the rest of the universe will understand what you are "solving".... Global Warming is an example of something you "solve"; someone quoting a blog post you linked to and commenting on it... Not really.
  2. I certainly read the entire review. No, I don't think that quoting the entire review(!!!) here is necessary to discuss it. And if I am going to comment on it, then quoting the part I am commenting is - well, it's how the entire Internet works. It's fairer and less error prone than paraphrasing you. And if you think that your blog posts should only be referred to and never commented on... that's just weird. I suppose you could add "Please NEVER quote or discuss the posts I make here!!!" in huge letters at the top and bottom of your blog if you really feel that way.
  3. So the condensed version would be - correct me if I'm wrong and thanks for a valuable review - this - The list of shortcomings can seem daunting. If initiating recording while looking through the EVF, the LCD turns off, and vice versa. There are no histogram or zebras in movie mode. (The histogram has been enabled and EVF functionality has been addressed in a firmware update). When using the battery grip, the camera will stop recording when one of the batteries dies. The camera remote app won’t capture 4K, only 720p. Battery life is abysmal. There is no articulating LCD screen. Log must b
  4. meanwhile

    GH1/GH2 Hack

    You certainly shouldn't use them as a chest or shoulder rig - they're not designed for stresses in that direction - and why even bother? Buy a cheap L shaped flash bracket and glue or tape end to a piece of wood to make a butt plate - or stick in polymorph like I did. Put an arca clamp or ballhead at the other end - or just join it to the camera with a tripod screw. If you need a longer support, add a straight flash bracket. (If this description doesn't make sense, bother me and I'll post an image.) Using something designed to bend as a rigid support - not good engineering! Otoh, if
  5. No, you didn't give more details. Not the specific ones asked for. You said that you were using "an sd card" but I think everyone already knew that. What sd card are using? Is it a U3 one? What brand and model? ...The evidence does seem to be that people have had this problem when storage media haven't quite been able to keep up and that for some reason this shows more in pans. Did you read the thread Robino provided the link to?
  6. It really would help people help you if you give more details. - Does this happen only in 4K or HD as well? - What card are you using? - What lenses - How fast are you panning - Are lens IS or E-IS on?
  7. There seem to be at least two types of these new c-mount APSC lenses- - The mis-labelled f1.4 lenses that are usually with a warning they are really f2.8. I think these are 6 element - The ringed lens f1.8 lenses. I've seen green rings and blue rings. If ebay ads can be relied on, the blues have a 12 section iris compared to probably some lesser number in the green. These are 8 element. Some sub-versions seem t be able to focus very close. Versions with permanent Sony and Fuji mounts seem to exist.
  8. Re. the G85 - have you updated the firmware? https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/panasonic-confirms-g85-glitch/
  9. I'll shoot a pan if I manage to get out today (I'm getting over flu and there's a thing called rain in the NW UK a lot of the time.) You would also try this ...What firmware are running? Also, are the lens you are using stabilized, and how fast are your pans? How long does it take you to go through eg 45 degrees? What resolution are you shooting in?
  10. Yes, but otoh you didn't have the benefits of IBIS either. I found that it took me 2 or 3 minutes to learn how to end a pan smoothly with IBIS on. Or you could switch IBIS off for when you have to pan.
  11. Seemed ok once I started decelerating gradually to end a pan - maybe over half a second - rather rather coming to a hard stop. And turning on e-stabilization helps.
  12. And, again for anyone finding this thread in the future, probably the sanest option if you do want manual focus while experimenting with video is something like this C-mount lens These lenses are designed to cover a APSC sensor, so m43 is no problem. One of these, a vintage 50mm, and a use copy of one of the better wide angle converters will give the full frame equivalent of 35, 50 and 100mm for the less than the cost of a lens Turbo. More - https://medium.com/@adam.zivner/review-of-zonlai-25mm-f-1-8-e4ccbac76a1 There also seem to be options for using c-mount lens for
  13. Well, firstly the guy was saying - as far as he was capable of saying anything coherently - that modern lenses trade "pop" for resolution. Which would seem to be the opposite of your experience of the Sigmas. Secondly, that's just one modern lens design. Different makers go for different looks. Just as vintage Zeiss and Leica didn't look the same.
  14. All I can say is stop being stew-pid, u more-on. People with aspergers know perfectly well that you are referring to them when you say "ass burger" and that you are using the comparison in a derogatory way. Excusing yourself by saying that other people should have more of a sense of humour so that can you insult them is, frankly, pathetic. These are people who are more intelligent and much less ass-like than you are showing yourself to be, but who still have more than share of problems. ....So I suggest that you take a big dose of grow-up pills and stop making other people more miser
  15. If you use an insulting term for people who are neurologically divergent as a general insult, then you're not in a great position to criticize. This is no different from using racist or homophobic language.
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