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  1. Does the Sigma 70-200mm cover the 4:3 sensor at all zoom ranges? Are you using it in Eos mount with a smart adapter? Is the autofocus o.k? Thanks!
  2. Does the Sigma 70-200mm cover the 4:3 sensor at all zoom ranges? Are you using it in Eos mount with a smart adapter? Is the autofocus o.k? Thanks! 🙂
  3. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated! When Melbourne gets out of lockdown, I will look at renting a A7S and see how much better the results are... :)
  4. Hi, I have a stills project where I am shooting in extreme low light and I intend to hook the camera up to an external monitor, due to the awkward positioning of it. Was just wondering what camera you guys would suggest for getting the best image on the rear LCD (which then feeds to the external monitor). I currently have a Fuji GFX 50S and this struggles a little bit for this purpose. Even when I crank the ISO or the shutter speed to get an image, it is sort of flickery and extremely hard to manual focus. I have heard the Sony A7S series lets people see more than they can with the naked eye. Would this be the way to go? It is only 12 mpx which might be an issue, is there something that gives similar results but in a higher mpx count? It is mainly about focusing and viewing, obviously I can use a slower shutter speed when actually capturing the image. Thanks so much in advance, look forward to hearing any suggestions..
  5. Amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out! Much appreciated!
  6. Awesome! Thanks so much for chiming in! The reason for the query was that I was hoping to attach one to a large format lens for use on a custom camera I am (attempting) to build, in an attempt to reduce bellows draw... https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/38127-zev-hoover-8-x-10-camera-variable-diopter-work-with-it/ Do you think this might possibly work on a "fixed" lens, like my Goerz Daor 305mm? Also, the reason for the question regarding whether "fixed" diopters affect focal length is in the table listed below... http://www.subclub.org/fujinon/close-up.htm To me, if those values are true, then that would affect the focal length enough to change what I am trying to achieve.... Am hoping that I can attach a "single focus attachment" to the lens and get focus from infinity to 1 metre without having to draw the bellows out too much (and still retain movements). Possible? Thanks again!
  7. Hi Ken, Thanks for the response and very interesting looking modification When using a "fixed" diopter, like my Tokina 0.4, this does change the focal length right? Any idea what the maths is?
  8. Wondering if the various single focus solutions (Rectilux/Rapido) change the focal length of the lens at all? When using "fixed" diopters, they do change the focal length of a lens right? If I was using a 50mm taking lens with a Tokina 0.4 Diopter, what would that effectively become? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Nope, not for use with anamorphics at this stage (although I have thought of it). My question mainly relates to whether using a variable diopter on my large format lens, will enable me to have the bellows drawn out less for when shooting close up portraits. Yes, I saw the E-Cyclops videos before they were taken down. I have tried a similar method of filming off the GG but in my opinion, Zev Hoover's approach is better, just purely based on the fact that he is able to hand hold it
  10. Caleb, thanks so much for the reply, is greatly appreciated! Was thinking the Rapido FVD-16A as it was more in my price range but the 35A might be out unfortunately... Will try my Tokina 0.4 diopter, as am largely looking to use it for stills... With any of these variable diopters, can you attach a fixed diopter to get even closer? Any issues doing that? Thanks again!
  11. Hi, Maybe not exactly the right forum but am hoping somebody might be able to help me I am currently building a similar camera to the one Zev Hoover did in this article... I am mainly looking to use it for stills but similar concept.. https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/01/03/this-18-year-old-photographer-built-his-own-8x10-large-format-video-camera/ Am having trouble getting the bellows to extend far enough out for C/U portraits, as the lens' light rays end up hitting other parts of the camera and cause vignetting. Am wondering if using one of the variable diopters (Hardcore DNA or Rapido) would help with this? I currently have a Goerz Dagor 305mm f6.8 which projects a massive image circle (covers 11 x 14 inches). Any idea if it would work on front of my Goerz Dagor and reduce bellows draw? If so, what drawbacks could I expect? I would be looking to use movements as well (tilt and swing), so not sure if these would be an issue. I also have a Tokina 0.4 Achromat, would this work in helping me to get closer without extending bellows? Thanks in advance!
  12. Fantastic! Thanks so much! If I am largely using it to shoot stills ( I have a Fuji GFX) will I be able to see the whole 4:3 frame? This would also apply to M43's cameras like the GH5? Thanks again!
  13. Hi, I was really hoping that somebody can help me out and provide details of an external monitor that can flip the image both vertically and horizontally? I need to take an image of a projection from an old large format lens which is back to front and upside down... Similar to this project mentioned here... https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/01/03/this-18-year-old-photographer-built-his-own-8x10-large-format-video-camera/ In it, he mentions the Feelworld FW759 monitor and in the specs they do mention what looks like such a feature ( Image Flip (H, V, H/V) ) but when I rang an Australian reseller, they told me it was unable to do this.. http://www.feelworld.cn/ShowInfo.aspx?id=308&py=7-IPS-Ultra Also, as I would largely be using it for stills, I would prefer something that enabled me to crop the image to something closer to a 5:4 ratio.. My current camera is a Fuji GFX which has a native 4:3 sensor, is there a monitor that enables me to see exactly what would be on the rear LCD of the camera? Apologies if any of this is ridiculously basic, is a pretty new area to me. Thanks so much in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. Andrew, Great article and brings up some of the interesting options the GFX is capable of. For me personally, just being able to "view" the EVF in my preferred option of 6:7 and 5:4 was enough for the purchase Something i have been wishing that Sony would do for years! I hate the 3:2 ratio... You mention that the Sigma 24-35mm f2 covers but this directly contrasts what Jonas Rask (who you reference at the start of the post) mentions in his article. He states that it has a hard vignette at 24mm. " I don’t want to say much about the individual lenses that I tested, only that they all covered the sensor apart from the Sigma 24-35 zoom, that gave hard vignetting at 24mm." Have you done any further testing with this lens? Does it cover at 24mm at infinity or did you just test things close up? Would be a great lens to compliment the Fuji 32-64mm if it did actually cover.. Thanks in advance, would love to know some more.
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