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  1. hi Justin, some video grabs, re-did the lego shot to show difference. One thing that is hard to get used to is i always need to be 1.5m away otherwise i cant focus. Also on my camera, when zoomed in to crop the lens barrel i think the camera becomes F4, so panning is worse than if i use f2.8 (zoomed out, without lens). Might be different if i film outdoors on a bright day. is there something i can put between my camera lens and anamorphic lens that will give me x3-x4 zoom, so i can use my have my camera set to its lowest f2.8? or do3s it not work like that? The adaptor was actually made on a lathe out of some left over block of plastic that my friend used for building engine bushings. It has a very nice texture and feel. No screws, just a tight fit.
  2. Thanks all, my friend made me a mount out of a solid plastic, with my zoom almost all the way the 2 lens are 2mm away from each other. Also, in post, i resize the 1280x720p footage to 1920x550 and it looks awesome.
  3. i cant get that bit to budge looking in side it seems to be on a normal thread but some how stuck.interestingly, with my camera zoomed in enough to remove the lens barrel it actually sticks out of my camera lens adapter by around 6mm and the distance from the isco glass to the edge of the lens is 20mm, so yes there is a (safe) gap. Any tips on how do remove it?
  4. Hi Justin, here is some footage, one from some graded video i did and the other is a squashed photo when fully zoomed out of (almost) the same shot, the other is a photo of my camera (with lens adapter) and my ultra-star. I haven't built a proper mount for it yet so am using two hands and the lens wasn't straight or properly focused. I have to say i really like the look this lens gives me. My friend tells me that i can add a telephoto lens adapter for my camera. What do you think?
  5. Hi All, I am new to this and i do not know the correct words for a lot of this. My camera is a Canon g12 with a x5 zoom and i have an Isco 70mm ultrastar. when i put my camera behind it, half my image is of the inside of my lens. If i zoom in to about x4 (camera says 20cm) i no longer see the lens barrel but now my shot is too narrow and my camera automaticly jumps from f2.8 to f4 because i've zoomed in. Any tips/tricks to improve this? Cheers
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