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  1. If I could go 4:3 I would but I'm not worried about the final aspect ratio. If I had a gh4 or gh5 I would love to use that for anamorphic but I'm limited to the T3i. I would just like to know about any wider adapters. Some say 35mm but they aren't 35mm. So that's the dilemma. Also if I crop to 4:3 in post, I lose detail so that's why I'm shooting in 16:9
  2. I'm sporting a T3i and I have a NAP2-3m. That adapter only covers ~80mm FF equivalent without vignetting from a 16:9 ratio. Does anyone know of shorter focal length 2x adapters that can cover 50mm FF equivalent without vignetting, or possibly shorter? I want to be able to shoot wider for some shots.
  3. What are these 2 circular lenses and how will they be used with your verbascope to enhance the focus?
  4. So how can I make this? I have the 2-3m but I don't know where to find the parts to make this into a full system? Your custom system looks very polished and secure. Any advice would help, thanks!
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