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    Philip bloom just posted this. New BM 4k pocket cam
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    Not my Pic From BMCUser Perhaps Fusion 15 will be like Flame all in one editing CC Audio mastering VFX Package hope my Version 13 dongle still good.
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    I've done some tests today. The camera was set to UHD, 25p, Gamma DR, -5 contrast, -7 sharpness, 16-235, sRGB. I compared different ISOs with and without RGB set to max (1.99). 
    So what I found out:
    All RGB channels at 1.99 increase exposure by 1 stop (or very, very close to it);
    Therefore ISO 1600 with RGB at 1.99, is the same exposure as ISO 3200 with RGB at 1;
    It positively affects the inbuilt noise reduction. Seems like the NR really is triggered by ISO value and not the actual sensor gain;
    It doesn't have any visible gains in highlights.
    Here's the test. The password is - rgb .
    Here you can download the edited test file, if you would like to take a closer look - https://failiem.lv/u/xvgh44ks
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    Juxx989 reacted to Matthew Hartman in Samsung NX2 camera release!?   
    According to foreign media reports, it is reported that Samsung will launch an NX2 anti-retro camera. Although it was said that it would withdraw from the camera field, it actually stopped sales in Europe and the United States, and this camera is only sold in South Korea. Although Samsung closed the camera division and handed everything to the mobile phone division, the non-reverse camera will be equipped with an Exynos 9810 processor. Yes, you read it correctly. This is the same model used on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones. It allows Samsung NX2 to support 4K video in 120 frames and H.265 encoding format.

    The form factor is...hmmm. And that OS looks like an older version of Android. And apps? 
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    Juxx989 reacted to brianwahl in Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?   
    Here's a bit of a review after using the X-H1 for about two weeks, both in a hobbyist/family setting and in my more professional workflow (video production is part of what I do for a living). As a caveat, I wouldn't consider myself a pro video guy, though. I'm a hobbyist who turned video into part of my full-time income. I started a company called 'Worship Tutorials', and a youtube channel is a big part of it - I do a lot of video work (probably 3-6 uploads a week to YouTube), so while I'm not doing work for clients, and I don't have a pro background, video quality is important to me. I also realize that the limitations I encounter are almost purely coming from me, not the gear.
    I've been using Sony bodies for about the past 2 years. Before that, I used Blackmagic stuff - Studio 4k bodies, and then an Ursa Mini 4.6k. That was overkill. My church used to use those, and I loved what they could do, but the workflow for me (working on my own pushing out that many videos) just wasn't good. So I sold all of it and jumped to Sony. First with an a7S ii, then the a7R ii (as a 2nd body), then I sold both of those and went with an a9 + a6500. The colors on the a9 are far, far better than the previous gen. a7 stuff.
    My frustration with Sony is color. And it's a huge deal to me - I believe color is one of the primary emotional pieces of video. And I hate the way Sony handles color. I do realize, though, that the IQ is there - plenty of people create beautiful work with Sony a7-series bodies, and I finally got good enough in post to make stuff that I thought looked great. But it's always a struggle for me - I feel like I'm always fighting for the colors I want. Then I started reading about the X-T2.
    So I rented (and then purchased) an X-T2, and honestly I loved it. I loved the handling, the physical controls, and especially the colors. Even still images in Lightroom were easier to get what I wanted (with the Sony raw images, I still felt like I was forever fiddling to get the colors I wanted). In video the image was just more pleasing to me. But it lacked things I really wanted - 120p slow motion, IBIS, smooth gradients from different light sources when ISO was set to auto, better auto-focus, etc. The Sony system was just better spec'd. Plus by this time I had invested in the 24-70 G-Master and the 70-200 G-Master lenses from Sony. These lenses are incredibly good. I returned the Fuji, but I've missed it.
    So another year of fighting with Sony footage, and then X-H1 is released. Again I rented one, and now I've purchased one (along with the 16-55 f/2.8). Several of the key features I wanted have been implemented - IBIS, high frame rate, etc. But to me, again, the killer feature is color, and with the introduction of Eterna, Fuji's color superiority is even better.
    Pros/Cons - Fuji vs Sony
    Over the past two weeks, I've shot a lot of video and stills side-by-side with my a9. Here are a list of thoughts...
    Auto-focus: The a9 (and presumably the a7 iii) is better with AF. Much better. But honestly the Fuji isn't bad, and it's good enough for what I do. This may be a make/break feature for some, though. High frame rate recording: Sony is better here again - the 120 and 60p footage is cleaner. But I've shot a lot of it with the X-H1, and it's certainly not bad. If you avoid things that you know are going to give you aliasing and moire problems, you'll be fine. For me, it will work. Dynamic range: Again, the nod goes to Sony, but it's very close. Especially if you use the 200 and 400% settings on the X-H1. Low Light: Sony wins here. Full frame, plus their magic with high ISO is hard to beat - honestly does anybody beat them? The X-H1 is acceptable, though. Honestly at 10,000 ISO it's a pretty useable image. We are spoiled with ISO performance. Five years ago (and especially 10 years ago), ISO 3200 was the top you could go, and many cameras looked like crap there. IBIS: Fuji is better in my opinion. Handling/ergonomics: I like the Fuji better - a lot. One thing I do like about the Sony cameras is the ability to set up custom presets for 4k 24p, 60p, and 120p (that's how I set mine up, anyway), and be able to instantly recall shutter speed, frame rate, and aperture in one move. On the X-H1, it's a 3 step process, although it's very fast after some practice. Lenses: Tie (but not if you consider how much they cost). The G-Master lenses I have are awesome. But they are very expensive, and big/heavy. Fuji lenses are very good and very affordable. And finally, the most important things - for me, personally...
    Image Quality: Fuji, by a lot. Now I agree with Tony Northrup's assessment of the 2x IQ thing, regarding stops. I get that technically, the Sony sensor is able to resolve more light, etc. I get that I can shoot at lower ISO's with the Sony, so from a noise-perspective it's cleaner. But when I look at footage shot side-by-side from both cameras, I pick the Fuji every single time. Especially when shooting with Eterna. It's not even close. Workflow: Fuji wins. Because the image is so much better out of the camera - for my tastes - the workflow is much faster. And at the rate that I make videos for my business (as well as candid home videos of family, etc), it makes an enormous difference for me. Even things like render times are way faster, because I'm doing much less manipulation to the image. Emotional impact: Fuji wins. I love using the Fuji system more. Because of my experience with the X-T2, I think I can say it's not a honeymoon thing, too. Although the a9 is a ridiculously awesome camera to use. I really do love it. The other emotional impact thing is the image quality - and I think the fuji wins here, too - because of color. Final thoughts
    The 'best camera' doesn't exist. Some are better technically than others, some produce a certain look that users may or may not want. Some lack features or have an abundance of features, but honestly the quality of work that is produced is going to lie with the person creating the work. These days cameras are so good that I don't think it matters what brand or model you use.
    The Sony stuff (especially the current gen stuff like the a9, a7R iii, a7 iii) is better on paper than the X-H1. There's no question. Is it better in actual use? Depends on who's using it. Personally, I think I could create the same quality work with either system, but I'm convinced the X-H1 will get me to the end goal faster. For you, it may be the other way around.
    Finally, I think the internet can be a toxic place for people who are looking to buy gear. People come into these discussion with biases, or they are far more concerned with spec's on paper than anything else. Personally, I'm actually kind of upset at myself for even considering switching from my Sony gear to Fuji - at some point I/we just need to ignore all the hype with new stuff and just make content - and get better at using the gear we have.
    Having said that, I'm probably going to sell all my Sony stuff and invest in Fuji.
    Sample Work
    Here's a video I just produced using the X-H1. I did about 6 takes of this song from different angles (which is why I need at least two cameras for what I do - three would be better). Edited/graded in Resolve. I shot it in Eterna, and honestly I did very little to the image. Just a tweak with white balance and contrast/saturation to taste. With my Sony cameras, this would have required 4-5 nodes using a LUT, color manipulation to lows/mids/highs, skin tone isolation/correction, etc.
    Here's a very similar project using the Sony a9 and the a6500 together: It's a bit different look, and I like it. But it took a lot to get there.
    Here's a video I shot with the X-H1 - again using Eterna, and graded in Resolve:
    And another with the a9, also graded in Resolve:
    Sorry for the massively long post. I know there are lots of people reading here probably trying to decide between the X-H1 and the a7iii. I'm one of them, so hopefully my experience can help you make that decision.
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    Juxx989 reacted to kinoseed in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    ... wow.. it's been so long
    I really have to catch up with what you are talking about (thanks for the tag by the way).
    as far as I recall the "hacks" so far were mostly additional software/scripts which were exploiting some of the camera capabilities which were underutilized.
    (that is, with the exception of bitrate change, and messing with which capture size get packed into which preset video encoding)

    When it comes to capturing "raw" video, I would say "highly doubtful", as dumping the sensor data (most probably) won't be computationally feasible, and there was no API for dumping raw frames (and digging in the firmware to get that was out of the question).

    But hey, even if it's an early April fools day joke, no need for negative energy

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    Juxx989 reacted to AaronChicago in Great learning opportunity   
    Nicolas Winding Refn (love him or hate him) has a live Facebook camera on his production of Too Old To Die Young. Each video is about 45 minutes of unedited BTS.
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    Juxx989 reacted to Andrew Reid in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Stop teasing us and show us the money.
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    Juxx989 reacted to lucabutera in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    An anti-moire filter can be mounted to reduce excessive sharpness and artifacts.

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    Juxx989 reacted to BTM_Pix in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    @Juxx989 wrote......
    We NX-1 Allstars together again.  @vasile @lucabutera @kinoseed @Otto K all have experience and serious knowledge of this gear. Some have not been here for months but I bet they could be coaxed back with something exciting as this.
    @Arikhan Would be be the Lebron James of the NX-1 community 
    @Matthew Hartman would be the coach.   
    @Andrew Reid would be the owner... perhaps ive gone too far with this.
    @Juxx989 is really good at dreaming about possibilities with no tangible skills (people or technical)  
    Lets GOOO!
    And you never know, if @Arikhan continues to uncover more things about this camera you may be able to call yourselves The Harlem Globalshutters
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from Matthew Hartman in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    We NX-1 Allstars together again.  @vasile @lucabutera @kinoseed @Otto K all have experience and serious knowledge of this gear. Some have not been here for months but I bet they could be coaxed back with something exciting as this.
    @Arikhan Would be be the Lebron James of the NX-1 community 
    @Matthew Hartman would be the coach.   
    @Andrew Reid would be the owner... perhaps ive gone too far with this.
    @Juxx989 is really good at dreaming about possibilities with no tangible skills (people or technical)  
    Lets GOOO!
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    Juxx989 reacted to anonim in NAB 2018 blackmagic expectations   
    Implementation of Fusion tab into Resolve for back and forth composing without rendering... and finally leave Flame family  behind (and Adobe also)
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    Juxx989 reacted to Andrew Reid in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Great work sir.
    Will you be sharing the raw files themselves soon?
    And these are uncompressed?!
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    Juxx989 reacted to IronFilm in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Conspiracy theory alert:

    Arikhan started this rumor purely because he has a heap of NX1 bodies he wants to offload on eBay at the highest prices possible! ;-) 
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    Juxx989 reacted to Matthew Hartman in NX2 rumors   
    I don't share my views to negate other's. I simply offer up another in road to a consciousness much bigger than mine. 
    Yes, in the physical material sense, absolutely. Even introverts like myself desire physical companishionship on some level, albiet maybe less than others. And terms of practicality, we live within an ecosystem. Granted.  
    But more metaphorically, to know your true nature you need nothing but being aware of your own thoughts and sensations. If you can sit, breath and watch your thoughts eb without  judgement or labeling you will understand "who" you truly are, which has very little to do with self, let alone other selves. 
    In my younger years I sat and meditated for 10 days straight. Obviously with breaks to eat, sleep, etc. I spoke with no one else the entire time. It was just me, my breath and my thoughts. I learned so, so much, which stays with me some 15 years later. I reccomend it. 
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    Juxx989 reacted to Matthew Hartman in NX2 rumors   
    Codependency is unhealthy. It states, I cannot survive in any capacity without another person, which is clearly a self delusion.
    The only time codependency is healthy is a parent/young child dynamic. But even here, the goal is to ween towards independence. 
    What you're talking about is interdependency, not codependency. Interdependency is when you are in a relationship that enhances your existence, yet does not define it. It doesnt become your core identity but you fully acknowledge and accept this role in your life. You are a willing participant rather than a victim of it's trappings. This is where unconditional love exists, and is very rare in romantic relations. 
    Sadly, 99% of "love" relationships are codependent in structure and expectation. And though some people are complicit and mutual in that illusion of true love, (known as taken for a ride) it doesn't take much for the relationship to crumble when someone changes the priorities around, hence the astronomical divorce rates. Marriage, as most of is know it, is merely a contract of self and exclusive interest. For the state it's even more nafarious.
    The truth is you don't NEED anyone else but yourself to survive on any level unless you're a young child. But you can desire to be in the company and companionship of others as a matter of conscious choice, if that makes sense? 
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    I would say 4k raw would definitely double the horsepower of the nx1 for my purposes, as long as the workflow isn't entirely unreasonable.
    The difference in quality can be experienced by shooting a timelapse with raw photos and comparing that to a hyperlapse shot in h265. The color depth and malleability just doesn't compare.
    I'm not throwing shade at the nx1's video quality (i still use it regularly after all), I'm just saying usable 4k raw video would put the camera in another league altogether.
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    Juxx989 reacted to Marco Tecno in NX2 rumors   
    I think I'm one of the 'oldest' nx supporters on this forum. I bought nx100 back in late 2011 and since then I bought nx200, 300 and finally nx1 in feb 2015. So it's just been 3 years that I've been using nx1. I love it and along with s lenses it's really powerful. 
    The news about dng recording is simply great. I followed the hacking scene from day 0 and this would be a tremendous achievement for a system which is proving to be the longest lasting reigning apsc on the market as far as I'm concerned. Kudos to you if you can make this public. 
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    subbed. Just picked up some gear too so this would be sweet.

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    Juxx989 reacted to Matthew Hartman in NX2 rumors   
    My guess is it's doing 8/10 bits. But even with 8bit RAW, the image should be much more malleable in post and recover shadows and highlights better, you control the amount of denoising and don't have to worry about nailing perfect WB or using log. All this is very welcome over H.265 imo. 
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    Juxx989 reacted to BTM_Pix in NX2 rumors   
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