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    Rinad Amir got a reaction from Vision in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    That 50mm bro!
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    Rinad Amir reacted to Vision in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    I just bought my first fullframe toy😁
    Now i need That piss a shit Vlog card!!!

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    Rinad Amir reacted to Vision in GH6 MONSTER Sensor Rumour by Adroidlad   
    The era of Raw is around the corner, now that Nikon is implementing it others should follow
    I know this has been said before but id rather more DR than pixels  
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    Rinad Amir reacted to kye in wide angle lens for my gx80   
    I agree.  It's the only lens still on my wishlist!!
    Not because it has great bokeh, but because it works in lower light situations (more of blue hour and into the night with city lights and cityscapes).  Generally if I'm shooting wide I'm doing it because I want a grand scene, not as a vlog or anything.  I do film myself, but more as B-roll and I've found an action camera is better for those shots as they're about me in the place rather than putting the focus on only me.  Plus it's easier to hold up an action camera than a GH5 and big MF lens (it's also way less embarrassing too!)
    This are the shots I'm interested in:

    @jake all the above are the 8mm SLR Magic.
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    Rinad Amir reacted to Trankilstef in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    Prores Raw announced!! That was quick. 
    Not so cool for Z6 owners though as the upgrade is free here 😂
    OK this is without a doubt my next camera. I'm going to sell my A7III, keep my Ninja V and voilà! 
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    Rinad Amir reacted to newfoundmass in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    I don't understand how specs can be disappointing when there isn't a major camera company doing what the S1H can do in this price range?
    It's fine if it's not for you, but to act like this isn't a major release that raises the bar is just crazy. 
    Every other company will have to match or beat the Panasonic. 
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    Rinad Amir reacted to currensheldon in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    In the Panasonic presentation, the presenter says it around 8:52. Newsshooter also reported the same thing. 
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    Rinad Amir got a reaction from Jimmy G in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    Yeh id love if it is 4k60p 10bit internal , i can ditch atomos and just have Ronin S less hasle to carry with me 
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    Rinad Amir reacted to kaylee in How To Have Quality Video on a Cheap Camera   
    u kno what you need to be a great filmmaker?
    a fookin pencil ✏️ draw some storyboards, get to work
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    Rinad Amir reacted to FelixC in RED respond to Apple in compressed RAW patent battle   
    There are many RED haters out there but RED was innovative and did push the industry to make filmmaking more affordable.
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    Rinad Amir got a reaction from Vision in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    Any release date for S1H? Dien to get S1 tho 
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    Rinad Amir reacted to kye in 6K RAW is over-rated. Here's why...   
    I suggest you carefully read my post again - many of your points are arguments against points I didn't make, but you obviously thought that I did.
    Also, I'm aware that GH5 files aren't 6K RAW, but the logic you're failing to recognise is that a 4K crop is to 6K the same that a 150% crop of 4K is to straight 4K.  The argument goes that if you're outputting 4K and are going to crop in by 150% then you need 6K, but what the logic fails to recognise is that you can scale 4K by the same amount and if you add a small amount of sharpening then it's practically indistinguishable from the straight 4K file.  Therefore the argument that 6K is required for reframing and keeping similar image quality doesn't really stack up.
    It's funny when discussing things like this - you and @thephoenix both went to the extreme and then criticised that.  That is called a 'straw-man' argument, and although neither of you did it explicitly, you both reacted like I had said things I didn't actually say.
    Let's examine the title of this thread and break it down: "6K RAW is over-rated. Here's why..."  
    6K RAW
    I'm not really talking about compressed 6K.  If you're delivering 4K it will likely be compressed.  If you're shooting compressed 4K then grading it and then re-compressing it to deliver codec then that's a lot of damage to the image.  If you're shooting 4K RAW then you're already miles ahead of compressed 4K.  6K RAW is miles ahead of that and yet apparently it's "argue on the internet" levels of critical, despite that 4K RAW is already miles above the compressed 4K files that the world is awash in. overrated
    This is a key point - I'm not saying it's useless, I'm saying that it's overrated.  To break this down further, I'm saying that there's a rating of some kind (in the direction of shiny-thing mania), and that that level of rating is above what rating it should have.  Not that it should be zero, just that it should be below what is has. Here's why
    This is where the arguments live, and I don't mean people fighting, I mean rational points designed to explore and explain thinking. In terms of context, yes, it depends on what you're shooting and what it's for, but if I was a betting man I'd bet a serious amount of money that you're not delivering anything in 6K and couldn't tell a 2.5K crop upscaled to 4K from a 4K source in a blind test.  
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    Rinad Amir reacted to Mako Sports in 2019, exciting video gear and 4K60 for all   
    Not to mention it wasn't full frame it was APSH iirc
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    Rinad Amir reacted to Video Hummus in 2019, exciting video gear and 4K60 for all   
    I’m a MFT fan but I can only see the GH6 being successful if it really pushes the envelope for what we expect in a hybrid mirrorless of its size, like the GH5 did for its time.
    In my opinion it has to have:
    A built in ND function of some kind, wether on sensor, or in place of mechanical shutter (with a global shutter to take its place).
    First to offer 4K 120p in a hybrid mirrorless. At least 6K or better a 8K open gate mode.
    RAW or a very beefy HEVC codec of some kind with 10bit in all shooting modes.
    Next generation IBIS + EIS that offers benefits over the already excellent G9 and GH5.
    At least 14 stops dynamic range with full VLog and some kind of extended HDR shooting mode.
    Vastly improved AF wether PDAF or next gen DFD (the S1 is way better than I thought).
    I think anything less and people will ignore it because of the maligned sensor size 😐
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    Rinad Amir reacted to Geoff CB in 2019, exciting video gear and 4K60 for all   
    If they can fit in the E-mount of the FS5 they can fit it into a compact body.
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    Rinad Amir reacted to IronFilm in 2019, exciting video gear and 4K60 for all   
    And 5 minute time limit, with screen blackout during it. 

    Only YEARS after Panasonic did with their GH5. 

    Bet the Panasonic GH6 will crush it when it gets released next year. To reign dominant again like the GH5 has for the next couple of years. 
    a) C Mount can't be put on a 90D's EF Mount
    b) DPAF doesn't work with a C Mount lens
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    Rinad Amir reacted to kye in 6K RAW is over-rated. Here's why...   
    This isn't click-bait BS, let's actually talk about why 6K RAW cameras aren't really needed.
    I see two main reasons:
    Many cameras already shoot 6K downscaled to a 4K output (and the GH5 even has a lower-processed 5K anamorphic 4:3 mode) so the resolution benefits of 6K debayer resolution for a 4K delivery are already being enjoyed by many people For those who are claiming you need 6K to reframe for a 4K output, it is likely you don't know what reframing actually looks like There is a third reason - that resolution has absolutely nothing to do with how good your film is, but I'll just assume that people who are desperate to get more resolution are probably not yet ready to hear this and I'll move on and pretend it somehow matters.
    Much analysis has been done of the 6K -> 4K downsampling cameras, so I won't replicate those conversations, but instead let's look at the reframing argument.
    If you're shooting 6K to reframe and get a 100% 4K crop out, you can reframe into the image up to 150% .  ie, if you want to match the same re-framing with only a 4K source, you must scale up that 4K source to 150%, effectively using a 2.5k source.  It sounds terrible, and despite people repeatedly saying that ARRI cameras capture at 3.2k and upscale to 4K (a 125% upscale) people still dismiss upscaling out-of-hand without actually knowing what difference this scaling makes, and being too lazy to actually test it themselves.
    So I did it for you.... 
    I look forward to people arguing their point in the face of overwhelming evidence....  😆😆😆
    That is, unless you're delivering in 6K and also want to re-frame heavily in post, but seriously - who would be doing that?
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    Rinad Amir reacted to Emanuel in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    Yes, I obviously understand your disclaimer. This doesn't apply to everyone in any single circumstances : )
    I've just placed a pre-order with them. It will end less than EUR 2,200 without VAT.
    Unfortunately, EU bureaucrats are prepping to put us buying from US and send bucks to the other side of Atlantic. One of the reasons BREXIT popped up. I still hope we'll prevail : ) Europe is a concept, not a farm of a few parasites living from people. We are all the people, long life to EU : -)
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    Rinad Amir reacted to wolf33d in Blackmagic to announce new camera related news at 12 noon PDT (8pm London)   
    What a beast. It puts to shame anything else at that price on the market spec wise.
    I really hope this pushes the others to up their game. 
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    Rinad Amir reacted to Parker in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Really enjoying this lut the more I use it. Some grabs from a shoot today: 

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    Rinad Amir reacted to Cliff Totten in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    It's funny. Zillions of people are waiting and waiting for the A7S-III. Its like Charlie Brown in his field waiting for the Great Pumpkin!
    The A7S-III is HERE and it's right under everybody'nose!
    It has:
    Full frame sensor (Very likely Sony Exmor)
    6k full pixel readout to 4k scaling
    14+ stops of dynamic range
    10bit 4:2:2 4k with clean HDMI out
    4k 30p 4:2:2 full frame no time limit internal recording.
    4k 60p in "Hollywood" Cine super35 frame size.
    Full size HDMI with 4k raw on the way.
    Waveform scopes
    Huge battery
    Varicam color science....so delicious!!!
    Boom!.....that's 99% of what we wanted in the A7S-III....yet nobody is paying any attention to the S1 yet. (Only some people)  The S1 should be the industry talk of the town but too many people seem to be unaware of it still.
    Sony is going to target the S1, not the S1H. I dont know if they can match the S1 using their tiny A7 bodies but lets see how far they go. 
    S1H?....haha...Sony wont touch it! With 6k raw, Its going to be WAY over spec'd for Sony to even attempt to try. They dont have the bawls and XDCAM + Sony internal politics will never allow Alpha the chance.
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    Rinad Amir reacted to webrunner5 in G7 in 2019   
    The G7 is crap compared to the G85. For 50, a 100 Dollars you are going to buy a camera with no IBIS and Worse color science all all the other things it brings and be happy. There are some silly people in this thread doing new people on here a disservice. And you aren't buying the G7 for no 250 Dollars anywhere unless a truck ran over it. Grow up.
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    Rinad Amir reacted to webrunner5 in G7 in 2019   
    You people are crazy for recommending a G7 over a G85. Hell they are only like 50 dollars more than a G7 at times. One right here for 450 bucks, if you need a PaL one there is one on eBay for 415.00 Dollars. Crazy to buy a G7 for that much less money now.
    I had a G7 myself, great camera, but if was buying again I sure as hell wouldn't buy one again with the G85 out there to be had.
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    Rinad Amir reacted to webrunner5 in G7 in 2019   
    The G85 is the one to get.
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    Rinad Amir reacted to newfoundmass in FINALLY!! A Sony RX100 with a mic jack! (& flip up screen)   
    Most people don't want 4K60 to output to 4K60, they want it for slow motion. 
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