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    bamigoreng reacted to Jimmy in Nikon D500   
    In terms of image? I have an NX1 and think it has some nice characteristics, but the poor highlight roll off and general lack of DR put it below the 1DC. As for Sony, the colours just don't cut it, for me.
    For overall image and performance as a hybrid, I think the 1DC still reigns supreme.
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from Inazuma in Web Delivery or: How I Hate YouTube   
    The best 1080p export settings for YT (Adobe Pr)? - link: http://maisemassa.com/2015/10/13/the-best-1080p-export-settings-for-youtube-with-adobe-premiere-pro-or-an-overkill/
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    bamigoreng reacted to jcs in Sony FS5 - why I bought one   
    How can you say this without doing a side-by-side comparison of both cameras under exactly the same conditions?
    Sometimes a camera will seem pretty good by itself, but when compared side-by-side to other cameras, things like color and skintones become very apparent- the results may surprise you.
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    bamigoreng reacted to Lintelfilm in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    As Ebrahim said the C100 MkII is a great camera too. Superior to the C300 really. It's significantly better in low light, offers 50p and the colour science is improved noticibly. Of course the C300 has a slightly stronger codec but paired with a Video Assist or Ninja Star the C100II is smaller, cheaper and outguns it. It's often sold with a free ninja Star too. Expensive for what it is on paper but it is a canon so that's a given really.
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    bamigoreng reacted to fuzzynormal in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Yes.  Why people are chasing this aesthetic is kind of strange.  f5.6/s35mm is what typically works for most films, so to go shallow, I don't get it.  I can see using it for certain scenes if that's the way you want to effect your image to fit a particular narrative, but for overall?  eh...
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    bamigoreng reacted to Amook in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    These are just some quick random samples with a variety of settings. I wouldn't pixel peep to much as most are canon log and not sharpened. Like I said just random shots. 
    Cinegain- I'm not sure why you say it has specific qualities. I feel it's a more well rounded video camera than the gh4. There is a lot of mis information on the internet about this camera.    

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    bamigoreng reacted to Shield3 in Canon 5DS takes a backwards step for video - severe rolling shutter, moire and lack of uncompressed HDMI   
    The 5dsr 1080p/24 footage looks noticeably better than 5d3 non-raw footage IMO.  Nice and detailed; clean.  Shot some last night and the good 'old Canon colors are there.  The AF in video mode works better than I thought it would.  Not quite to the level of the 70d's dual pixel AF, but much better than not having it.  Very impressed with the still image quality of the 5dsr so far.  I've tried it with the Sigma 50 1.4 art, the 35 F/2 IS, the 70-200 II and the 16-35 F/4 IS.  All look great.
    ...which annoys me why Canon didn't include 1080p60 on this camera.
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    bamigoreng reacted to bdpq in CM33: Pancake Lens on Kickstarter for Sony/Fuji/Canon   
    The whole point of going crowdfunding such as kickstarter / indiegogo is to generate the seed money without sacrifice ownership to angel investors or pay interest on a business loan.   Therefore, sensible projects can presell their stuff at a much cheaper price considering all the savings.   Does the CM33 worth $800 retail?  Perhaps, and if there is an actual product there, we will know that $800 included the risk premium.  However asking $800 now?  well, that is just greed and stupidity juxtaposed in a full fontal display of absurdity.   I bet you those CM33 guys even factored profit in their pricing to arrive at that $800 cute number.  Please do not insult peoples intelligence and please dont use crowdfunding as a source of revenue, it just wont work!  
    Price the unit for the doners at cost, if your CM33 is really that good, you can then sell at $800, or even $900 retail!  at that time, the buzz will be there to sell them like PANCAKES!
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from dahlfors in Sirui Monopod Review   
    You can adjust the tension (2:45 ).
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    bamigoreng reacted to Ty Harper in First short profile: Constructive criticisms appreciated.   
    Hey all,
    Just shot/edited my first piece. I'm coming from a radio producer/documentarian background and have produced some stuff for television, but this is the first thing I've shot and edited myself.
    It was done strictly as a learning exercise. I've dabbling in video in my spare time (which has been scarce and so painstakingly slow) for about 5 years now and have learned a lot on these boards. I definitely appreciate the information and experiences shared here and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticisms and advice.
    Password: Malvern
    I did basic color correction as I'm just beginning to learn how to grade, and honestly thought it looked decent until it got uploaded to vimeo. So any vimeo tips would be appreciated as well. 
    Here's a run down of the stuff I used:
    Camera: 5D MKII (ML Raw)
    Lens: Canon 28mm F/2.8, Canon 100mm F/2.8 L, Canon 80-200mm F/2.8 L
    Audio: Sennheiser G3, Marantz PMD661
    Lights: F&V R-300, Lowel Rifa Ex-88
    Conversion: MLVMystic
    Edit/Basic Color Correction: Da Vinci Resolve 11 Lite
    Export: ProRes 422 HQ (resized to HD 1920x1080) 
    Password: Malvern
    <iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/145473746" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="https://vimeo.com/145473746">People I Know - Kevin Jones (No Grade)</a> from <a href="https://vimeo.com/tyharper">Ty Harper</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>
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    bamigoreng reacted to Cinegain in Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?   
    No. The A7S-series is the best for lowlight perhaps. New A7-cameras feature in-body stabilization too, which is nice to have. Then there's S-Log and so on, sure...
    But there's an inherent Sony look... the Sony colors. The display brightness issue. The overheating. The fact the screen is only tiltable. Record buttons. But mainly just the look I'd say.
    The NX1 has a fantastic vibe about it. You don't need messing around with it that much to get it to your likings. It has a look that just seems right. As long as Canon keeps 4K restricted to bodies with a 'C' on it and Nikon lacks courage to go there... the NX1 has 4K and the look down.
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from edrg1983 in "Quasi-pocketable" step-up from a 550d   
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    bamigoreng reacted to AaronChicago in The importance of firmware updates and why Panasonic are too late with V-LOG for the GH4   
    I agree with the Canon 8 bit codecs in the Cx00 line. They're pretty amazing.
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    bamigoreng reacted to Mattias Burling in Will Nikon ever introduce their own LOG profile?   
    Nikon already beats the A7s in dynamic range with its flat profile. Its imo pretty even with the Blackmagics at 13stops.
    For me LOG would be nice but not at all needed unless it also meant higher bitrate. What they are doing with their bitrate today is simply mind blowing to me. I cant believe the quality/mbit compared to other brands.
    Thats why I hope they dont go down the 100mbps 4K road. Imo its no good. For 4k it needs to be minimum 300mbps to become worth it for me. I rather shoot high quality HD than brittle 4k. 
    So Nikon, if your reading, you have something good cooking here. Dont get cought up in the Panasony race. Play it cool. Focus on your great DR and implement things like peaking and false color. 4K can wait and 100mbit isnt worth it. Might as well upscale the HD and save the space. Your ace in the sleeve is your color.
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from tupp in Canon EOS M + Focal reducer = Fullframe raw for 300$?   
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    bamigoreng reacted to Ed_David in Darn it, banned again from DVXUSER!   
    Red was pretty important in the shift of the industry.  They effectively, along with the Canon 5d Mark II lowered the price by hundreds of thousands of dollars of cinema cameras.  They also kind of spurred the movement where younger nontraditional people could advance faster to positions of directors of photography.  So they have that to thank for - and I own two red one mx.  They are a fascinating company. Jim Jinnard is a fascinating leader - he is like the weird billionare guy on "Silicon Valley" or like Mark Cuban - and he made the company pretty exciting.  He is like the Commandant from "Beasts of Nowhere" - kind of a bully, but a father figure.
    But now it seems like Blackmagic design is disrupting the system with Resolve and their cameras.
    Also now Sony is back into the game.
    And Arri has survived the transition to digital from film.
    I think on a nerdy level it's all pretty interesting.
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    bamigoreng reacted to mercer in A few musings on what I missed in my month off from EOSHD!   
    I was one or two of those 43 views on the eos-m video. Great stuff. I just recently uploaded ML onto my eos-m and have been having a blast with it... Even though it infuriates me almost every 5 and a half minutes. 
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    bamigoreng reacted to Cinegain in iPhone 6S beats D750 for video   
    1. Blegh. Apple people. 4K on smartphones are a thing for a while now. 'But wooohhh, it's Apple doing it now, look at this, it's amazeballs'. I mean... really?
    2. Can't agree with the topic title. It's still a tiny sensor... it's still a very deep depth of field, it's still oversharpened... I thought that was a thing we're trying to avoid by shooting with cameras like the D750, to be more filmlike. The iPhone's footage is way too screamy and harsh for my taste. It lacks nuance. Besides. DYNAMIC RANGE. Man.
    3. Of course 4K -> 1080p is going to look sharper/crisper than regular 1080p from a Canon/Nikon fullframe DSLR. To me though, the amount of detail in a deep depth of field shot makes things flat, I need some layering
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    bamigoreng reacted to Kangaroo in I like my Panasonic but I regret selling my Canon..   
    So It's been a few weeks since I've got my panasonic g6, I really love all the features of this camera like 50p, touchscreen, peaking, evf, tons od detail, almost no moire and aliasing and I think it's a huge upgrade over my past canon cameras ( I had a t2i and a 5d2 over the past years) but I still regret my purchase.
    Maybe it's just because I'm new to this camera but I cannot achive the same feel that I had with my t2i, mostly I can't get the righ colors, everything looks more "digital" and also pdc it's a pain with my cheap f/1.8 - f/2.8 glasses...
    I also have an old 5d (the first model) for shooting stills and I'm really tempted to sell it and buy something like a 7d just to have the ability to shoot canon like video, It's a really strange feeling because I started hating canon recently and that's why I jumped on the g6 :/
    am I the only one?
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    bamigoreng reacted to kaylee in I was finally giving up on buying 5D in Sep 2015 but then I saw this.... (hint, it's RAW...)   
    theres nothing "retro" inherent to the look of 5d3 raw video
    quite the contrary: it is a unique look which is decidedly contemporary
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    bamigoreng reacted to BrorSvensson in I was finally giving up on buying 5D in Sep 2015 but then I saw this.... (hint, it's RAW...)   
    buy a 50d for very around 150 bucks on ebay and play around with the raw workflow, if you like it get the 5d mark 3 and shoot full hd raw with it.
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    bamigoreng reacted to greg weisert in The Black Arts - short portrait   
    hey guys,
    wanted to share a work with you. its a little portrait about a manufacturer in germany. it was shot on bmcc and gh4 for slowmo  have fun!
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    bamigoreng reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in C100 Mkii - Resolution and Image Quality - How to Get the Best Out of It?   
    That is indeed how it works. It downsamples a 4K sensor readout to 1080p very early in the image processing pipeline to improve SNR and color. Here's a long boring white paper from Canon explaining the finer points. http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~mturk/imaging/Misc/EOS_C300_New_35mm_CMOS_Sensor_WP.pd

    I don't know much about internal vs external recording as I haven't tried them both, but count me as a +1 for exposing to the right on Canon cameras. As long as you avoid clipping any color channels, it seems to respond well to bringing the image down in post. 
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from PannySVHS in Making your videos look good for YouTube ?   
    You should convert footage (4K). Free software - ClipToolzConvertV2. Link: http://hdcinematics.com/convert-V2.html
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    bamigoreng reacted to neosushi in Pilotfly H1+   
    Is it just me or does anyone els feels like the "bouncing" feel is a dealbreaker ? 
    This motion that goes up & down while you walk is kind of really weird and unnatural :/ 
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