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  1. Hi Everyone, I need to record a still shot of a concert that goes on between 60 and 90 minutes. I need it to be a forward-facing shot because it's purpose is to later review the footage to look at the lighting and performance. I'm thinking the ideal position to place the camera would be FOH on a tripod. I have a Canon 550d, but it's has several shortcomings for this: short recording time and low battery life. I thought about GoPro but I'm thinking the lens will be so wide that, at that distance what's happening on stage won't be very visible (distance from FOH to stage varies, but it's
  2. thanks Renaissance Man! I only need one pancake so I can keep camera with me at all times (the 20mm 1.7 will do perfectly). Will be investing in quality glass afterwards regardless of size, for specific uses (right now I have a Zuiko 50mm 1.4 which I will be adapting). I found this good (imo) example of graded gx7 footage https://vimeo.com/100958195 and it's convincing for my needs. thanks for the links to that shootout, going to check that out!
  3. I'm leaning toward a gx7 (it's going for €640 with the 20mm 1.7 on cameranu), still amazed by your video... can I ask what lenses you used? Any idea if the gx7 footage will hold up as well as this for grading? (Your grade is beautiful btw!) Just saw this video which helps answer my question... http://editcellar.com/video-perspective-panasonic-gx7-vs-gh3/ ,apparently bitrate is quite different, can anyone comment?
  4. Would the GX7 (or Lx100 for that matter) match (or better) the 550d for image quality in stills? The sensor is obviously smaller, although I think it might actually be better in low light since it's more recent tech (and the 550d is really not very good beyond iso800 imo) but is it similar/better in terms of dynamic range? (Just checked Dxo Mark and the GX7 scores a little better than the 550d, but I would like some hands-on opinions if possible)
  5. Beautiful footage Stab!!! Thing is, I want something that can be with me at all times (that can be kind of portable with a pancake). Can any of the smaller panasonics match the GH3/GH4? Yeah, size is important. I'm leaning towards the A6000 because of the EVF (and very excited to hear about the A6100/7000/whatever they'll call it). Can anyone who owns one comment on it's "pocketablity" with a pancake? Thing that makes me less excited about the sony's is the lens family, but no system is perfect so...
  6. Hey everyone, been trying to reach a verdict for a while now and can't make up my mind. I'm looking to step up from my Canon 550d but wanted something that: 1. Has equal or better IQ for stills 2. Better video performance 3. Can be as close to "pocketable" as possible with a pancake lens Curious what you would recommend. Only have a decent lens beyond kit and nifty-fifty: a Zuiko 50mm 1.4, but from what I gather there are "dumb" adapters for any brand so whatever the choice I'd be able use it. Thanks!
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