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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to share a film with you that I just finished and released. It is also a project I've been very passionate about, as it is the retelling of a true story. A short excerpt out of the life of a good friend of mine. A while ago a severe fire destroyed many houses inside the neighborhood of San Andres, Manila. Everything was raised to the ground. My friend took literally his destiny in his own hands and they were able to rebuild the houses just by them and the community. Everything was shot handheld on the OG Pocket, with the old MFT-Speedbooster and a vint
  2. Hey fellas, i'm selling my iscorama pre 36 set. there is enough said about the lens, so i think those who want it, know about it. The Lens is in very good condition. It is the rare Non-MC version (also called pre-36). It has some marks on the outside ring, when i had it for servicing a year ago. The glass itself is clean with no scratch or anything else! there are some dust particles inside of the lens, which is normal for a almost 50 year old lens. It creates beautiful imagery, even at a fully open aperture. The Set includes: Iscor
  3. hey guys, wanted to share a work with you. its a little portrait about a manufacturer in germany. it was shot on bmcc and gh4 for slowmo have fun!
  4. "Andrew of SLR Magic says that if you play with the focus on the Iscorama a little an even closer focus of 1ft is possible" does he mean that "close-focus-mod" that is also discussed here in the forum?
  5. hey people, i own a pre36 iscorama which i really love! last days i did this flashlight test to see how the optics are looking, and i saw a tiny spot of fungus inside the frontlens. it is very hard to take a picture from this, but i am sure it is fungus. i will bring the lens to a technician tomorrow. do you have any experience with fungus on iscorama36? i am somehow scared that the fungus will spread more and more and at the end destroy my lens :/ is it possible to clean it? best greg
  6. hey guys, i own a pre-36 iscorama and have some questions. first off, i have a tokina +0.5 diopter. just to understand, how much does this diopter make the iscorama focus closer? normal it is 2 meters and with the diopter is it one meter or how do i calculate that? i'm looking for another diopter to focus even closer. can u recommend one? how about the +1 from slr magic, does it work fine with the isco? i find it somehow hard to judge focus with the isco. when i look at the peaking on my gh4 it shows up on elements even though they are nearer or more further away than the distance shown on the
  7. i'm still wondering if the VD conversion is really useful..i'm very tempted to do it but same time unsure if the it is all worth the money..maybe there are some more users with experience?
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