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  1. I'd love if this had an even slower mode for more cinematic zooms.
  2. Test many cameras by all means. Don't let the site be a grand rationalization for Gear Acquisition Syndrome though. It's unprofessional.
  3. Maybe you should just be happy with one camera Andrew
  4. I need a 10-bit 8k 120fps ProRes HQ $2500 camera to film my litterbox cleaning technique vlogs
  5. I think anyone who buys this camera definitely won't be disappointed. I say this as a former C100 MII owner. Just be aware of the size and weight. If you are doing casual weekend travel projects you should stick with the DSLR form factor.
  6. The NX looks oversharpened to me. Cell phone-esque.
  7. If the paying job is a wedding, I think the Mavic will be more than fine. If the paying job is a Netflix show, well maybe not. Although I see plenty of last-gen 2/3" sensor drone footage on reality TV. It looks fine. The Blue House guy's mavic footage looks a million times better.
  8. Here's a shot I got a couple of weeks ago with the Phantom 4 Pro+. Really impressed so far.
  9. Look back at his previous videos, he talks about his camera settings and post workflow. (he also does the +1 sharpening and spoiler, does not shoot in 4k)
  10. Check out this guy's settings / workflow:
  11. I don't think it's worse than the a6300, and I may have just noticed it way more because I was filming fast-moving cars with a 100-400. edit: Ouch I guess it is as bad as the Sony: https://www.dpreview.com/news/7057004492/don-t-get-ahead-of-yourself-canon-eos-5d-mark-iv-rolling-shutter-test
  12. I've been using 5DIVs where I work and just shot a rallycross race last week with them. The touchscreen and DPAF is great, and so is the 1080p 60. The rolling shutter in 4k is baaaaad though, especially for something with fast action like a car race. The 4k crop does come in handy when you need reach.
  13. Have you considered https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1313888-REG/wooden_camera_241600_zip_box_double_4x5_65.html
  14. My strategy was going to be to grab the 18-55 and 55-200 for IS and general video use and their new f2 weather sealed primes for photography. Even with IBIS I'd still want to use a gimbal for shots with movement. 4k gives you incredible leeway for warp stabilizing in post too.
  15. Can I ask about focus lock on/off in video mode? Does the X-T2 let you push the AF-Lock button to toggle this? So you can kind of do an electronic focus pull.
  16. It grades really well. First one is an M31 LUT and the second one is a a straight curve in colorista.
  17. Don't you find the huge 7 inch monitor a bit unwieldy to mount with a mirrorless camera like the X-T2? I was looking at the 5" SoundDevices recorder because of this.
  18. I think in a lot of the heavily graded films you cite, the skin tones are kept to an acceptable color while every other color goes nuts. That's the real talent of a world-class colorist.
  19. Ah, I see my sarcasm detector isn't calibrated!
  20. Huh? Tell that to all the Super 16mm filmmakers out there. Jackie with Natalie Portman was shot on 16mm last year buddy. If you have a good story to tell, you could shoot it on any of the cameras spoken about on this forum. Stop rationalizing your own creative deficits.
  21. I've been toying around with the idea of using an FD speedbooster on the GH5 for more organic looking video, and then for my stills camera using a Canon AE-1 film camera. Best of both worlds for stills and video?
  22. Was this a filmmaking or vlogging website? I forget
  23. I absolutely love the Fuji X70 as a travel stills camera. It shoots video but it's nothing I would seriously use for video.
  24. Thanks for the advice. I feel like I've gotta get the flagship though in case a project comes up where I want to rent an external recorder for 4k prores flog. I'm coming from a C100 Mark II for video and 6D for stills.
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