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  1. in short - use editready to transcode. finally a solution!!!
  2. omfg THANK YOU!!!!! I had tried, among a lot of other things, literally 5 different pieces of software to no avail, all of them just clipped highlights and shadows! when transcoded with editready, the information is still there in the scopes, you just have to pull up the blacks and bring down the whites in the proper 0-100 range. gosh, bless you, man, you made me love my xt3 and macbook again, i had already gotten a cheap pc to transcode the files on that lol
  3. did you force full levels in resolve or just drag and drop?
  4. just to chime in - i've not found any solution. transcoding on the macbook wouldn't work as it bakes in the wrong video levels. so far i haven't been able to access the supposed "hiding" info. im 99,9% it's mac hardware, specifically cpu and the way hevc is integrated in OSX fault
  5. so, no fix? mac hardware issue? but this also happens on a 2015 macbook pro 13''. that one has 5th gen i5
  6. and when you simply open the files in quicktime, they look the same too?
  7. what in the world...... okay, i knew it wasn't the camera but what the hell... thank you for you time regardless! also, do you see a thumbnail for the h265 file? because i dont, it's just black
  8. right, sorry: 2017 macbook pro 13" base model 2,3ghz i5, intel iris 640 graphics, now running Mojave but the same thing happens on high sierra, files tested on various video players, same problem exists across all of them. my go to is quicktime and vlc of course. Happens across every possible setting and color profile, its the codec thats bringing up a problem. here are the files - https://we.tl/t-v7qkyPp7oO , same scene recorded in h265 and h264. h264 is as it should be, h265 is crushed. i'm enclosing a screengrab of what i'm seeing on my end. the h265 files look fine on a windows machin
  9. Has anyone encountered this phenomenon with the fuji xt3 hevc files having crushed blacks and clipped highlights on macbook pro? I've tested it with 2017 and 2015 13" macbook pros. It happens in every single player, I've tried like 10, and also in all the editing programs. Tried resolve with video data levels set to full, overriding color space in final cut etcetc. I can't find anyone online talking about it for some weird reason. I have spent a massive amount of time on this issue, I'm starting to think it's mac hardware related but then again it's weird the hevc files from an iPhone look fin
  10. what is the exact workflow here though? i just import my HLG footage in final cut, and then simply drop that alexa x2 lut on it and grade it from there? or do i have to tell final cut to interpret the footage in some particular way blabla
  11. it seems to me that complaints about the codec not being editable come from people who have never touched the camera. i can edit that 500 mbit/s footage on my i5 (!), gtx770, 8gb (!) ram pc in realtime. i even edit it on my 13'' macbook pro in final cut using proxies with zero lag.
  12. i registered just to like your comment. my thoughts exactly. i own the 1dx mark II as well (like many, i normally shoot on sony a7s, a7s2, fs700 etc). a couple of Andrew's pros made me giggle a bit. color flatter talent? you mean to say that a colder grade would be unflattering? lighting, make-up and distortion free focal lenght flatter talent. p.s. i even think the sony looks better in the first example for instance. next, it's 1,38x crop, which is closer to 1,4x than 1,3x, making it more similar to super 35 than full frame. also, it's far from having good dynamic range, it's decent
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