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    sudopera reacted to IronFilm in Your New Years Resolution   
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    sudopera reacted to webrunner5 in Does anyone shoot in B&W?   
    Really interesting that all these B&W films were at 720p and they look great. I think it adds to it more than takes away. Now if these were all in Color I think they all would suffer at 720p.
    It is nice to know you can use a lesser camera in B&W and still project the feeling you want to achieve. Cheap thrills in a sense. Well done. Food for thought.
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    sudopera reacted to kaylee in Does anyone shoot in B&W?   
    YES!!! what a good topic
    i LOVE b&w photography, thats how i started, shooting 35mm black and white film  ive made many b&w darkrooms in closets and bathrooms lol
    frankly, dealing with color is WAY harder than shooting b&w (so many variables!) – b&w should be really freeing~! i think most ppl will find a HUGE amount of room to play in post, since you can fuck with hues and exposure like crazy to get a cool b&w image. although id love a dedicated b&w camera, having the color data to play with in post can be quite interesting
    i would love to make a b&w feature! anyway heres a few shots i took the other day that i ~chose~ to treat as b&w bc the color was so meh... much better!
    *i would recommend listening to the song low desert by r.e.m. while viewing these pics

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    sudopera reacted to Fritz Pierre in Panasonic seems to be announcing something "BIG" on December 15   
    Though you feel you don't need or want 4K, perhaps the article I copied from Reduser will explain why 4K to you....it has as much to to as anything that (although not to you) to most people the holy grail in digital cameras is to get to the look of S35....this is in both the image, and the projectibilty....where no digital camera can BE the same image as S35 film, camera makers and users can aspire to get as close to that image as possible....so perhaps to those who don't want or NEED 4K, this article somewhat clarifies why to others 4K matters...in simple terms, they are perhaps hoping to get closer to that holy grail!
    No matter how it is cut – film material always 
    possesses the same performance data:  
    the smallest reproducible detail (20 % modu* 
    lation) on a camera film negative (up to 
    200 ASA) is about 0.006 mm. We can 
    think of this as the size of film’s “pixels”, a 
    concept that is well known from electronic 
    image processing. And it does not matter if 
    it is 16 mm, 35 mm, or 65 mm film: the crys* 
    talline structure of the emulsion is indepen* 
    dent of the film format. Also, the transmission 
    capability of the imaging lens is generally 
    high enough to transfer this spatial frequency 
    (0.006 mm = 80 lp/mm) almost equally well 
    for all film formats. 
    The film format becomes relevant, however, 
    when it comes to how many such very small 
    details are to be stored on its surface – that 
    is the question of the total available storage 
    capacity. In the table below the number of 
    “pixels” are indicated for the image’s width 
    and height. 
    Based on the smallest reproducible detail 
    of 0.006 mm the table gives an overview of 
    the storage capacity of different film formats. 

    S16 2058 × 1237 pixels
    S35 4153 × 3112 pixels
    65 8746 × 3835 pixels

    this is taken from a very detailed article about sharpness and resolution from Arri.
    +100!....I have never sat in a single production meeting where a DP has said, I can't get this shot  because it's too dark or I can't get that steadycam shot because AF is not good enough...lol...the director wants answers in that meeting then and there...if the DP did not know, they would leave the meeting rather rapidly to be replaced by someone who did and  could...there are no shortcuts to excellence...someone  who rolls 200 takes on a digital camera just because the media is so cheap, is not accomplished....they are hoping for a fluke...and if they did get the shot, it would not be repeatable for them, because they'd have no idea what they did...again, there are no shortcuts to being good at something....and the camera can't do that for you either....it's easy to luck onto a shot that lasts 20 seconds and to post it on a forum and to receive lots of ooohs and aaahs...the expert can do that throughout a 21/2 feature and in that lies the major difference!
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    sudopera reacted to Oliver Daniel in “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short   
    I'm pretty excited to see what this new GH5 model has to offer. I'm happy with the GH5 and see the prospective GH5 "S" very intriguing. 
    My favourite modes are the 1080p 200m All-I in 25p and 50p. The quality is exceptional for "lowly" 1080p, haha. 
    Been shooting a traditional Christmas video this week, all in V-Log 1080p 50p All-I....

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    sudopera reacted to Raafi Rivero in Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed   
    Pretty sure I'm the first person outside of China who has the new Kinefinity TERRA 4k. I've been a bit of a ghost on this forum since going all-in on the Kine pre-order, but here's an unboxing video by way of saying hello again:
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    sudopera reacted to Roberto Tolin Sommer in Can you shoot the international space station with a Micro Four Thirds camera?   
    5 years ago i made a photo of the ISS with my GH3. I made it in photo mode with a old russian 1.000mm catadioptric lens. It was incredibly difficult to find the tiny point in the viewfinder and mantain the hight speed across the sky. I made a few dozens shots and one was sharp. It was pure luck at 1/125s. This is a 100% pixels crop.

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    sudopera reacted to Cinegain in Leica Q, mind-blowing for stills   
    Leica is always good for premo schtuff... both quality... and pricetag.
    Needless to say... I won't be getting one anytime soon.
    Did buy my Voigtländer 17.5mm from a guy who switched to the Leica Q as well, so, I guess there's still a sunny side to it for those whose collection won't have a Leica camera init for the while.
    Of course I'm a wannabe, so I'll still chase the dream... Huawei P10 Plus has the Leica collab going on, got that MFT Leica 15mm f/1.7 and now the 12-60mm f/2.8-4 that came with the GH5. Two Summicron-R E55 f/2 primes in 35 & 50mm flavors to adapt. But then again, neither of these are even close to £1500 a pop and offer me a bit more versatility. For the lifestyle stills shooters, the Q however is definitely about as good as it gets. There's something about Leica snaps... those cameras capture the emotion of the moment, as if it feels... and intensifies it... connects you to it, where most other cameras can only see and observe, kinda lacking that kind of immersion. I also like the idea of having the very basics covered in one of the most purist forms. That's something that I really appreciate about shooting with the LX100 (oh, another thing with a hint of 'Leica'). Don't have to think about what to bring with you, you just bring your camera and that's it. Would've even been better with a single focal lenght perhaps, that would've simplified it even more. That's why I'm really hoping Ricoh would make a GRIII and hopefully one with a tilting touchscreen and weatherproofing (dustproof!). That's about as close as analog shooting with a digital camera you're going to get perhaps. Surely Fujifilm is doing great things too. And at more of an price for anyone to enjoy it.
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    sudopera reacted to Andrew Reid in Shooting 5K on the Panasonic GH5 with the new 'Open Gate' mode   
    Yes, going to be good for warp stabiliser. With Dual IS, 5 axis IBIS and Warp, maybe we won't need that £1000 tripod Flowtech 75 after all
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    sudopera reacted to Oliver Daniel in Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware   
    Well this sounds bloody fantastic. 
    Just this week I sold my FS5 + Inferno and ordered a GH5, which cost £1319 brand new. 
    I also got the Olympus 45-150 2.8 Pro for £639 brand new, along with some specialised lenses (macro, fisheye etc). 
    Bought a Sandisk UHS-II to test out, very expensive cards. Anything cheaper that works? 
    I really really really want to do some anamorphic stuff, Im a big fan of the look however I've never done it, and I'm not too sure how to enter it nice and smoothly. (I'm not into big rig stuff and too much messing around with workarounds). 
    Anyway really excited. Lots of GH5 videos coming this way! 
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    sudopera reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware   
    I will be putting a good word in for you with Panasonic
    Hopefully they will do the extra stretch factors, we need 1.5x as well for Iscorama!
    Awaiting the anamorphics Brian... To say I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with is an understatement
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    sudopera reacted to MediaMan in Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware   
    All while I'm reading this post and thinking "Why has Panasonic crammed so much value into this camera?" at the same time that Canon plays the protectionist game of doling out features on a tiered "pay-as-you-go" system. And then I read this sentence and it all made sense.
    "Also the GH5 now has a HEVC H.265 4K mode for HLG added, which allows files to be played directly on home AV equipment compatible with HEVC and HDR, such as Panasonic’s latest HDR TVs."
    Panasonic is thinking organically of the whole customer, not just some new camera body. A happy GH5 owner who loves their feature-rich camera also begins to love the brand. We buy lenses and accessories sure, but how about the EVA1 or an HDR capable Panasonic TV to proudly show our new footage. So while Canon and Sony may be thinking Panasonic is foolish to put so much value into a $2,000 mirrorless camera, the new GH5 owners are beginning a new relationship that will eventually show the same loyalty many of us had for Canon for decades.
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used the GH5 exclusively on a client gig last week and never brought the Canon bodies out of the bag!
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    sudopera reacted to Brian Caldwell in Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware   
    Glad to see a de-squeeze function, although 1.79x should be included since this is required to go from 4:3 to DCI 2.39:1 without cropping.  Of course, I'm biased since I'm currently developing 1.79x lenses!  Need to start lobbying Panasonic to add a few lines to their firmware . . .
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    sudopera reacted to Fritz Pierre in Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware   
    Hi Andrew....one of the best camera reviews I've read....and not just because I own one, but for the thoughtful way you laid out what's important for shooting motion....and maybe the most important thing for me personally in your review, was the part about motion cadence...the Achilles Tendon of most cameras....I knew that motion would be improved with the 400 bit all Intra, but that they held on to the image quality too, is such an achievement....Panasonic has now brought the GH line into Varicam territory with upgrades that are significant (actually considering anamorphic desqueeze huge IMO) I almost no longer consider the cost of the camera...it is a little monster by any cost measures really...and I love this companies philosophy of selling you the camera, and then continuing to build that same camera out to it's potential over time....like @DBounce it's making me think of a second one...I've already dismissed the EVA due to the EF mount, but one built out GH5  on sticks and one in the hand makes for a great production package...looking forward to your 2nd part of the review, and the Shooters Guide to follow some time....I think you'll have many takers as this is no camera for a beginner, but it's so capable in a package of this size, it's almost comical....again, thank you!!
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    sudopera reacted to Oliver Daniel in LOL Canon... C200 Codec "Upgrade" details announced   
    Canon are very frustrating. Their feature choices between models are so trivial. So intricately, and purposefully strategised to the point of almost complete bafflement. 
    The 1DX II doesn't have C-Log. The 5D IV does. 
    The C300II has 10 bit 422, and crippled high frame rates. The C200 has RAW, has 4k60p and non-cropped 120fps. But doesn't have a 10bit codec. 
    The XC10 has 422. The C200 doesn't. The C300 MK I does, which is 6 years old. 
    You could go on forever. 
    Canon should just combine the C200 and C300 II together and sell that. Now that would be a blockbuster! But they won't. 
    At the end of the day, it is just cameras, with specs and buttons and other stuff. We're actually lucky to have so many options in order to tell good stories. 
    But still....  
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    sudopera reacted to Inazuma in Portrait colour comparison - Sony A9 vs Canon 1dx ii vs Nikon D5   
    29:09 minutes in.
    Watch the video and let me know what you think. I'm going to write what I think in teeny tiny letters below so you read it after you make up your own mind.
    - Don't let my opinion bias yours! 
    - I'm super surprised to find than the Canon to me producer the least pleasing results, often by a margin. D5 won for me but the A9 got a few votes too.
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    sudopera reacted to Zak Forsman in The wraps are off! Panasonic EVA1 compact cinema camera announced with Super 35 5.7K sensor and Dual Native ISO   
    Yeah, no problem! This is a 30 second teaser. We're saving the actual trailer for much closer to the release date. This film was shot on a GH4, by the way.
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    sudopera reacted to OliKMIA in Tilt-Shift Dronelapse - Trying something different   
    Wanted to make something new so I worked on this video for several month.
    Most of the tilt-shift effect is simulated in post (masking in AE), it's not as good as the real out of focus blur created by TL lenses but much more practical than having a huge drone carrying a DSLR camera. I also modded a GoPro lens that was mounted on a custom made drone (TBS Discovery with Pixhawk FC) to get the "native" effect. The inspiration for this project came from Keith Loutit, the god of tilt-shift timelpase.
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    sudopera reacted to Inazuma in Anybody using Fujifilm cameras for pro video work?   
    One thing that I think can be attributed to the X-Trans filter array is the high iso performance. Most other sensors give a lot of colour noise at high ISO's which is ugly. The X-trans grain is for the most part, colourless. Makes the images look a lot more film-like and a lot more pleasing to the eye.
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    sudopera got a reaction from bamigoreng in Is 8K too much?   
    Excellent two videos from cinematographer Steve Yedlin via the link below, where he tries to make a point that quality of pixels in a camera is far more important for the perceived cinematic experience than the race in quantity, now that most high end cameras in his opinion already surpassed the resolution threshold required for image with good clarity and perceived sharpness.
    In the first video he shows the same scenes shot with 6 different cameras (2 analogue) and all of the footage is graded and matched in post. He doesn't reveal what camera was used for particular shot just to prove his point. Second video shows post production.
    This is quite relevant for this topic so just wanted to share.
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    sudopera reacted to Brother in GH5 Cages   
    I got the 8Sinn with basic top handle, been working great for my run and gun needs.

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    sudopera reacted to Fritz Pierre in GH5 Cages   
    GH5 cage by LockCircle

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    sudopera reacted to fuzzynormal in Whats up with No Film School?   
    Trying to make a "filmmaker" living as the industry is getting turned upside down is a challenge.  I feel for the young grunts paying their dues in this way.  Doesn't seem like a lot of fun.
    You can't run a website long term with constant 20-something turnover, and exploitation of those folks.  The quality will just be too marginal to be compelling.
    People appreciate and comprehend quality, whatever form it takes.  If no one at NFS is mature or talented enough to offer some sort of insight worth considering, why read it?
    Superficial stuff might get you instant numbers, but if nothing is worth sticking around for then those numbers (people) will drift after a different shining thing.  And the internet has quickly become mostly superficial shiny things.
    I mean, I'm guilty of filling my head with online nonsense for no other reason than I have time to kill. "Hey, I better see what's new and pooping out of the outrage machine!  It's been 30 minutes since I last looked!"   Bad reason.
    In contrast, EOSHD is a simple yet legitimate site.  The pace here is organic and justifiably so.  The site could also easily last as long as the owner wants it to.
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