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    Damphousse reacted to sgreszcz in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    Yeah, this.  I can't believe that for some reason I thought youtube kids was curated.  How naive was I considering I work with data and algorithms (although for very dull purposes).  As soon as I started seeing weird stuff pop up in the "what to watch next" and read this article (about how the spammers game the algorithms) youtube was gone from anything my kids have access to.  Shame as there is potentially a lot of good educational content there (I've learned a lot about how to shoot video there), but impossible to filter.
    From the article: 
    "As someone who grew up on the internet, I credit it as one of the most important influences on who I am today. I had a computer with internet access in my bedroom from the age of 13. It gave me access to a lot of things which were totally inappropriate for a young teenager, but it was OK. The culture, politics, and interpersonal relationships which I consider to be central to my identity were shaped by the internet, in ways that I have always considered to be beneficial to me personally."
    "Someone or something or some combination of people and things is using YouTube to systematically frighten, traumatise, and abuse children, automatically and at scale, and it forces me to question my own beliefs about the internet, at every level. "
    I've had to delete Youtube as have not had luck filtering within Youtube itself so have had to delete/block except for on my work machine and my and my wife's phones which are locked.  Too much weird crap that keeps popping up.  Any tips would be appreciated...
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    Ive seen interviews with them since they are Swedish but never seen their work. I haven't seen more than two videos by casey.
    And imho, I think you are making to big of a deal about this.
    Like someone else already said. That's not how YouTube works. Those people dont show up in my feed.
    And there are plenty of popular things I dont watch. I for example haven't seen the twilight movies either, but thats because they suck.
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    Damphousse reacted to Tim Sewell in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    YouTube, social media and the web in general is still at the stage of being a world-wide social experiment of which no-one (or their kids) asked to be the subjects and that's controlled not by scientists but by corporations whose only duty is to their shareholders. And we wonder why the whole shit house is going up in flames.
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    Damphousse reacted to Oliver Daniel in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    My step-daughter lives on Youtube and the content she watches is almost incomprehensible beyond belief. She see's this as quality, enjoyable content and respects the creators for their work. One or two things are ok. 
    This is also in a time where there's been Trumps and Brexits - people are generally very vulnerable to message in media content, especially if you're a child or as thick as pig sh*t. 
    I do agree that quality, content rich media is being massively clouded by the mass of absolutely crap, attention seeking videos with nothing substantial to offer. It is a problem for talented creators. 
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    Damphousse reacted to Christina Ava in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    us being born at internet BC and our kids being born with the internet as a "nanny" at internet A.D., my son doesn't watch tv. I have limited his access to youtube after the daddy finger crossover Dino crossover Lighting mcqueen autism inducing videos drive him insane as mentioned above. We filter the crazy, its sad that the next generations view these things as tame. Not at all shocking anymore
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    (This opinion-post contains strong language)
    YouTube and Logan Paul share the same ethical standards: that is to say: none.
    Read the full article
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    Damphousse reacted to webrunner5 in Buy HD content now or wait for 4K?   
    Yeah I agree until someone is the winner with the HDR standard I am sitting it out.
    Well they do have 4k HDR Blu-rays now. Why would they "go away"? They are the best thing since Sliced Bread.
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    Damphousse reacted to maxotics in Blade Runner 2049 bombs at box office   
    Having worked in Hollywood I can say categorically that the marketing department (money, budget, etc) is less connected to the filmmakers than the person filling the popcorn at the movie theater.  Also, the money can come from different sources.  Even back in 1985 when I worked in the biz foreign distribution money could give/take-away a green light.  That is, there are many "interests" in the film, from academy nominations to simple worldwide gross.  When I was at Orion they made "Dances with Wolves" only to keep Kevin Costner happy so he would make other films with them--who saw Waterworld coming? ;).  While it was being made, people practically laughed to his face about that movie.   Blade Runner is partly a vanity project for all involved.  I remember when they were making 2010, or whatever that 2001 sequel was and had to build all new sets because Kubrick had purposely destroyed the old ones.  At first I thought he was a jerk.  That changed after watching the sequel.   They must have known it would be no 2001.  They didn't care.   For many reasons, various people wanted to invest in it.  Bottom line, if money was the only reason to make blade runner, I doubt it would have been made.  It's an adult story.  They're not money makers.  All the money makers have children in them as lead characters--well, children to me
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    Damphousse reacted to IronFilm in One Camera - For Life?   
    Actually, the firmware update for the F3 wasn't US$900 but US$3,800 for s-log!!

    Crazy huh?

    It dropped down to US$900 for the update when the F3 needed to be more competitive in price against the new C300.
    Yeah, if you look back how far we've gone in 20yrs, or even just 10yrs, it makes it tough to predict what it will be like in another 20yrs! Let alone for the rest of time lifetime (which hope will be much longer than 20yrs!). 

    Even though I expect the pace of technology to slow down for videography, just like it has slowed down for stills guys. (and so we see even the top notch guys skipping an upgrade cycle or two)

    But even in the stills world, you can see a big change across 10yrs, and a massive change across 20yrs. 
    Well sh*t, my thousands and thousands of dollars in my lens investments is going to turn into pennies on the dollar??

    Welll... it isn't going to happen within the next 5yrs! :-) Or I hazard even ten years.

    But in 25yrs, we might not see today's lenses the same way we see 25yr old lenses today. (I'd love to shoot on 25yr old Nikkors! And a nice collection can be quite valuable, but might a collection today's Sigma ART lenses be worth much much *much* less in 25yrs than we'd guess it would now?)
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Nikon D850 vs everything   
    Someone needs to explain that test from Tony I guess.
    The D850 has 3 auto white balance modes -
    1. Keep absolute white
    2. Normal
    3. Keep warm ambient cast
    The A7R II in the test is shifted to the usual Sony zombie yellow with poor skin tones and warm whites are neither true white or orange - they are yellow! This is exactly what EOSHD Pro Color sets out to fix - and does. Don't use the default Standard Sony colour!!
    The GH5 in the test is under exposed or some other issue. It is doing a good job of getting the ambient temperature of the light in that room though, whereas the Nikon appears to be set to the first auto WB mode.
    This stuff should be mentioned at the very start of the test and the different options cycled through in the test as well...
    Otherwise people think it's a performance issue.
    It's not. It's a setup issue.
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    Damphousse reacted to Eric Calabros in D850 released. Nothing to see here, move along   
    ISO 25600 part is unreal. Its like one or at least half stop better than A7R2, while sensor's actual S/N ratio is a bit higher in A7R2. Nikon has a better temporal noise reduction engine? Didn't expect that really. 
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    Damphousse reacted to wolf33d in D850 released. Nothing to see here, move along   
    Lot better image quality (colors + lowlight + clarity) on the D850 VS A7R2 and GH5. Apparently AF in video is also better than those two. 
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    Damphousse reacted to JurijTurnsek in iphone X for video - GO PRO killer? H.265 recording - slo mo 1080p up to 240 FPS - is this a go pro killer?   
    I've been following Light camera for a while. Too bad they didn't choose to make it a phone. If I am going to lug around a second device, it is definitely going to be an APS-C sensor.
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    Damphousse reacted to BenEricson in Nikon PR nightmares   
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Nikon PR nightmares   
    Just a Nikon NPS rep advertising the brand...

    (Censored the account name as he would lose his job... hope he deletes it)
    More stupidity...
    Yes it made the BBC!
    The sexism row also made the blog and RSS feed of one of the most influential tech & Apple bloggers in the world
    Well done Nikon!
    Translation of the Instagram death plunge post:
    Nikon rep says:
    Friends, The Falling Man is the title of a photograph (Chosen by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential photographs in history) taken by Richard Drew, Nikon photographer for the AP, during the attacks of September 11, 2001 against the twin towers of the World Trade Center, at 9:41:15 in the morning. In the image you can see a man fall from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, who surely chose to jump into the void to avoid dying scorched by the flames.
    Richard Drew says: "When I went up the steps of the subway station, I looked up and saw that the two towers were on fire, I immediately started photographing people, I had a perfect view of both buildings and I thought it was where I could cover my task.I had a Nikon DCS-620 (Nikon F5 body) and was using a zoom of 70-200mm. And I fulfilled my mission.I was like, 'Whoa' It's my moment! "The policeman pointed up and said: Oh my God, look! "And that's when we realized that people were jumping out of the building.We do not know if they were triggered by flames or smoke.I was photographing several people falling from the building and I have a sequence of The camera captured the picture in a sequence, as it had a motor in it. Can you imagine how fast people are falling? They are falling very fast, and while you are photographing this you have to go with them as well I chose this guy in my visor, put his finger on the button and kept taking pictures while he fell..."
    Good week start Nikonista.
    #nikonphotography #nikonperu #nikon#nikonworld #nikonusa #nikkor #nikontop#nikonphoto #photooftheday #photo#photography #camera #blessed #lima#happy #nikonteam #reflex #nikonclub#like4like #iamnikon #foto #fotografia#dslr #blessed #nikonlover #follow4follow#madeinjapan #tb
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    Damphousse reacted to IronFilm in Tascam DR70D and Zoom H5   
    I was quite skeptical beforehand too, also had never been a great fan of any Zoom product beforehand (didn't help either I'd just got a Tascam DR680 just before the F8 came out!).
    What used Sound Devices gear??? 
    You either need to go for something very old like a 744 or 552 (and you'd still be buy double or triple what a F8 is! And even more than an F4). 
    If you're looking at something more modern like a 688 or 633, they're almost impossible to find easily secondhand, and when they do appear they disappear very quickly and only at a very small discount to buying new (thus you're still spending thousands more than an F8 would cost). 
    If Sound Devices depreciated at the same rate as used cameras, and had as many easily to be found on the secondhand market as there are cameras, then I'd agree it makes sense to go secondhand for a Sound Devices.
    Actually their are not heaps and heaps of great audio forums out there when it comes to location sound recordist's needs. 

    Those general audio forums have users whose needs and wants are so far off the mark from what a location sound recordist experiences that getting advice from there can be just as bad as getting it from video forums!! But yes, you can find useful info their if you remember they're seeing (hearing!) things from a totally different perspective than yourself! Thus take everything they say with one big grain of salt! Even so, I enjoy reading them and hanging out there for what crumbs of relevant info you can pick up.

    However in the end, jwsoundgroup is the *ONLY* forum dedicated to location sound recordist (since my shift in focus to sound, I now spend more time there than on EOSHD! Sorry :-/ ). But the environment there to newbie/hobbyist sound recordists is very hostile. A thread like this about DR70D vs H5 would run a high risk of just being mercilessly ripped into.
    So in the end, the amount of info there is for the newbie/hobbyist/semi-pro location sound recordist is somewhat limited and scattered (one of the reasons why I started up my youtube channel to vblog on this topic, to encourage more discussion of it, and help further spread more good info on this).
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    Damphousse reacted to TARS in iphone X for video - GO PRO killer? H.265 recording - slo mo 1080p up to 240 FPS - is this a go pro killer?   
    When you're out on vacation in Egypt, making your own Brandon Li-esque travel video. You pay the extra $50 to go inside the Great Pyramid. Then right before you go in, the security guy says, "I'll take that." and puts your GH5 on the shelf until you get back out. Then you'll be reaching for the ol' iPhone
    Source: Happened. But it was a GF-1 and an iPod touch. And, if I'm being totally honest, I wasn't even making a video.
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    Damphousse reacted to DBounce in GH5 Concerns - Is It Reliable?   
    So I have had my GH5 for a couple of months now, and I have had a couple of incidents with it. 
    1. Whilst hanging out on a friends yacht I ran into an embarrassing situation when a few of the party goers wanted a group picture. I had the GH5 on hand, so was happy to snap the picture, however for no reason I can think of, the GH5 out of the blue started to fire it's shutter uncontrollably. It was firing at a rate faster than I have every witnessed, and would not stop until the battery was pulled. I removed the lens and reconnected it. Then reinstalled the battery and powered on the camera... reframed my shot and attempted to retake the shot. To my surprise the camera repeated the locked shutter behavior and again would not stop firing until a full hard reset. No actual pictures were captured. 
    I have had one card read error on this camera also.
    Another thing I have noticed is that I will occasionally get a message displayed on the screen that warns the lens is disconnected. This happen with both of my Leica lenses. 
    While the first problem only happened on the one occasion, the latter problem pops up from time to time. In all instances the lens in indeed attached and locked in place.  These gremlins are not issues I have ever had with any of my other cameras. Sony ran well (a couple software freezes), Samsung ran well, Canon rock solid (bullet proof). 
    I am sending the GH5 in to Panasonic so they can take a look at it. But my concern is one of reliability. Is this a camera that can be trusted to deliver reliable performance, or is it a feature filled camera with questionable reliability?
    This might well affect my potential decision on the EVA1 also, as I do not really want a camera that is temperamental. I'm hoping mine is just a lemon.
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    Damphousse reacted to ntblowz in The new Sony RX10 IV can shoot 24p RAW stills   
    24 fps bursts (4.6 seconds RAW, 10.3 seconds JPEG)
    less than 5s if shoot on RAW
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    Damphousse reacted to Dave Maze in "Canon killed 1D C after just 9 months"   
    I love love love love love my 1DC and will never give it up. Im thankful that it tanked so that I could afford to buy one used for $3999 last year! I have put the camera through the ringer over this last year and it really is a tank and the images off of it are some of the best I have ever seen. ONLY thing that bothers me is that pesky MJPEG codec that I have to convert to ProRes everytime I use it..
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    Damphousse reacted to IronFilm in Tascam DR70D and Zoom H5   
    If you're  a solo shooter on a tight budget, then probably half the features of the F4 you might not appreciate. 

    But if you think in the future there is any chance you might specialise as a location sound recordist, then the Zoom F4 becomes a no brainer choice. 
    I'm picking up six DPA microphones today! :-o
    Sadly this.

    People quibble over spending a few hundred for audio gear, yet will drop thousands in a blink of an eye on camera gear and lights.

    Makes me sad when I see sets where the entire audio equipment is costing the same as a single lens the camera department has :-/ 
    Which often is true in the indie low budget world.

    Of course when I show up...  we get the reverse problem! lol
    Where my entire audio kit is costing more than what the camera department has. Ha
    Fingers crossed for a Sound Devices 633 mk2! Or a new Sonosax or Zaxcom. 
    Athough it would be better if they don't release anything.... don't think I could afford them this year! :-o
    I'll be sticking with my Zoom F4 for a while longer ;-)
    I agree, the Tascam DR60D (I also used to own a DR60D mk1) is not quite the build level of a Sound Devices (or even a Zoom F4), the build quality of the DR60D is still not a big practical concern. If that is all a person can afford, then don't let that factor into holding you back from buying one!
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in LukiLink project turns smartphones into an HDMI monitor   
    Fitted it for first time to one of my Android devices...
    I am using a spare Axon 7. Could use Samsung S8+ as well but that's my main phone and Axon 7 is right up there with OLED screen and great battery life. Whole thing is super small and light... Can't say the same about many much more expensive HDMI-monitors. A real relief not to have to add Canon batteries to the back.
    It is nice how incredinly light it is... In total (cable, clamp, LukiLink) it adds a barely noticable weight to the smartphone. Very impressive on that front.
    The only thing I'd like to see changed is the cable on the LukiLink. It isn't swappable and has a large legacy USB connector on the end, when my phone is USB-C. That means the cable sticks out quite far from the phone because I have to use an OTG adapter.
    My link to download the pre-release copy of the app from Frank expired before I got to it, but will hopefully get that installed tomorrow on my device and start testing.
    As you can see from the photos I stuck mine to the back of the smartphone clamp rather than the phone itself, so phone can be de-attached in an instant and used seperately at any moment.
    So yeah initial pros and cons...
    Super light Small physical footprint on the phone Clamp and locking velcro work well HDMI port can exit at any angle, lots of choices with mounting the port (I have it pointing downwards from back of screen) Cons
    Wish it had a USB C slot instead of a fixed standard USB cable Wish the hotshoe ball socket for connecting to camera was just a small hinge about 1cm high instead. Always hated these ball-socket things and spidery arms.

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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in LukiLink project turns smartphones into an HDMI monitor   
    I have banned Evgeny's two accounts for trolling.
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    Damphousse reacted to Mark Romero in How High An ISO Will You Go On Your GH5???   
    True. With my current setup I use my Sony 10-18 f/4 and it is certainly wide enough (both for videos and stills).
    I generally shoot RE interior video at around 20 to 24mm full frame equivalent, so for m43 format I would need (apparently) somewhere around 10 to 12mm lens.
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